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cheap/ healthy snacks



  • Loadsabob
    Loadsabob Posts: 662 Forumite
    I love your sig, trace-j!

    I love the idea of big breakfast, lighter lunch and light dinner. I just can't do it! I am trying to eat my evening meal at 7pm, which is reasonably early. But I just really enjoy having an evening meal. It's the time I get to be at home and cook, and leisurely enjoy a good meal with my boyfriend. At lunch it's just an hour in the office, I couldn't enjoy good food in that environment. Breakfast, well I can't skip breakfast, however, busy, and, like you I take a sort of "breakfast round 2" to the office.

    I know it's the best way to do things for your body...but I can't manage it! Sad, isn't it?!!

    Congratulations on how well you're doing with this regime, sounds really good!
  • Badgergal
    Badgergal Posts: 531 Forumite
    Yes you sound like you're doing fab! Better than me anyways.

    I know what it is really (though I take on board the whole hormonal and GI thing). For the most part my job is boring as hell and that is when the snacking started. Now its become an "issue" in my mind and I see it as a problem so its spilling over out of work hours. When I am doing an interesting task (few and far between) I don't sit and scoff like this as my mind is occupied.

    it is weird though, I went right off choc about eight months ago, didn't fancy it at all, but lately the craving is back with a vengeance.
  • spendaholic
    spendaholic Posts: 1,535 Forumite
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    Loadsabob wrote:
    Last week I told my boyfriend that I craved chocolate, and he turned up the next day with a big bar of Divine. But I'd eaten it within 48 hours!!!

    It lasted you THAT long?! :rotfl:
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  • fizzel81
    fizzel81 Posts: 1,623 Forumite
    Hiya peeps
    since having Owen its time to cut back as such so im looking for some super healthy but quick snack ideas apart from the usuals (ie carrot sticks) i cannot think of anything different.

    please help its time i stayed away from choc and crisps im on a mission to get into a dress ive bought by christmas
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    COOLTRIKERCHICK Posts: 10,510 Forumite
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    i make a mixed salad. .and just graze on it during the day....also grapes.....and .. nuts.......
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  • squeaky
    squeaky Posts: 14,129 Forumite
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    There are some threads in the Cooking section of the MEGA Index sticky at the top of Old Style listed under healthy eating that should give you a start, and there's also a Weight Loss Recipe Thread here
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  • scotgirl
    scotgirl Posts: 805 Forumite
    I like crackerbread and ryvita with very low fat spread (44p tesco one is nice) or marmite and cucumber or whatever other low fat topping you like the best.
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  • Seeds...they are sooo scrummy.
    Went to Boots in Milton Keynes a couple of weeks ago and bought a pack of chilli flavour seeds. They also had some that were vanilla flavoured.
    They were really moreish.
    The only problem is.....I live in Peterborough and my local Boots don't sell them.
    However...I make do with normal seeds.
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  • kiwichick
    kiwichick Posts: 1,857 Forumite
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    Yup - seeds are fab. I toast mine by putting them in a saucepan or frying pan on a med heat, no oil, and stirring for a few mins. Once they are brown, let them cool, they taste delish and are also lovely sprinkled on a salad or in cereal - great for your omega 3 as well.

    I also find that if I chop bits of fruit and put them in a bowl I am more likely to eat them than a whole piece of fruit. A fruit salad seems a bit more exotic than an apple.

    I am currently on weight watchers (hardly OS/MSE I know but I cant do it alone) and they advice lots of liquid. I am not a big fan of water but get around this by making HUGE vats of veg soup and keeping it in the fridge. This way I can heat a bowl late afternoon etc when I fancy a nibble. Its really easy, very healthy, low fat and you dont feel as hungry come dinnertime which also helps.
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  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    scotgirl wrote:
    I like crackerbread and ryvita with very low fat spread (44p tesco one is nice) or marmite and cucumber or whatever other low fat topping you like the best.

    Try a Ryvita spread with low fat soft cheese then a smear of marmite.
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