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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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  • plumduff55plumduff55 Forumite
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    Sunday Pleasures

    1) Had a good sleep last night and didn't waken till 8.15 - really late for me!

    2) Drove to a car boot sale 7 miles away - first time I've been since beginning of summer. Only bought some DVDs and a pair of gloves for 50p to wear as my hands were freezing. Had a great blether with one of the regular stallholders.

    3) Then went to the co-op and bagged some reduced food including a roast in the bag chicken - never had one of those before :rotfl:

    4) Had a lovely proper roast dinner. I used to have a roast every Sunday but in the years since the kids left home I've become lazy. I really enjoyed the chicken and going to make some sort of dinner with the leftovers tomorrow and make stock with the carcass.

    5) I finished knitting the bands on a black aran cable waistcoat for myself. It's taken me ages to knit and I've really hated knitting with the black wool so I am very happy it's finished :T . Now just to sew it up :(

    Goodnight all xx
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  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Sunday).

    1) Not much of a lie in as bigger son came crashing in at about 1.30am then woke me up crashing back out again at 7am. :-/ At least he has an exciting social life!

    2) Another day of enforced homework. Nearly all done now.

    3) Hens OK and 3 eggs.

    4) Dropped smaller son's annual review paperwork off at my sister's (not entirely random as she used to be a teacher) and good to hear her opinions of it. Things are not going swimmingly school-wise. I don't know where he will go next year after year 11 and there is the worry that the mainstream colleges will say they can't have him. Have looked at one of the Ruskinmill places again but will that stretch him enough? Will the county pay for it? Got a big meeting about him tomorrow then another on Wednesday. And 2 mainstream and 1 special college to phone up for advice and a private viewing.

    5) Watched Dr Who.

    6) Have been lying in bed (as it's quite cold) and bizarrely got quite into a programme about Princess Margaret, despite having zero interest in the Royal Family.

    7) Bigger son has just come back from playing poker at MrN's son5's house. Seems MrN came back in an appalling temper and started shouting at people and told bigger son to leave. Well, there'll be reasons why he has a brace of disgruntled ex wives plus a still grumpy ex girlfriend...

    Not looking forward to this coming week, really. Too many important meetings, no money and I'm starting the Blood Sugar Diet again.
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    Enjoyable day.

    1. Had a chat with DS2 girlfriend who stayed Saturday night. DS2 made bacon sandwiches for us all.

    2. DS1 had also stayed the night. It was lovely him staying.

    3. Went to a panic room with both sons and my sister. We all enjoyed ourselves and we escaped so feeling very pleased with ourselves.

    4. Had lunch out at Bluewater as sister had never been.

    5. Other sister ran and completed a half marathon. She is sore but happy she has done it before her big birthday next month.

    6. DH and brother in law discussed plans for MIL house and will start next week.
  • Hopeless_CaseHopeless_Case Forumite
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    Pleasures for the last few days

    - Cricket presentation dinner on Friday, very proud of DS who did most of the MCing and got his cap for 100 matches :)

    - Spontaneous trip to Bristol to look round the SS Great Britain, amazing! I was there as a 5 year old under the Clifton suspension bridge watching it being bought back for repairs but couldn't pick myself out on the video :rotfl:

    - DS at WBA and reporting back so a bit of (restrained :rotfl:) on board boing boinging too

    - Got my apple tree planted and more garlic and spinach and spring onions - lovely couple of hours in the garden :)

    - DS and GF cooked a lovely (veggie) Sunday lunch for us :)
  • Olliebeak1951Olliebeak1951 Forumite
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    My 5 for yesterday -

    1. Church in the morning - unusually small congregation for us. Some folks away on holiday and few others not very well, but a good service with a visiting preacher. Don't think he realised that we're not used to sermons that last more than 15mins though ;) :rotfl:. I was on tea/coffee duties, so had a brief chat with everybody who was there :D.

    2. Quick sprint around Lidl - wanted extra mushrooms for Stir-fry, some yoghurts (8 for £1.09 :j) and GF Thins (Warbie's).

