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5 OS pleasures in your day today - part 3

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    ampersandampersand Forumite
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    Peculiar yday/today already!

    Up since 3bells.

    1. Phoned skeinz, . With excellent Suzanne, discussed yarny needs. Absolute waste of much of yday and petrol in town of horse AND town of gown, even JL! Occurred to & that skeinz person could match flag colours online for &. Trust them, having bought from shop on last 2 trips back
    All will work.

    2. Wasted trip to town of horse meant & walked by Oxfam to wool[misnomer] shop and found 12 fantastic pieces of Far North studio pottery by Lotte Glob. Love them, apart from which, £25 very well invested.
    including 2 plates similar to these:

    Just stunning, gorgeous stuff. Accomplished lady all round - &'s Dane qtr likes:-)

    3. enzed friends safe away and arrived near Oxford. The A14 behaved for once:-)

    4. Chat with dear neighbour, when leaving pot of strawb compôte[post passim]with her. We sat in sun and watched/heard jenny wren and babies+v.noisy, splashy carp spawnings!

    5. In town of gown, met striking in her 80s A, about whom & asked on Sunday. Turned out this was mutual - A, re:&, on Sat. She's another old academic, great fun, great mind, 100mph since new hip and, as always, busy, busy, busy. It was so good to see her[en route to late mtg] and catch up, although she fell last week. She remarked that we'd also met 2/3 years ago when & was black and blue after Twickenham rugby fall. She's involved with near NT property, town of gown theatre, runs writing group, and hedgehog rescue, health visitor, plus having 7 children+their issue, also Mrs go-to in her remote-ish neck of woods.!....beautiful bone structure, lovely skin still.
    So, all in all, waste-y petrol and hours yielded unexpected exceeding good - all perfectly meet, right, fit for this osp Thread:-)
    Prob. light outside now, so best start proper day.
    Toodles and pips all round. Safe journey to dd and lovely reunion for sisters, mhags.
    More good hen news, Frith.
    Your df's pieces have found just the right new owners several times now, haven't they, pk - good to read:-). Do you ever go to Lullingstone Castle?
    Lord Peter Wimsey just starting r4x, must listen
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  • villagelifevillagelife Forumite
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    1. Work was ok and a nice temperature. It's normally really cold.

    2. There has been an accident so a road was shut but luckily got home in a reasonable time considering. It took about 10 minutes longer than normal.

    3. Had a sleep when I got in. Felt better for it.

    4. Cooked steak for tea and made a good proper sauce with it.

    5. Early night p.
  • LaineyTLaineyT Forumite
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    Monday pleasures,

    Fast day so probably not wise idea to make bread but worth the wait when warm slice consumed with break the fast midday salad. I am experimenting with my flours, this time it was 300g country grain and 200g wholemeal, pleased with result.

    After much research have ordered new iron, my current one is frustrating to the extreme, it’s cosseted with filtered water and regular cleaning but has never worked properly. Added pleasure is new ironing board cover plus padding. The board itself is over 30 years old so owes me nothing.

    Over to see girlie, decided too hot for riding so gave her a pamper instead which included a cool bath, laughed to see her shake like a dog.

    Bean burgers with lemon and courgette couscous for tea, meat free day.

    Early night to read in bed.
  • Blackbeard_of_PerranporthBlackbeard_of_Perranporth Forumite
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    You don’t need the horse’s mouth to eat your carrot bag!

    V Straight out of the bag this one. Yes, another packed lunch box at the mill. And we are not trifling around as well. Proper foods as always and good for you! Two digestives again! Tea is also being drunk.

    4 I make no mistake I forgets to tell you lot that I watched Jonathan Meades the other night. Did not know he was on as our channel guide does not go down that far! Usual goodness! We are sifting through Comedians in Cars getting Coffee again in readiness for the new series! Is a chuntzas thing and flows nicely. Other programmes are available. Not long until the DC and Apple of Big this year.

    3 Gots me bum check thing to book. Five yearly exhausting. And I am talking carp as well. Usual rules, it will hurt them more than it hurts me!

