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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Glad things seem to be moving for smaller son, Frith. I've seen a friend go through similar with hers, but he's now cooking on gas and started his career in IT!:T

    Pleasures for yesterday

    1. Webinar went well, and I pressed all the right buttons at the right time :T
    2. Revised structure taking shape on thesis
    3. DD had a good day at work. They did party training and she was playing the 8 year old party girl :rotfl: she even got presents!
    4. OH cooked salmon for tea
    5. Watched Dublin Murders

    Yoga this morning and maybe lunch out.. have a good day everybody
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  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Sounds positive Frith
    Hello to our missing posters, especially & and SuffolkSue hope you are ok.

    Tuesday pleasures,

    My little bird friends all tweeting away in the apple tree as I fill up their feeders.

    Time spent with the beautiful grey one, lunged with two lines and she was foot perfect, followed by a walk around the paddocks for a cool down and then, our favourite part, a graze in hand whilst Mum leans against her side and daydreams.

    My tomatoes have all finished so picked up a few at the farm stall as had a hankering for lunchtime tom sarnie.

    Making the most of a nice afternoon weather wise and taking small dog for long walk.

    Watched GBBO and then had an early night to read in bed.
  • juliettetjuliettet Forumite
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    My 5
    1. Work continuing to settle. Looking forward to announcements.
    2. Still colour in the garden. Looking tidyish, as much as you can in Autumn.
    3.Tried a "one sheet dinner" Halloumi, & veg. Very nice and leftovers tonight with pasta.
    4.Cats are well and more inclined to stay in with the cold weather creeping in.
    5. A weekend in Edinburgh. What to do ??
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    There, now you can have your lunch bite with BoP and think it is all coming up roses!

    Another packed lunch box today, three cheeses, a rocky and turk of delight!

    Watched another amazonflixnet last evening. Ted 2 again. I know, not some Herbie film that caused so much mischief years ago. BoPsie has lined up two moree herbie films, and lets see about it shall we!

    And we got the mariner scores as well. So DD BoP is a tad happier this very day!

    Had Dog mess for tea as well and yous wanted not to knows the recipe so yous not getting it. Full stop! Tonite is hot dogs with toe nails of onions. That is after BoP gets beach ready inn the gym.

    On other lunch bite moments. Was rather foggy coming inn to the mill this morning, but why do some people not use their mirrors. If you can see me in your mirror, I can see you, so no need to have your rear fog lights on. That way you don’t dazzle me!

    Now that is all for this lunch bite.

    Now if all you had when you came in, is all you can leave with?
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  • NargleblastNargleblast Forumite
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    Pleasures for yesterday-

    Early walk with dog in the sunshine before it got too busy.

    Two blokes sorting my garden out for winter, I have many shrubs and trees that need keeping in order. It looks much tidier now.

    Same blokes enjoying the crusty bacon baguettes and freshly brewed coffee I provided for them. I believe in supporting local businesses and looking after those doing the work - they will be more inclined to fit your jobs into their busy schedule, and less inclined to rip you off.

    A visit to the Cats Protection League lady who has just had a kitten in for a week, he was found dumped in a garden and is only 6 weeks old. He will come to live with us in about 3 weeks time, and will be called Roger.

    Leftover bread and butter pud with apple puree and cream for dessert.
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  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    So sorry for being AWOL thank you for thinking of me Lainey ,,I have been reading
    Pleasures seem few ,I am knackered and a bit down .
    Anyway must find pleasures
    1 Hair finally cut today .i had to cancel as DH was v unwell ,then last week my lovely hairdresser had to as his son was ill !First time I've been out of my town for 8 weeks .

    2 DH has a shiny motorised wheelchair ( one DGS refers to it as ' Grandads electric chair'! Which sounds slightly bizarre ,he has to do and on road assessment before we can go outside ,they take so long to do anything they're all really nice but everything is so slow

    3 stopped raining long enough for me to cut the grass

    4 DH has a new app on his iPad ,he types it speaks ,this is dependent on the user being able to spell and at least put in spaces as appropriate ,we have had some interesting chats !

    5 can I bank please ?

