5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    I see Jack has hit an accord with the honey!
    LT Best back and Scrambled. Proper foods and good for you!
    Wells I ratted on and on and on abouts BoPsie inn the emporium getting a new top and other things. Nows I forgets I got me self a pleasure as well. A box of Honey Monster! There. It shall be opened shortly and yous will hear abouts its here thirst!

    No need to get me on to things this day.

    Oh, no lunchtimes post by BoP yestday as he was out, wandering, and gets me watch fixed as well. Strap buckle has brokens, but the Timpson fixed it. Proper fixed. Fingers is crossed though!

    Got home to watch the D-Day events, lasted 20 minutes of BBC before off and saw highlights on sky. Don’t mind interjections, but the speech of the 4th June 1940 about the beaches the relevance to D-Day? Waste of the regressive TV Tax, the team that prosecute more females in the UK than any other organisation. Just thinking that the Falklands war is now as far away from today as D-Day was from then. More coming up on this later soon. Red in the papyrus today about the old soldier and Liz.
    A veteran got a ticking off from the Liz after he insisted on explaining to her how bad the war was. “You don’t have to tell me,” she told Jack Smith, who was a coxswain on D-Day “I’m from the same generation.”
    Mr Smith, 94, smiled and replied to the Liz, 93: “I’m older than you.”
    Nows I says I no mention mes lunch box. Well today we has penguin and a club. BoP is saving the fudge for the morrow. Other items are the usual things.

    PM2DD It’s on!

    Now back at mill, we has a problem with our inter reactive talking bricks! They are going to be … No talk please!

    Nows as yous know BoP has been cook testing for you recipes that Jimmy the Cook and Delia cannot do. All the lass does is boil an egg! Nows I has bin doing mes tikka of Chickens for a while nows and it is perfected. Rite tasty and tonites dish is currently brewing on the stove. Minds you, as I says yesday about Raffles entering his restaurant! Today, as BoPsie was eating her K cereals, Raffles gave her the nudge and got stuck in as well! That is what is it like in Palais de BoP!

    Last nite again wes had flix of net on the box, Ladykillers. The version with Mr Hanks. Cheese and nibbles were aten.

    We originally came from the sea
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    1 I woke up feeling very poorly, the pleasure being able to go back to sleep for the morning and felt better than I did.

    2 I made a bite of lunch then plundered on, changed our bedding, and the ferret bedding, a nice new duvet for us, airing and cleaning the room, also cleaned all the mirrors, deep cleaned the bathroom. Coordinated various washing loads to the line to make the most of today’s weather.

    3 Fish and veg for tea.

    4 Went out to an exercise class, ahem there are Chinese leftovers cooking up now….

    5 Made some cupcakes, and it was commented on how good they smelled.
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Thursday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Stayed in town while smaller son had 2 exams. Went round the charity shops and found him a Saltrock t shirt (he tends to wear the same things when not in school uniform so we are trying to find more choices for when he goes to college).

    3) Had a cup of tea in the greasy spoon.

    4) Hens OK. Smaller son watered the stuff in the greenhouse.

    5) Cleaned the bathroom.

    6) Had a few games of football outside.

    7) Bigger son phoned (!) He had a 10 hour bus journey from Kathmandu yesterday so is in a small town in Lamjung now. They're doing 2 more days of training (today and tomorrow) before he stays with his host family and starts work.

    8) Went across the village to leave a message with a builder who might fit my "new" woodburning stove for me.
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    1) first full day of prof doc students. seemed to go well
    2) free lunch with lots of left overs so packed a cheese sandwich for later and handed out the cakes to students working in the library
    3) then off to tonic with some of the students and the programme director.
    4) then was walking home but saw friend in Mennies where of course the footie was just about to start. would be rude not to. much better match than saturday but of course disappointed in result
    5) and now home, cheese sarnie eaten, listening to bowie
    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    Milk opened!
    Honey Monster Opened.


    Great Start to POETS Day!
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    1. My roses are still looking good. I've removed a couple more from the vase.

    2. Fairly good day at work. Irritating at times but one of my colleagues made it bearable..

    3. Heard that neighbours son and his wife are now parents of a boy.. I'm sure I'll see him soon.

    4. Spent some time in the garden and planted some alpine in a paved area that DH had just finished.

    5. Everyone home so a nice chat with all including a girlfriend.
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    Thursday pleasures,

    Early morning walk with small dog and she came across a young crow, they stood nose to nose for a few seconds before I called her away, we were then mobbed by the parents!

    Chat with DSIL and arrangements made to meet up for lunch today.

    Had the cricket on in the background and saw the WI catch to rival Mr Stokes.

    We also watched the footie DD and enjoyed.

    Going to bed at gone 10pm and it was still light, love summer.
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    A good day in the shop, many nice people to interact with a very gorgeous little terrier called Rocky and some delightful small children who were very taken with a humming top toy.

    YS pizza that we had for supper, yum!

    Finding a virtually new long ladies raincoat for £6 and knowing I'll be drier in the cooler wetter times of year now.

    A good nights sleep, rare as hens teeth but appreciated when they happen.

    HWK had a really good day fishing (the first time he's been for ages) and pulled in many tiddlers but also a 12lb and a 14lb carp so was a most happy bunny when he came home.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    That put BoP into a good start for the day. Proper monster food and good for you! Lashings of milk and goodness.

    Now I has mentioned only just this weak about BoPsie’s comfort blanket. Well, the previous nite attire that is over 25 years old is no where closer to the recycle bin this weak then it is was before she was let loose inn the emporium! It just will never get there! Raffles is ok!

    As noted in BoP notes passim, BoP tonight wills be doing his stake nite at home. More later. Please rememerb when you do stake, the pan needs to remain hot. Most gaffs nowadays use inexperienced cooks that think they have to turn the pan down. That is a no no no no! Last place I had medium rare it was close to the Viking, Blu! Don’t fporget, for well done, 10 minutes in a hot pan, sear one side for 30 seconds, turn every minute after that. For medium rare, 6 and a half minutes! Mushrooms done in other pan in garlic and pepper! Rite tatsty.

    Nows I must gives you the recipe for BoP chicken tikka soon.

    PM2DD Take that as a No! Proper football starts soon!

    And with that, is it POETS Day! Enjoy.

    Now I am outta here!
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    Elderflowers, dog roses and oxeye daisies in abundance in all the local hedgerows, so beautiful to see.

    My herb patch border in the garden where everything is coming into bloom and it looks and smells fantastic.

    The honeysuckle we rescued from behind a conifer we had to take down in the garden has recovered and grown luxuriant and is now covered in flowers which are just starting to open and they are fragrant beyond belief, it's gorgeous.

    A trip to a retail outlet has given me the new pair of Hotter shoes I've been looking for because they're just so comfortable to wear and in a sale too.

    In the charity shop I work in yesterday I found a waterproof coat exactly what I've been looking for and it cost me £6 and looks almost new so now I shall be warm and dry in body and feet for the foreseeable future, YES!!!
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