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cheap/ healthy snacks



  • scuzz
    scuzz Posts: 1,995 Forumite
    carrot sticks
    cucumber sticks
    cherry tomatoes
    HM flapjack
    HM biscuits
    HM sponge cake
    HM soup
    seeds & nuts
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  • sammy_kaye18
    sammy_kaye18 Posts: 3,656 Forumite
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    Hi All, I as jsut wondering if someone could suggest soem healthy nice snacks that i can take down after school for my 3 year old son. My son started nursery a few weeks ago and goes for 2.5 hours a day. When he gets out he is always starving becuase hes been running round liek a loony. HE has lunch before he goes which is normally a sandwicha dn yoghurt or a bit of fruit. Anyway when i pick him up his little friends mums always are there with sweets and fizzy pop for the kids, i dont mind my son having these but its a daily thing and i dont want him having that much sugar. I was wondering if anyone had any little snacks, biscuits recipes or any ideas on alternatives etc that i could take downt he school for him that arents sugar loaded. I have taken him down dried fruits, pieces of fruit and a diluted fruit juice drink etcThanks in advance! Love Sam x x x x
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  • How about some home popped corn?? Or if he's not allergic, an assortment of nuts and sultanas?
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  • Breadsticks! The kids at my pre-school love these.
    or cheese straws, or slices of pitta bread
  • soappie
    soappie Posts: 6,786 Forumite
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    I'd go for grapes, some carrot sticks and perhaps a banana. Or even little sticks of carrot and celery with some cottage cheese/cheese spread or yoghurt to dip them in?
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  • nikflo
    nikflo Posts: 504 Forumite
    i take my dd a cerial bar for after nursery then she has a healthy lunch when we get home.
  • thriftlady_2
    thriftlady_2 Posts: 9,128 Forumite
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    apples, bananas, satsumas, grapes, berries
    raisins, dried apricots, sultanas
    popcorn, munchy seeds(or are these a choking hazard for toddlers -can't remember ?)
    bread, breadsticks, crackers, oatcakes, ricecakes, dry cereal
    biscuits made with not much sugar and wholemeal flour or oats
    cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, cucumber, celery sticks filled with soft cheese
    cheese cubes, slices of ham rolled up, hardboiled egg
  • sophiesmum_2
    sophiesmum_2 Posts: 4,965 Forumite
    Hi sammy kaye
    Asda sell "rainbow bags" which are cute little resealable snack sized bags with cartoon characters on the front. They are about £1.20? for a box of 30 or so but can be reused.Not strictly moneysaving but ds will think he is getting a treat.
    I used to take my kids - dried fruit, cubes of cheese, couple of cookies, grapes, pieces of fruit, cheese biscuits(ritz, tuc etc), cherry tomatoes, carrot sticks, wotsits, hula hoops etc, home made flapjack, fairy cake,for a treat a few maltesers,other choc from a big bag.

    For a drink one of those kids sports bottles is good and use diluted squash, water or milk.
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  • Homemade scone (mine only have about 1 oz sugar for 8 scones) or homemade pancake. Dried banana pieces - noticed last time I was in Asda that they had organic ones for 29p per packet but on offer "buy 3, pay for 2".

    I also buy the Yeo Valley fromage fraise sticks, when on offer, and put them in the freezer to use as a lunchbox cooler and for snacks.
  • SJ1
    SJ1 Posts: 270 Forumite

    There are some great dried fruit bits in the normal supermarkets as well - there are great packaged smoothies which can be kept in the cupboard rather than the fridge and are 100% fruit. There are also 'zingers' which are dried fruit sticks which are lovely. Raisins are great and can be really cheap and my 4 year old still loves eating them out of the box.

    My son's other favourite is 'fruit leather' although I have found that my local supermarket has stopped selling these but they are fruit only and are still available at holland & barretts which is usually good for slightly different things. He also loves sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds but these are expensive.

    Enjoy, SJ
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