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UPDATED with Link! There's a new Broadband Tool coming to MSE and we need YOUR help!

edited 19 July 2017 at 5:45PM in Broadband & Internet Access
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  • gsmlnxgsmlnx Forumite
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    Still no FTTP providers showing so of no use to me.
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
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    All of my results are 100% wrong because I physically can't receive any of them. My village is thankfully on FTTP, not FTTC.
  • The MSE blagged deal from Sky, available to 25.08.17, does not mention that there is also a charge of £20 for the transfer of the existing telephone number from the present provider to Sky.
  • I am joining Bt and buying the Bt infinity and the cost should be monthly £28.50 month and £9.99 monthly set up fee and this is what it showed before i started and now it is showing £59.99 set up fee and £31.00. It should be £9.99 and £28.50 per month. However I opted to pay 12month line rental upfront so the broadband infinity should be £9.00 a month.

    This what I did I clicked the BT link and it took me to the Bt home page and it is showing £27.99 and £9.99 for 12months and £150 Bt reward card
    £27.99 + £9.99 up front fees 12 month contract.

    But when I type in next and next and when it comes to finalised the price it is showing £59.99 connection fee and £31.99 even though I am paying line rental upfront. The price is changing,as my son is trying to get this offer, but the price increased at the end.

    Has anyone had this issue.

    . New (from Wed only). BT fibre b'band & line '£16.33/mth'. New BT broadband customers can apply via this BT link* from today (Wed) till Thu 24 Aug to get up-to-52Mb speed fibre (3x normal) with unlimited downloads on a 1yr contract. Fibre is best for heavy downloading, streaming, gaming or multiple users. Here are the key points:

    - It's available to 83% of the UK. It depends on your postcode - you're told when applying (or use Broadband Unbundled which only shows deals available in your postcode).
    - You pay normal BT line rental, currently £18.99/mth. Weekend calls to UK landlines included - for others, see BT call costs.
    - Discounted fibre, £9/mth for the year. A huge discount on the standard £28.50/mth.
    - £9.99 set-up, usually £59.99. Again, a big discount on standard costs.
    - Get £150 on a prepaid Mastercard that you MUST claim. Annoyingly, as BT won't remind you, diarise to use this Mastercard claim link within 3mths of activation (takes up to 45 days after).
    - Could BT hike prices? Sadly it can, but you may be able to leave penalty-free if that happens.

    Cost analysis: It's cheaper than lots of standard speed deals, even though you get MUCH faster fibre. You pay £345.87 over the year before calls. But claim and use the Mastercard (as good as cash where it's accepted) and it's a net £195.87 cost, equiv to £16.33/mth.
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
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    Use BT livechat and have them walk throught the process with you to find out where it is going wrong.
  • Thank you your reply.
    I did and they kept saying it is to do with the external website and he did not know much I think , as I he was Bt advisor and not interested on the money saving expert offer.

    I did copy and paste the moneysaving expert offer and I don't he understood.

    The below information when you clicked the Bt link from moneysaving expert. This is the first page.

    Unlimited Infinity
    Up to
    usage every month
    BT Smart Hub
    UK's most powerful wi-fi signal*

    + £9.99 up front fees
    12 month contract
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
    363 posts
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    Try again. Hopefully you will get a different livechat person who is actually helpful. If you are not running out of time, email MSE to tell them that the offer process is not working.
  • I spoke to Bt customer service on phone, as I am already a existing customer and my contract runs out on 19th September 2017 and my Son want to buy his own broadband on his name and using the existing telephone number , as I do not want to be responsible anymore for the broadband, so I told him you are now working, I want you to take responsibly in your name.

    But due to the telephone number when I type it ,it detects there is line active on Bt. So this is why at the package it is not showing the moneysaving expert discounts,it shows at the beginning,but half way down the process the price goes up due to the number is active and live with Bt.

    I do not how to go about it,as I told my son this what they said,as it could of helped with the low cost and £150 bt reward.

    I do not know if there is way around it or not.
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
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    Well, you can't have two account names on the same BT landline account.

    How about your son ordering an additional landline at your address in his name? Probably a non-starter because of the cost of an additional line rental.

    Why don't you want to be responsible for the broadband? If the package has unlimited usage that would not be an issue. Your son should be paying you for his use of your broadband - how about £10-15/month?
  • neilsedakaneilsedaka Forumite
    363 posts
    Part of the Furniture 100 Posts
    You may decide to wait until your contract runs out on 19th September, then see what is available. You could transfer the account in to his name, then you pay him for your broadband and phone usage.
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