    2 Day BoP has again paid far too much tax!

    When the Bully in the playground meets his match?
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  • Hopeless_CaseHopeless_Case Forumite
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    I'm struggling for my 5 today, going through a bit of a stressful patch, but good to focus on the things which are going well :)

    -DD2 coming home for the weekend

    -My red oxalis (which I thought I'd killed by splitting it clumsily and probably at the wrong time of year) is coming back strongly in all the places I've put bits of it :)

    - DD1 has an interview tomorrow - fingers crossed for her!!

    - Done 3 out of the 5 food shops this month and still have over half of it left ('left' is a moot point as it seems to be going out in all other directions, but the food budgeting itself is going swimmingly and we'd be in a mess if I'd spent it on food! :/ )

    - It's already been said, but Poldark is back :D
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User]
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    1) Found a new pair of comfy walking sandals which are smart enough to wear with ordinary clothes in Milletts sale this morning.

    2) Washing put out before I went into town for a few bits was dry and put awayable by the time I got home at lunchtime.

    3) Invitation to go with Nell and lovely James to a duck race afternoon with the boys on Saturday! another one off the bucket list!

    4) Popped in to see a friend in the village last evening and met her brand new little grand daughter Elinor, so tiny, so cute!

    5) Saving a small fortune on fresh fruit which isn't very good at the moment by deciding to cook up and eat all the stash of home grown that are currently lurking in the freezer. Made a big pot of blackberry compote this afternoon for breakfasts and puddings, yum!
  • VJsmumVJsmum Forumite
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    Evening all - been AWOL again...

    Pleasures recently

    1. Lovely time in ICT - gorgeous day walking in the Vale Of Rheidol on saturday with OH and DS and then OH and I went for a local walk on Sunday
    2. Sitting in friend's lovely garden on Friday night - it was light till gone 10 and really warm, though they did have the chiminea lit.
    3. OH has been cooking some lovely meals lately
    4. just on the way back from an assessment session. it was a pleasure to feel more competent than both my fellow assessors - one of whom was the chair
    5. lovely lovely warm warm warm sunshine.

    I have just finished another bout of busyness so should be able to keep up more...
    I wanna be in the room where it happens
  • Mrs_Salad_DodgerMrs_Salad_Dodger Forumite
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    Tuesday’s pleasures

    Up & dressed by 9:00 a.m. - after three days of sheer laziness:eek:

    Miserable weather but at least it didn’t rain :T

    :beer: with an old friend from work - good old chat - surprising how much info you can impart in 75 mins :rotfl:

    DSis’s wardrobe, shelving units & bookcase are all built & in situ :T so now we can start unpacking suitcases & boxes of clothes etc :T:T

    Egg sandwiches for dinner - yummy

    Reading your pleasures :)

  • Purple_kittenPurple_kitten Forumite
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    1 Things are moving at DF!!!8217;s, the power survey is booked in for tomorrow, the skip arrives start of next week, with it ready to roll to market by the end of next week with viewings booked in already! Yikes. We!!!8217;ve decided we will call in either the British heart foundation or Salvation Army for any furniture that hasn!!!8217;t been able to sell. I have to say there is a lovely old large dark 6 drawer unit there which is awesome, but it!!!8217;s big we measured it up and can!!!8217;t fit it in anywhere, I!!!8217;m hoping someone will give it a fitting home it would also make a great upcycle item.

    2 We popped across the bridge to pick up a bay item DH won, it was further than he thought but scenic, we combined the mileage with a weekly shop.

    3 Guinness slug traps now in operation in what I hope is the final version.

    I!!!8217;m shattered and banking 4 and 5..
  • FrithFrith Forumite
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    Pleasures for today (Tuesday).

    1) Not a bad sleep.

    2) Worked all day. At least nothing went wrong.

    3) Off for a cup of tea with my school friend after work.

    4) Made broccoli cheese for tea.

    5) Had another sort through the "clothes I'll save until I am less fat" bag and can fit in another couple of pairs of trousers now.

    6) Went to see the hens 9.30pm and Samantha and one new hen were roosting sensibly inside the sleeping quarters. 2 new ones were running around making a fuss and the last had made herself a little nest in the grass. Took several minutes to pounce on the 3 outside and plonk them in their bed. When smaller son visited them at 4pm, the 3 eggs today were inside the sleeping quarters, so they must be able to manage the ramp sometimes!

    7) Watched Holby.
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