    3. Back home on the bus - listening to my music using my 'new earphones' :dance:.

    4. Little snooze in the afternoon - very cosy ;)!

    5. Chicken Stir-Fry with Sweet Chilli and Garlic Sauce :drool:.

    6. Back to church for our monthly Healing Service - followed by shared meal 'Cottage Pie' with Beetroot/Red Cabbage. Lift back home from lovely friend afterwards :T.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Sunday pleasures,

    Up early and saw the sunrise, it turned the sky pink but the shepherd must have been out because the rest of the day was fab.

    Bacon butties and the Archers omnibus.

    Time spent in the garden, winter pots done and spring bulbs planted, there is something uplifting about planning for next years colour just as the earth is going into hibernation.

    Another one with a roast chicken dinner, little dog had meat and potato too.

    Lazy afternoon, reading, watched some Agatha Raisin and caught up on the News Quize

    Extra pleasure of last garden visit for little dog, cold clear night with so many stars.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    V Still on cloud none here after the run the mariners are on! Just reminded my millwright about it, and of course his team well trounced the kittens on the north bank! Pay negotiations should go well in December!

    4 Still bunged up lug at the moment so not gets me ear helpers in. Should eb ok by the morning though.

    3 Inn BoP’s packed lunch box this weak. Snorker again! Yes again!, with a penguin and a club. Toms and cucumber, strawbs, jelly and oranges! And an easy peeler! Good proper foods again! Raffles is hinted that his food is not for him at the moment, and has made a dash to the neighbores! Blooming cat!

    2 Nite BoP is getting in trim for Boston and SF! More news about BoP on tour later!

    Having one today. Well gloat time with millwright. Seems ‘Ull, the kittens are in disarray!

    There, that is enuff BoP news to overfill the litter tray!
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  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Forumite
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    1) Yorkshire pudding.....filled with the rest of yesterdays stew, Mmmmm!

    2) We got the stump and roots of the 'wasp nest tree' out after lunch, hard work but necessary.

    3) Pruning the very straggly and overgrown rambling roses on the back fence. One is completely done and the other about half, taking our very dead wood is most satisfying.

    4) Snuggling under my throw, it's cold here tonight.

    5) The early night I'm planning to read my library book once University Challenge has finished. I hope I can answer at least one of the questions asked, problem is these days I don't understand the questions let alone know the answers. Maybe my brain is going to mush or maybe they've asked all the questions I know the answers to already? I'll never know!!!
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Monday).

    1) Good to get up after about 3 hours sleep. I've just nodded off watching Gardeners World!

    2) Meeting went OK at school. No homework until after half term, apart from maths and English.

    3) Hens OK and 3 eggs.

    4) Went out to get Narraways pies for smaller son's tea (Luke Narraway's dad, for rugby fans). Also popped to Aldi and went round the charity shops but didn't find anything.

    5) Blood Sugar Diet has been OK so far.
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    But baby you're a grand
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  • house_elfhouse_elf Forumite
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    Good Morning,

    Another rubbish nights sleep.


    1. DH finished putting all the new blinds up. Looks very different. I may need some time to get used to the new look. :o

    2. Used the last of our WYS coupons in W8ies. Got the bill down to normal shop prices :rotfl:

    3. Went to a live Archers podcast event at Town Hall, with a friend. :D

    4. Pulled pork and fixings for tea. Everyone ate it all.

    5. Watched TV, with DH and DD, and woodburner.


    1. Actually did proper preparation for afternoon lesson. Class had fun getting messy with papier-mâch!.

    2. DD has made her visa application for her next contract.

    3. Theatre this evening to see The Wipers Times. Really good production.

    4. Treated ourselves to McD's on the way home.

    5. Saw an ex colleague in the theatre, I have not seen for 15 years. She looks wonderful.......I looked like someone who had come straight from work, and who had spent the afternoon covering milk bottles with papier-mâch!. :rotfl:

    Have a lovely day :)
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