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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Stayed dry on way to work.

    2. Work in morning was frustrating as others didn't pull their weight. It was better than the afternoon though.At the end of the morning I stood up and my back went. Line manager and manager were sympathetic to the extent that they wanted me better for the afternoon.

    3. Went for a walk and saw a colleague who was sympathetic and came to look for me in the department half an hour later to make sure I had made it back.

    4. Waiting at the bus stop to come home with a friend a drunken man came to talk to us. She has a lovely voice and I'm better looking. Not sure whether I agree but was amusing. H

    5. DS2 cooked chilli which was good.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Wednesday pleasures,

    Scrambled eggs for breakfast.

    A fleabay purchase arrived, £50 jodphurs for £6.99 plus postage :j No longer a raggedly Annie riding my princess pony.

    The iridescent blues & greens in a magpies tail as it came down for a drink.

    Still enjoying Springwatch, I mean where else can you see a presenter sniffing badger poo!

    Reading in bed as the rain lashed against the window, rain rain go away.....enough now.
  • BroomstickBroomstick Forumite
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    (Rainy) Morning all :)

    Five recent pleasures:

    1. Fresh bed linen.

    2. Catching up with DS2 face to face rather than on the phone. He's very busy so our paths are not crossing a lot atm.

    3. DS1 is being a super-star in terms of helpfulness.

    4. My parents who continue to be frail but just lovely. I'm still spending most of every day with them. It's a privilege and I'm so aware of the preciousness of time.

    5. Delicious English strawberries. :)

    Have a good Thursday. :)
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    It's coming, Scrambled Eggs. Proper Food! Bored Bins. Carp!

    Now as yous knows that the lunch box of BoP is packed full of goodness. Well bonus this day, two cheeses, LieSter Red and Wood smoked apple, and a slice of pork pie. Don’t believe the bumph in the media about eating pork pie. Proper Foods as part of the BoP balanced diet!

    Future appearances of BoP inn his beach ready body. On Sunday taking jam at the kite shed. Teas and cake is always on offer. BoP likes his toys!

    Now millwright is back from up norff about the new clothes we are making for the emporer. After his dallying, it seems it is on! More wobbleade chits coming soon!

    Eyes down, look inn!
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    It's stopped raining for a little while, the sky is still leaden but it's NOT raining at the moment, bliss!

    We've been fence panel hunting this morning, wanted something slightly more robust than can be found in garden centres and B&Q so found a local manufacturer and have ordered panels to be delivered next Tuesday.

    Lunch out at Harts Barn in Longhope who are absolutely fantastic, the food is delicious, the caf! is comfy, warm, clean and the staff are friendly. The food is cooked as you order it too, gorgeous little place.

    Half an hour on my own as Kit has gone off to the library.

    The little dog Oscar who is always in the caf! and poodles around to say hello to everyone and today had an enchanting admirer in the form of a small toddler who was contorting himself in the high chair so as not to lose sight of Oscar crowing with delight all the time, so sweet!
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Another day another dollar or so. 10 hour shift. To be fair it goes by quick enough. And I'm so far loving it so it's okay.

    Tips! In the jar. I'd said to my colleague I was saving mine up to get a corner sofa and it will be second hand and she didn't quite understand and why don't I just get a new one on credit? Er....because I don't want any debt and I quite like re-purporsing! But she still didn't get it!

    Came home with some soup. Which DD managed to spill all over my car! It was very tasty though...the bit that was left!

    My dog boy. He's currently under my bed as I type this! He likes to lie under it. Popped home at lunch time to let him out, we saw a squirrel. I've never seen a squirrel here before. (As in my street!)

    My real boy. It's his birthday, first one I've not had him home for. But that's okay as he's a grown up! He sent me some pics of him up a mountain!

    It's stayed dry. Thought we were getting lots of rain but it hasn't happened (yet) got a washing out on line for a bit of a blow ( all our work clothes)
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Thursday).

    1) A lie in - hoorah!

    2) Worked on the allotment after lunch as it actually stopped raining. Cleaned the hen sleeping quarters out, raked up all the grass mown days ago, did a bit of weeding.

    3) Went out for a cup of tea and bumped into 3 mums I used to know from primary school! They had a look at some Nepal photos. :-D

    4) Made lemon chicken for tea.

    5) Watched Ambulance.

    6) Bigger son phoned and has been flashing his torch at the other VSO volunteers working on a different project several miles away across the valley! He has become addicted to chai tea and a mouse lives in his room.
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  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 I did a bit of cleaning, so all upstairs rugs to wash, our bedding to wash, clean bedding on and hoovered upstairs at least.
    2 Kitchen installation date provided, great but we are now panicking with a long list of various things to be done before that, boiler moving, radiator out, hatch plastered up, to name only a few bits there. A lot not listed.
    3 A bowl of pasta and veg / bacon leftovers, I’m working through the fridge was dinner.
    4 Lots of questioning going on, we have a drinks cabinet we moved today to decorate, why do 2 people who are nigh on tea total we last drank at Christmas the obligatory baileys, bother with a drinks cabinet? Going through things at the mo, such as why do we have a toaster, we don’t have much bread anymore, and when we do it’s proper slices that wouldn’t fit in a toaster. So that goes as well and so on.
    5 Found a tiny amount of chocolate was shared and snaffled while watching a series on amazon.
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Back pain is improving.

    2. Reasonable day at work. Took lunch in with me which is so much better than buying a sandwich.

    3. Made tea - a new recipe but using up some ham and leeks. The leeks needed to be used up.

    4. Had a coffee walking round the garden. The ground was very wet but not raining.

    5. Finished my book.
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    LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Thursday pleasures,

    A bedraggled looking rabbit taking shelter under the hedge, it looked as fed up with the rain as we feel.

    Fired up the Ark and floated off to town of gown for a haircut.

    Putting the world to rights with my hairdresser, he’s a smashing chap whose been cutting my unruly hair for years, whenever I think about going somewhere else I shudder to remember bad cuts of the past!

    Got over the yard just as the horses were being brought in, groomed pony in her stable out of the rain.

    Scampi, chips and peas for tea, bit of a cba freezer kind of meal.
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