    DH continues to deteriorate ,we have an appt at Addenbrookes next week ,they have given us wheelchair ambulance transport as he is unable to get in a car now ,probably no point in going ,but he wants t so we will ,

    Frith I hope you've had some positive news re your son today ,and that Bopsie continues to recover well.Thank you all
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    DigForVictoryDigForVictory Forumite
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    Dear heavens - on all honesty Where Does the Time Go?! Not that I'll ever see it back (& the changing of clocks Doesn't Count) but just eh?! Oh & this is hardly an epic, merely an awful big heap of days missed. <blush>

    zaxdog - absolutely tickled by the idea of a rescue dove
    Frith - real field mushrooms, hurrah and yum! Just awed by the college, in an eyebrows furrowed way. "Car break in" (oh my) and hen still going! At the dentist, seems there are no simple choices but that son can make own decisions a demonstration of your patient love & care! Choosing to retake also - look on your work with pride! Trampoline flips, gulp. Getting the hang of crochet - more than I can! Hen Still going?! (on sheer curiosity?!) "Paralysed" indeed. I'd applaud the 6!
    villagelife - you have organised your kitchen? <shall not covet, but Scheme> frankly intrigued by English onion soup <Google suggests this I need to try!> "Flexible working" is getting harder with my lot too.. A pruning course - will repay fascinating dividends for decades! Started Christmas cake? Not Stir Up Sunday yet, surely?! <minor panic> DH now moved onto painting fences?
    LaineyT - ah, pea & ham soup! Flight of swallows - glorious! Excellent that virus is unpeeling its grip. A good coat is a massive pleasure. Cough reappearance most unwelcome. Marmite soldiers & buzzards - all good stuff! Some sunrises are absolutely worth it. Egremont Russets & the Persephone catalogue and yet you continued on?! Graze in hand sounds wonderful.
    Nargleblast - holiday cottage, splashing & gingerbread liqueur sound Glorious! Out-psyching swans, applauding hardworking parents (praise is So Welcome & So Rare!) & bidding son make dinner. Cheering you, here! And then you scatter ashes & I am yet more awed. (What did son smell of, next morning?!) Brilliant timing for tax refund - most unlike HMRC. Truly, no place like home! Hear, hear, nurture the essential men in your life. Welcome, Roger!
    BoP - Kendal, eh? Norff unquestionably! Rump snake is now on my want to eat list! A good chuck wagon is a happy thing, but Bop on the Hop?! Whipet sitting... Snorkers & strawberry horns, oh my! Fry's Orange Cream? Where from? Amazing flashbacks to small girlhood just thinking of the packaging! Eh, egg banjo - stuff to give the chaps! In full & blasphemous agreement on fog lights.
    MandM90 - dead right to just step past negotiations on what is to be eaten wherever possible! Shepherdless pie sent me off to Google & Another dish to try - Thank you! North Yorkshire Steam Railway is great fun. Wow quidco! Happy Christmas!
    MrsLurcherwalker - quality cuddles! Tall & short & with gallons of tea - rightly! Growing your own grapes - but of course! Golly, Christmas will be so much Fun!
    VJsmum - isn't it glorious when the system *works*?! Owch the revised structure though. Back in class - at the front - excellent! Why be gentler? The real world isn't! Absolutely right to protest on a full stomach, & smile. Is your hellraising infancy coming back to bite you in the thesis? Rugby awesome & loco but hey - add the hurricane & it was definitely going to be notable. Party training sounds great fun!
    DundeeDoll - all the best to friend & hoping bone marrow donor registers come up with matches (I'm on there!) and keep on enjoying autumn colours! Do like the idea of lo church pate... There being soft drinks might be in Dame J's rider, but I doubt it's to do with being a Quaker. (My parents are & still love a nice bottle!) Trifles galore! Lo trout?! Awed! Much charmed by pen portrait of MrBeard. Visa for Turkey? Plan to have a real bath there? Chilly bottle only sensible.
    mhagster - the dark is not fun, but blueberries are. Others not smitten? All the More for you! Staffing sounds loco, but hurrah dog! Absolutely right to coach daughter in being an assertive & informed consumer! It seems unjust you get all the stinkies & dog vomit, but happy baby & loving dog are special pleasures. Two years already? Dutiful daughter gig is Massively Overrated. Enjoy the hugely deserved chocolate cake. Lights pretty in inverse proportion to temperature. Dublin Murders? Lucky birds - real organic sunflower seeds! DD2 has big decisions, but she has You. You have Haggis, and his persistent ingestion of socks.
    juliettet - happy birthday month! Jury service & sent home? Glasgow is wonderful. Fizz & consumables - excellent! Edinburgh - Zoo, Castle, the bus, & real haggis?
    oldtractor - great to see you again! Flowers, chocolate, coffee, Not Raining - yep, all the good stuff!
    Purple kitten - I'm in no position to comment on timing! If bread has a proper crust, it can't be complete junk, can it?.All that cleaning, no relative? deffo soak!
    Suffolksue - the relief - I'm used to me disappearing but I worry when you do. A good haircut is wonderful. Best of luck with Addenb & the 'electric chair'!

