5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    Pleasures for today (Tuesday).

    1) Good to get up after a terrible sleep due to the noise of the wind and pouring rain.

    2) Smaller son had 2 more exams and walked to McDonalds with his friend inbetween. He thought maths went OK and half of History was also alright.

    3) Hens OK.

    4) Had a cup of tea in Sainsburys caf! while I waited for smaller son and realised I was sitting next to the table of my friends' dad - I first met him when I was 10!

    5) Made a chicken korma.

    6) Watched Holby City.

    7) Bigger son phoned and has drunk some non boiled water so has spent the day on the toilet... He did manage to have a look round the school and wants to have his own mosquito net when he comes home!
  • DundeeDollDundeeDoll Forumite
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    DD has you manage dto miss the weakened when I says it was POETS Day on FryDay! Dear me!
    but now it is POETH (H = holibags)
    1) prof doc went really really really well. exhausting but good, and now they've all dispersed, some as close as Dundee, the farthest Singapore
    2) copious quantities of tea, coffee and cake throughout. i resisted the cake :A
    3) then friend's retirement. my old prof was there. turns out he appointed both of us.
    4) then quick dash to M&S for euros
    5) and home to iron and pack. xoh phoned - we chatted and laughed for nearly 2 hours!!! i even told her about mrcoffee :rotfl:
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Unexpected sunshine for majority of the day.

    2. Chatted with a neighbour when I took some eggs round to them. I hadn't spoken to him for a bit. Only waved in passing when one of us had been in a car.

    3. Frustrating morning at work but it improved in the afternoon. Appointments were booked correctly in the afternoon.

    4. Bus left more or less on time and got me home. Someone was checking the oil and doing other things to the engine while at the bus stop.

    5. Had broad beans from the garden. Not many for 5 of us but found a recipe and had them with spring onions.
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    Happy hols DD

    Tuesday pleasures,

    Soggy walk with small dog, coats and boots drying off in boiler cupboard!

    Papa Blackbird hunting for worms in the grass, head to one side.

    Lunge pen flooded, schooling arena flooded and still persisting down so equine girlie just got a groom in stable and left to her hay.

    Gammon with mango salsa for tea.

    The latest episode of Years and Years, really quite scary as entirely plausible.
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    We haven't floated away yet and it is currently not raining Hoorah!

    The brook across the road is staying in it's bed thanks to intervention work done to slow it further up the valley.

    Nice day out yesterday didn't produce my new top but did find a mightily reduced Jack Wolfskin fleece for HWK.

    Lunch out on the way home yesterday was very nice indeed and only slightly disrupted by 4 very loud and name droppy people who obviously considered themselves to be 'County' but oh so obviously were NOT!

    Broad beans ready for picking on the allotment so guess what we're having for supper tonight? with some chorizo and Spanish flavourings, delicious!
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    DD Hols on POETH Day! A bard!
    Ms LW. BoredBeens? No, not proper food. Mum BoP would do bacon, tatties and boredbeens, then treacle sponge. Nows if BoP did not eat up his boredbeens, he gets no treacle sponge! I did not like treacle sponge, not proper food, I always left my boredbeens. She never knew that her promise of a corrective swipe, which was easily ducked for answering back, was never given as I did not complain!

    Interesting article in the papyrus t’other day about Ms Bindel! Much food for thought, but alas, it describes the hate within, not outside. Maybe the same as the Flix of Net with Daveman letter and Kanye! No, you will has to watch it when he says about liberalism? Mind yous Ms Haddish was good though.

    Again not a pleasure as the Taxman has dipped his paws into me bank and wlked off with monies again. Shame the tailor shop owner does not?

    That’s the days point of talking over and again yous bin wanting to knows about BoP’s Lunch Box. Radishes, toms, blueberries, proper keen cheese, strawbs, proper digestive and as the clubs are far too expensive this weak, proper chocolate digestive. Proper chocolate digestives go well with proper tea, none of that York carp. Good for you! Minds you as I has said before, looking after yours self is good!
    Now on about proper foods etc, theres were no crumpets in the emporium on Sunday! BoPsie checked the coop this morning and still none. BoP is going to starve without his hot buttered crumpet and marmite with his cocoa!

