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cheap/ healthy snacks



  • YES :mad: :D:o :rotfl:

    And me :rotfl:
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  • Linda32
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    slinks wrote:
    i wonder if has anyone has tried it...... :rotfl:

    I Did, its good, I like that :rotfl:

    In answer to the question, OH takes Carrot sticks, celery sticks and cherry toms.
    He used to have cerial bars, but I've eased him onto 2-3 biscuits, not exactly healthy but much cheaper. (He's OS too so it helps)

    I have oatcakes with Mayo to dunk. I'm a big mayo fan.

    The I make a salad mix, cook some pasta or cous cous and keep in fridge, it keeps fine for a few days. The make a pot of pasta, cous cous and salad bit, toms, celery whatever. Mix with Mayo if you like :D
  • Imelda
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    oooo, what does it do? I am at work and don't want anything embarrassing to happen!

    I also take cheese and crackers (good if you have a fridge or cool bag to take with you) I too am a grazer, I basically eat something small every 2 hours all day and it is far too easy to reach for a biscuit.....
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  • weegie_2
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    I take fruit - apples, banana's oranges.

    Also at start of month take in a few packets of ryvita and several tubs of philly light.

    Also bulk buy low cal/fat crisps - I can't be doing without treats :-)

    Ryvita bars are also good.....

    I find if I take stuff in with me I don't hit the work cafe where it can cost me £4 for a pathetic sandwich, bottle of juice and a packet of crisps.
  • I take carrot sticks, chopped up peppers, fruit, nuts, cherry tomatoes, HM yoghurt, oatcakes, I also take HM soup to work too.

    I also usually make a massive salad (bulked out with grated carrot) at the beginning of the week and take some to work each day, and eat this if I am hungry at work with my soup.
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  • Popcorn! Get abig bag of popping corn for pennies and it'll last for ages! And you dont need to use toffee to sweeten it, you could have savory or chilli!
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  • freyasmum
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    If you like a sweet snack, I like jumbo caramel snack-a-jacks (1/2 ww point each) - I also re-started ww after having my daughter, lol. Two weeks and lost 7 1/2 lbs, so chuffed!
  • Imelda wrote:
    oooo, what does it do? I am at work and don't want anything embarrassing to happen! .....

    Shall I tell her?

    Ok, nothing embarassing happens. The website closes down...... and then have to get back in to where you were.:D
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  • Cazzdevil
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    What about filling a small tub up with raisins, dried cranberries, mixed nuts and mixed seeds? All can be bought from the homebaking section of supermarkets, weigh-it-up shops or Holland and Barrett for (pardon the pun) peanuts and they're surprisingly tasty to just pick away on when you're sat at work.
  • slinks
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    YES :mad: :D:o :rotfl:

    :rotfl: :T
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