    OS Pleasures recently [well, this month...]
    Forwarded money saving for dog owners onto sister who adores her Labradors.

    Son dropped in to say hullo on his way back from the pharmacy - just as well I make house calls with forgotten kit! Seems I’ll be allowed in some other time.... [Why have your independence & Fortress Of Solitude if your mum can just walk in?!]

    I have a new mildly guilty pleasure - the new MacGyver series. All very silly & amusing & a little neat engineering. [Not a patch on Scrapheap Challenge but appeals to a broader demographic.]

    Made my husband laugh by snarling at the party conference coverage. Then surprised him by recognising The Who, Won’t Get Fooled Again as background music - someone making a statement, or comment!

    There is a Flower class of boats including the HMS Saxifrage. (Different war, says Himself, “they recycled names”....)

    When life sends you to the nicer areas of Liverpool - the charity shops know their stuff... Dash.

    It’s Friday & for no adequately explained reason the sun is out! [Not once I got out into it, of course, but good to see.]

    Eldest has been food shopping & actually bought real raw ingredients! As well as a trifle. Got to cover the essential food groups...

    Middleson retired to the bath in preparation for an early night after a week outward bounding & team building. Then will be out with his mountain biking pals all tomorrow.

    Cousin appeared on Fb in hospital in US but smiling. A few emails later clarified she’s had needed surgery on her hand and is fine - trust the smile!

    Son left tablet accessible, so I admired assorted photos & benevolently did not email them or copy them to a memory card. Startling virtue on my part!

    Used Iceland discount to get strawberries to make extra jam. 6 sizes of jar (all bar 2 Kilner) cooking & clicking on the table. How not to love that “tlock” of lids sealing?!

    Middleson has Finally got the two jars of damson jam over to a friend’s household - her dad likes damson jam, godfather had a monster damson surplus last year, I had Kilners and inclination & today son thanked the matriarch for a lift home through the rain in style!

    Ma foi. Lad opined he needed a haircut - and is now *so* short back & sides, his ears appear like flags. It’ll all grow again but he does look severely pruned! (He even shaved! Tidy and pruned.)

    £1 final value fee listing this weekend - I’ll get the original Kilner jars (that I can’t afford the metal bands for, that were made 1932-48, That Original) listed. And the DPM sniper smock I picked up for gardening in & my husband identified as worth more to a collector! (I have an eclectic wardrobe & army surplus is wonderful for big pockets, taking abuse & washing splendidly.)

    Our cannot be the only family to have the Moonlight Sonata as a sort of lullaby - so I snuggled under the duvet & let YouTube transport me back decades to that amazing place where even what sounds a bit wrong is right & the sheer familiarity has my eyelids drooping. (Dad can play it from memory & if pleaded with, would - in exchange for bedtime & no argument!)

    Those puffed rice biscuit things really are self flagellation in social packaging, aren’t they?

    Hearing my husband stand up for my homemade jam to his mother, who thinks it’s ridiculous (or as an evening pastime it’s daft).

    Watching people quietly walking into the core of A&E, some with tool boxes, some with lengths of pipe, now one with a large panel. We know they’re refurbishing something but it’s funny to speculate on whether they’re helping the patient in the iron mask etc. (NHS wonderful Again.)

    Trying to shush husband laughing loudly at Extinction Rebellion protesters coming up against commuters. Awed at the solidly calm professionalism of the police, upholding justice for all.

    The hospital powered pallet-towing things sound like the original bad machines in the first Terminator film.

    Very sweet to see a young wife batting at her husband’s hands as they play a game on his phone in the hospital waiting room. (My son refused to play any of the games I have.)

    JOTI! (Sorry, Jamboree on the Internet). Love me a Scout Jamboree with no passport needed, just tech. Turned out to be 3 leaders to 2 scouts but over 40 countries, over 20 UK scout packs!

    Saw twister lollies in the freezer aisle - suddenly flashback to domestic cries of “come here & eat your maggot!”

    Family watching Tomasz Schafernaker presenting the weather in an unusually subdued manner, & speculating luridly. Still doing a clear & competent job, just subdued.

    Asda have the Big Soft Toys but youngest declined the photo op... Missed seasonal opportunity alas!