    Now as I listened to wireless last day on way inn to the mill, it said that the Titfield Thunderbolt was on and as I has the app to record on mes box of ogle, it was so recorded. Watched again last night! Well steamed. On box of ogle, and as BoP listeneds to LBC, they are on about the TV Tax. Is this really sustainable in multi platform media of today? I see the petition about the TV Tax went from around 10,000 through 130,000 since the BBC taxed the pensioners. Please remember that the BBC persecutes through the Magistrates Court more females in the UK than any other organisation. And it will be the vulnerable left to pay the tax?

    Reading about the aussie cricketer Micheal Clarke and his troubles. Good job I only has a broken heart! Mind you, he is not the thirst. BoPsie’s great great uncle took his life. Arthur Shrewsbury. WG complimented him on his batting. Now all we need today is for the aussies to get into the losing spirit.

    Now I has bin on and on again todays.

    I don’t have the time to right an epic, for you just to ignore. Know, you gets in straits from BoP!
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    We love 'em BOP but only fresh picked from the allotment not those poor old leather coated monsters they sell fresh in the shops. The chorizo was a present from DD1 when she went to Madrid with a school trip so the real McCoy and not what is sent to the UK for the unsuspecting public to buy, should be YUM!
  • mhagstermhagster Forumite
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    Hello. Still pleasures to be had this evening I'm sure but here are my up till now ones!

    Went to work and came home from work!
    Work was a lil bit crazy busy! Managed to squeeze away at 2.30pm ( just a 7.5 hour shift instead of a 10 hour one!) felt like I was on holiday by the time I got home.

    Nice chat with DD1...only 5 days till a squeezy hug with her.

    Quick dog walk.

    Cut the grass. Weeded the weeds.

    Stripped my bed ...making good use of the wind! We have big rain coming later tonight.

    Sorted my flowers. Still going strong a week on from being RTC.

    Nice chat with my sister on phone. My great nephew ( now 8 months) visits her on a Wednesday so I look forward to photos and an update!

    I'm going round to my friends in half an hour for a catch up. Trying hard not to just collapse in heap on sofa and get used to some kind of work/ life balance. Not just work and crash out.

    DD2 was also working and brought home my marvellous tips. In the jar!
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Wednesday).

    1) It stopped raining once or twice (don't worry, it's pouring down again now and running down the sides of the road!)

    2) Hens OK.

    3) Smaller son had yet another GCSE exam so I went to our greasy spoon for a cup of tea. Once GCSE exam left (Friday) then a BTEC exam next week...

    4) Went to floody city and managed nearly all the charity shops (I don't think it is physically possible to do them all in one go!) Now have a white t shirt with stylised blue birds.

    5) Met my friend for a cup of tea.

    6) Quick pasta for tea then made brownies but not with my ordinary raisins bunged in but also walnuts and glace cherries!

    7) Lots of messages from bigger son (recovered from the tummy thing). Some good photos and a video of he, school children and a teacher practising a play against child labour. Bigger son has a line in the play! (In Nepali, so not sure what he said). One photo shows him in the school reception (he had just been blessed and has the red mark on his forehead) and it amused me that thousands of miles away, you can still see who is a teacher and who is not! It must be something about the way they stand!
  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    I’ve missed a few days but the latest:
    1 DH did some work for a neighbour and they also kindly gave us some jams and chutneys today, always very appreciated over here.
    2 Various meals created from a bolognaise sauce I cooked up and there’s still more to go..
    3 We’ve purchased our kitchen today, blimey and did I mention Ouchy, but it’s the right one for us at last but a very scarey thing, splurged on a quartz top I’m viewing it as I love it, and also if we sell it’s an investment.
    4 About to have some hot apple pie and custard.
    5 Planning on sleeping very soon, I’m shattered.
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