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UPDATED with Link! There's a new Broadband Tool coming to MSE and we need YOUR help!

edited 19 July 2017 at 5:45PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • Hi Neil,
    Thank you for your reply.

    To have additional line it will be additional cost for new bt line.

    I meant my son can be responsible for paying line rental and broadband. So he can use the existing telephone line I used, as I no longer require this as well, as I might as well use the mobile phone, where I have enough minutes and people always contact me on my mobile.

    So this is the reason I told my son there is good offer where you can use it for yourself on money savings expert.
  • dnpark38dnpark38 Forumite
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    Have tried the new tool and it does not give BT Broadband in the comparisons.
    Also does not give the Sky up to 52/55 product.
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    dnpark38 wrote: »
    Have tried the new tool and it does not give BT Broadband in the comparisons.
    Also does not give the Sky up to 52/55 product.

    i can see BT
    BT: Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls
    12 month contract
    New customers only
  • dnpark38dnpark38 Forumite
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    I took my telephone requirement of Anytime phone calls off and indeed it it gave me the offer you quote for BT.
    Strange BT do not offer Anytime or Evenings and Weekend, if they do its a problem with this Broadband Tool.
    Thanks for your reply.
  • "Enter your postcode below - the deals you can get depend on where you live." and "Why we need it. We need your postcode because not all deals are available in every area. Rest assured we won't store it or use it for anything else."

    Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to apply to Sky packages - or Sky is deliberately not offering requested packages in certain areas.

    On Friday 25.Aug I applied for Sky package at equivalent of £11.17pm which had been highlighted by the Tool as being available in my area. Sky said NOT available and suggested another (more expensive) package. That offer finished that day. Contacted MSE by email on site, but no reply to date.

    Just tried again, with Tool suggesting Sky: Broadband Unlimited for my area at £12.50pm equivalent. Again, Sky said not available in my area!! And suggested another (more expensive) package. Again.

    So, VERY DISAPPOINTED in MSE. Always trusted them to give best service before, but now have my doubts.

    Will look elsewhere on internet to make my own searches, to get positive results. MSE needn't have bothered at this rate.
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  • dnpark38dnpark38 Forumite
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    "Also does not give the Sky up to 52/55 product."

    Anyone know anything about this product, please?

    Seems to be no one rivalling BT with up to 52 Mbs product.
  • KerugeKeruge Forumite
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    I have to say I am not impressed.

    I prefer your usual no nonsense Cheapest Broadband page

    I do NOT want to enter my postcode, we all know that this data is collected and used for other purposes, I prefer to be told of a deal and then for the referred site to tell me whether there is a deal in my area. Already so many promised prices by these suppliers and they charge more.

    When sites like yours do this invasion of privacy I enter some random postcode or sw1a 2aa (The Prime Ministers postcode) so that my IP address is not mapped to my postcode.

    Also it is an ABSOLUTE BASIC that you do NOT ask for visitor data until you have delivered value or got them to invest, so ask them the parameters of what they want, give them prices and THEN MAYBE they will be prepared to give you their postcode IF you can offer a benefit to them, e.g. do these prices apply in their area, are they going to get charged more for the line than the deal says). A word of warning, do not give the visitor an expectation and then not deliver, so if you say you are going to find out if they will be charged more because of their exchange, you better damn well deliver!

    Well it did not ask for any parameters and it just quoted me £14.83 which is more than the Cheap Broadband page quoted price for same deal, there does not seem to be an option to to put in line rental prepayment.

    Now compare this to the no nonsense Cheap Broadband page, it leads with the bad price that you can only get if you pre-pay the line rental but at least it tells you why.

    "B'band & line rent equiv £12.33/mth*

    Pay £198 over 12mth contract & get a £50 cashback

    • Available to: 90% of UK
    • Speed: Up to 17Mb
    • Download limit: Unlimited
    • Traffic shaping? No

    • Contract length: 12 months
    • Deal requires line rental? Yes
    • Inclusive calls? No
    • New line installation: £49.99

    Until Tue 24 Oct,new Plusnet customers, or those who've not been with it in the last month, can get an 12-month contract with BT-owned Plusnet*, which includes line rental and unlimited downloads with up-to-17Mb speed broadband.
    It was a strong performer in our latest customer service poll – 54% rated it 'great', only 17% 'poor'. The deal's available to 90% of the UK based on postcode (you're told when applying). Here's how it works...
    1. If you can afford to, choose to pay line rent for 1yr upfront. It works out as £197.88 for a year equiv to £16.49/mth, after this you can renew for another 12 months for the same price. If you can't, or don't want to, it's the standard £18.99/mth.
    2. Broadband 'free' for 12mths. Unless you don't live in a low cost area, but most do. After the 12-month contract, it rises to £9.99/mth.
    3. Pay by direct debit. Or it's a £1.50/mth extra.
    4. Get £50 cashback but you MUST claim it. Annoyingly Plusnet makes you claim your cashback. You'll get an email within 10 days of activation explaining how, and you must do it within two months. It should then arrive within 30 days.
    - Cost analysis: If you pay a year's line rent upfront, over the 12-month contract it's £197.88 before calls, equiv £16.49/mth (pay monthly, and it's £18.99/mth before calls). But claim and use the cashback then it's £147.88, equivalent to £12.33/mth. If you pay line rental monthly, then it's equivalent to £14.83/mth.
    - What about calls? No calls are included – calls to other UK phones are mostly a bit more than BT. See Plusnet charges.
    - No line/switching from cable (or in a few cases, Sky customers)? Installation's £49.99. You'll know before committing.
    - Is the price fixed during the contract? Technically no, but if it rises, you should be able to ditch your contract penalty-free.
    - Don't live in a low cost area? You'll be told if you live in a low cost area while applying, rural areas are sometimes more expensive. If you don't, broadband's £7.50/mth during the contract on top of line rental. Broadband and phone will rise to £36.48/mth after 12 months."

    So sorry I am not impressed with the new tool

    The ONLY benefit I see over the Uswitch page are the following

    1. Uswitch have "featured deal" at the top that is fake, i.e. if you sort by price it is NOT the lowest (how to lose the trust of visitors.

    2. If you sort by contract price Uswitch stupidly quotes you the 1 month contracts as being the cheapest when in fact they are the most expensive.

    I would seriously get rid of that postcode box, have a few boxes that can be unticked for choice of product, not just BB, line rental and TV.
  • nic_cnic_c Forumite
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    surely the postcode box is to see what's available in your area - no point saying Virgin is, if it isn't! Whilst they ask for postcode they do not ask for house number or any details that identify you, so I don't see what your problem is.
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
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    The refinement of what is offered according to postcode is broken. None of the 13 deals offered to me are actually available to me. All 13 say "Up to 17Mb Broadband" whereas in reality the slowest speed availablle to me is 76Mb.
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