    We drove past a thought-to-be-dead roadkill badger - “well, it’s either dead or gone on a bender” & my husband Declined to go investigate it for badger bristle etc. We feel somewhat let down by our Research Historian!

    The lads are lugging a sewing machine & it’s table up two flights. The language being used is vehement. Later dusting the Singer & realising the machine (if still working) is an eco-friendly choice, as well as solidly near-idiot-proof! I do love a treadle machine.

    You know your family know a bit too much about militaria when on Antiques Roadshow we ignore the meteorological signs to identify the camo used in the expert’s jacket...

    The scrunch of dry leaves under boot. The swish & crackle of each stride, aware I sound like a happy toddler despite being in the heart of Manchester!

    Admirably courageous, honest & robust policewoman gave a wonderful talk on the menopause. Added “the perimenopause can be from 4 to 15 years” at which one of our number muttered “Christ” and the dear lady repeated this to us all & roared with (supportive) laughter.

    Humans. Baffling. Full sporting attire - trainers, shorts, vest, hoodie, kitbag - & smoking. Oh aye, & why is it men are allowed hairy legs whereas women apparently not? Bewildered.

    Son has interview today! For a part time cleaner in a supermarket but frankly the epilepsy has taken so much from him - I’m so hopeful for him.

    Colleague completing a job app form for a job he wants found under gender “prefer to self describe” and it then offered a text box for you to describe! We pondered several possible responses but he does actually want the job. Although he may complete another form for another post with intent to guarantee an interview out of rampant curiosity...

    Have just realised the speaker live icon on a Skype call when someone is talking looks like a koala! Enlivened an otherwise very tedious phone call.

    Where possible, health strength love & courage to all. Plus thermals, hwbs & good coats. Says she after three days in 3 weeks starting much earlier than planned & including swift relocations to the local A&E Who Are Beginning To Recognise Us [oh Dear]. I have my birthday present chest freezer & have loaded it, so am just trying to let the adrenaline ebb away. Onwards!
  • SuffolksueSuffolksue Forumite
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    Thankyou DfV you are awesome ,best wishes for son .so unfair that epilepsy in some is so difficult to control .
    How do you remember everything ?
    Agree re the politics. DH fears for our tv at times .i am getting so very cross.
    Hope & is ok
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. Bedtime. Hurrah!

    Rubbish sleep. Way worse than normal! So I’m usually relieved when night is done and I can get up!
    No dog vomiting though so that’s a bonus!

    A few chores to be done around house/garden.

    Finally got email from planning department at council. Just the three weeks I’ve been waiting!

    Booked in my new log burning stove installation. Five weeks time.

    More leaves swept.

    A couple of quick doggy walks.

    Went down to woods with DD2 for a walk ( get her out her bed and up and dressed) bit breezy. But lovely colours.

    Home and had to get ready for work. We are open evenings for next few weeks. Was a tad crazy when I went in but was very quiet customer wise. However got loads of prep done for my full day tomorrow so that’s a bonus and because I’m so organised I’m going in half an hour later than usual.

    Came home with loads of baked whilst watching Doc Martin I chopped them up for roast potatoes/ mashing and they’ve somehow been squeezed in the freezer!

    Oh I carved the ginormous pumpkin today made a pot of soup and another eight pots worth of pumpkin frozen in the already bursting freezer! My knife snapped in half with the blade stuck in the pumpkin
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Good to hear from you, Suffolksue.

    DfV - bigger son also got himself a HAIRCUT yesterday.

    You'll all be surprised to hear - no word from anyone today, as promised in yesterday's meeting!

    Pleasures for today (Wednesday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Up early-ish for autism parenting course. That went OK. All nice, chatty people.

    3) Quick pop to Lidl or Aldi (I'm not actually sure which one is in which local town!)

    4) Hens OK and poorly hen walking pretty well. She sits down still as soon as she stops walking.

    5) Returned volunteer form to help British Hen Welfare Trust, now they are opening a rehoming place in the county (rather than our nearest previously, which was quite a hike - Coventry).

    6) Of course, after finding job still existed yesterday, received an email today re: exam invigilation again, in the school where I used to work! Have no details whatsoever over days/hours of other job so basically agreed to everything for now.

    7) While I was at the parenting course, my brother brought a tonne of logs (always my Christmas present from him) and he and bigger son stacked them.

    8) Both sons out earlier this evening (very rare) with smaller son out at the pub with my brother to watch the football on Sky. So I lit the stove and phoned my school friend.

    9) Watched Holby City.

    Hoping bigger son comes back soon as he is doing a day's work experience tomorrow with my brother in law.
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