5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    I hope your thumb improves rapidly, Ampersand. I've not long emailed the medical centre to thank them for their quick treatment of bigger son's revolting knee before he went away. (I was treated to a photo of it today!)

    Pleasures for today (Saturday).

    1) A lie in!

    2) One year anniversary of this batch of ex battery hens moving in. They were quite grumpy we had another day of rain.

    3) Popped to town to try and get a new bathroom sink drain thingy. Bigger son broke the existing one by putting the plug in too hard (!) They hadn't got one so I looked around the charity shop.

    4) Made chicken fajitas for tea.

    5) Had several games of football with smaller son.

    6) Jack Monroe's new cookbook (Tin Can Cook) arrived. I can't say I am overwhelmed by it just yet but I'll have to try a few recipes out.

    7) Watched Casualty.
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    Saturday pleasures,

    I also had a lie-in :D

    Waterproofs! Coat and boots as it was abysmal weather and stair-rodded for most of the day.

    That none of the horses hurt themselves when they were all mucking around coming in from their paddocks, my girlie got away from me due to a rearing, pulling manoeuvre which, coupled with a wet lead rope, meant I couldnt hang on! She charged off for a 100 yards or so, saw there was no escape so put her head down to graze, tsk naughty pony.

    After all that excitement I had lunch and then dozed on the sofa whilst trying to read.

    Text conversations with DN who wants to meet up for lunch next week.
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    1. The pleasure is a lovely clean kitchen. Work tops have been cleared and cupboards sorted out. The oven is clean and the extractor fan filter has been changed.

    2. The rain has watered the garden. Pleased I was inside most of the day.

    3. Listening to music while I was cleaning and singing along. I was the only one in while I was singing!

    4. Went to friends 70th birthday party in the village. Caught up with people we hadn't seen in a while.

    5. Dry walk home. DS1 had taken us. It was enjoyable walking in the dark. The hawthorns smelled lovely.
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    A bright start to the day with blue sky and sunshine always makes it a happier one.

    Trip out to the garden centre for coffee this morning, lovely, nice that HWK is back driving and we are able to get out and about again.

    Trip to meet my friends new puppy for the first time, the whole litter of 6 were gorgeous and we met dogs of the same bloodline to 4 generations back, all calm, friendly steady and healthy which is most reassuring in this age of puppy farms. These are from a lovely home in the country and breeders who have many years experience. A good choice I think.

    Got a nice Lemon Thyme plant to go in my herb patch.

    DD1 and James are coming for tea in a few minutes, happiness is FAMILY!
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    I shall have to type quickly as hardly any battery power.

    Work! Crazy busy. Another 9 hours worked. Another fab set of tips...put in the tin to save.

    More fabulous donations for fundraising .

    First thing was a pleasant dog walk and a bit of time in the garden. Dead heading and weed pulling.
    Quick nip home at lunch to let dog out.

    Niece and GN and baby came for tea. We just got take away and it was fab.

    Went to allotment for first time in almost 2 weeks which is shocking but we've had so much rain and I've had so much work.

    Beautiful evening, we drove down. Picked some lettuce, chives, fennel, loads of rhubarb and a lone radish.

    So many weeds but that's a job for another day!

    Made N a rhubarb crumble for her to take home.

    It will be shower then bed for me I think! Doing it all again tomorrow!
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    feeling a wee bit cheated out of the weekend since i worked all day yesterday. so good things for today
    1) a very good night's sleep
    2) although the weather forecast said rain for the next 9 days it was dry all day, and sunny in parts. got 2 loads of washing dry :D
    3) Pentecost. the provost's wife gave me a beautiful red and gold top which i wore. we had 2 confirmations with the bishop. a lovely service
    4) dd2 came home from guide camp. she wanted sausage supper. i bumped into mrcoffee as i left the chippy and said hello. he looked startled and said hello back. good, cos last time i 'met' him in the pub we both ignored each other. awkward. i'd rather we were good friends, which hopefully we can now go back to being. and who knows, in another 35 years i might ask someone else out and they'll say yes lmao
    5) a student had sent me a beautiful red dress which i am now wearing. again very pentecost. so all is good.
    now sitting with mrpiano listening to Blackstar. i am going to miss mrpiano!
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    Pleasures for today (Sunday).

    1) A lie in.

    2) Caught a bit of the Archers.

    3) Sausage sandwiches for breakfast.

    4) Hens OK (still raining).

    5) I went to an NGS Open Garden, which was very pleasant.

    6) Cleaned all of sons' room.

    7) Bigger son phoned from Nepal. No internet reception now and it took me over an hour to work out how to phone him using the international code. He left Besisahar and reached the little village today. I had seen a video made by the volunteer last year but he was in a state of shock! No electricity, no wifi, no water (one tap for the village). His room has mud walls and a corrugated tin roof with 2 mattresses on the floor. Further along the house live the goats and buffalo! He has been very upbeat until today but I think he'll be OK once he settles in.
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    Frith it will take some time for bigger son to adapt. It's so different to what he is used to.

    1. My roses are still looking good but I have removed more.

    2. Time spent in the garden. Could spend time in the greenhouse when it rained. Got lots of little jobs done and sowed more lettuce seeds.

    3. Late lunch in pub. Excellent lunch as usual. We used to go more regularly when DS2 played rugby on a Sunday morning close by.

    4. DH went with DS1 to his storage unit to find a passport. It was in a cupboard right at the back.

    5. Drink in the garden at sunset.

    6. No need to cook tea due to late lunch.
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    Sunday pleasures,

    Bad night so early morning cuppa and cuddles with small dog.

    Made the most of what is meant to be the only sunny day for a while and spent most of it outdoors.

    The flowers coming out on the climbing rose, soon the whole of the trellis will be a riot of pink.

    Standing in my girlies field, giving her a back scratch and realised that all I could hear was birdsong, no cars, no farm machinery, no planes. Smashing.

    When the evening sun comes round the house and the outdoor seat is in sunshine once again, lovely place for a glass of wine.
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    Morning all :)

    & - that's one impressive thumb - sending healing vibes.
    Frith - sounds like oldest son is making amazing memories that will stay with him for ever.

    Five recent pleasures:

    1. My parents.

    2. The currently abandoned allotment is looking abundant - mostly weeds/poppies/globe artichokes that are going to be left to flower which the bees will love and soft fruit bushes doing their thing. I'm not even finding time to strim and tidy. It's a mess but other things have got to take priority.

    3. The lovely shop across the road took a birthday present delivery for me on Saturday while I was out until after closing time so am going to collect it in a minute.

    4. Plans for DM's significant birthday are just about happening: still to buy a small extra present, cake candles and find some flowers - all on the list.

    5. Got a good quality 6 1/2 hrs sleep last night and have spent the morning so far getting my bedroom tidy again.

    Have a good Monday :)
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