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Green Network Energy Reviews: Add your feedback on the energy supplier

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    Hi StarvingArtist,

    We are very sorry to hear about the delay you have experienced in receiving your Final Bill.

    If you could please kindly send an email to [email protected], confirming your name and account number, I will be happy to have a look into this for you. If you could please also include your case number of 01145848 in the subject field of your email, I will then be able to locate this.

    Kind regards,

    Jon - GNE Customer Care
    Verified Company
    I am a verified representative of Green Network Energy. MSE has given permission for me to post in response to queries about the company so that I can help solve issues. You can see my name on the Verified Companies list. I am not allowed to tout for business at all. If you believe I am please report it to [email protected] This does NOT imply any form of approval of my company or its products by MSE.
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    CulzeanCulzean Forumite
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    I recently changed, big mistake judging by my early experiences.

    I have been trying to make contact as I wanted my Direct Debit changed to a more convenient date and also I made an error when I set up giving the wrong bank account (not the one I use for bills). I tried calling a couple of times but never managed to get through to anyone and so ended up emailing them. After 10 days I get a reply saying I have to call them, they won't accept emailed instructions.

    Over the next 6 days I try calling them and estimate I spent a minimum 4 hours on hold without actually talking to anyone

    So then I send a complaint, to which I get an automated reply saying very sorry, will hear from them in 5 days. After another 10 days I get response saying they will call me in an hour (and to keep my ringtone on loud as can't guarantee another call!!!!). Suffice to stay no call has come and I wonder if they will claim they have tried to call?

    I've also discovered (from my previous supplier) that for some unknown reason they chose to ignore the gas meter reading I gave on the day of switchover resulting in a higher bill from my previous supplier

    I'm now taking steps to switch even though I only just joined
  • Thanks for getting back to me Jon. I will do as you advise.
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    StarvingArtistStarvingArtist Forumite
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    Jon, it was good of you to obtain a final bill so quickly. Unfortunately, it seems the early cancellation fees have been charged twice. I would be grateful if you could take a look.

    An update:
    In case anyone is following the thread I just wanted to add that this has all been sorted out now. We obtained a corrected final bill and we have been refunded the money owed. Many thanks to Jon.
  • hi.
    being a seasoned veteren of switching, im familiar with the process, and happy with the improvements across all providers.. untill now
    GNE have proved useless - in following their own deadlines ,and aknowledging their requests for more info.
    Since moving from OVO, and GNE taking on supply on Oct16; just 29 days ago, they have failed their own standards ,and never brought help or solution to problems i feel they created.
    issues 1/ they wrongly downloaded the tariff details to my smart meter. OVO account was Econ 7 dual tariff. GNE contract says same,but meter does not. i phoned them. somehow thats my problem ,and GNE wanted me to pay for a call out to fix their doing.
    Also the call handler said that the MSE energy site says GNE supply does not work with smart meters. i can find no mention of that anyway.
    2/ GNE have asked for meter readings ,that a cannot give them ,as they have messed up my meter.
    3/ive provided pictures,at their request, and heard nothing back.
    4/ive made 1 complaint online. their boundary for reply is 5 working days , and on the 6th day ,heard
    5/i made another complaint , and the same happedned .no reply.
    Today ive taken more time out to phone again, and yet again GNE provide no solution, no recognition of pictures received , so it gets written up by them and sent to complaints.
    I will report back if they acheive their own goal of a response and even a solution within 5 working days.

    A fine example of turning off a positive and engaged customer.
    GNE is rubbish. i want to leave ,and go back to OVO.
  • My experience hasn’t been great with them. A couple of months into my contract my IHD and smart meters have stopped working when up until now they have been fine. It’s a SMETS2 meter installed by E.ON so in theory there shouldn’t be a problem. However GNE are claiming they need to do some updates to their systems and that they don’t have a timetable for this so I need to submit manual readings for the foreseeable future. They aren’t interested in my IHD not working. Also not interested in the app not working at all on my iPhone XR. Pretty disappointed so I’m now looking to move back to one of the big firms. I’ve dabbled with the minnows and am not satisfied!
  • Had my first statement, which included a bill in PDF.

    But it does not open at all and sending a message to them tells me they have been inundated with messages and there will be delays in response times.

    Sounds like they have some real problems.
  • I have just switched away from Green Network Energy to Green Energy. I gave Green Energy my opening readings and these were sent to GNE who promptly used totally different readings for my final bill doing me out of money they owed me. I contacted GNE and they stated they were the readings given to them by my new company so i rang the new company who told me they were sent the correct readings and would send them again.

    I have opened a complaint with GNE and got an e-mail from them today asking for my closing readings from my previous supplier. I left my previous supplier over a year ago and don't have access to readings and why would they want readings that have no relevance to my complaint. My complaint is they are using the wrong closing readings and withholding my money. I have now told them unless they sort this out within 7 days i will escalate this even further. Be very careful with this company as currently they have around £150 of my money and no sign of it coming back to me.
  • tiya1990tiya1990 Forumite
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    I have been with GNE from Oct 18 with the MSE CEC 18 month switch.

    I was getting lots of emails from CEC recently that I am paying too much so decided to do a search and switch.

    A week after I did it online , I get a message from CEC to say that they cannot do the switch as GNE have entered my supply address incorrectly - my house number was missing ( Though billing address was correct , unsurprisingly ).

    Emailed them on 10/12 to request them to correct it . A month later , it has still not been done. ( they say their response time is 5 business days !! )

    Phoned today - recorded call ofcourse - was on hold initially for 25 min , then got through to a customer service representative who said ' I'll look into it 11 times' , went to 'Resolution Centre' and got back to me after 45 min to say that they can't do it yet , then got cut off - no one rang me back .

    Also , where my monthly bill is £216 , I am > £650 in credit with them - are they allowed to keep such a proportionately large amount in credit ??

    Have sent off another email , and will escalate if I don't have a response within their stated time frames .

    Thought I would jot down how woeful customer services has been ...
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    JPearsJPears Forumite
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    Utterly abysmal company.
    Accounting/billing system farsical.

    Customer service non existant - emails go unanswered despite several prompts/reminders.
    Final Bill 11/11/19 was hopelessly wrong. No apology when evetually corrected from £25 in credit to £130 in credit.
    And 2 months, on still awaiting payment. Reminder emails apear to be ignored.

    Clearly GNE haven't heard of the new regulations that came into effect in May 2019 regarding repayment of credit within 10 working days from the final bill.

    They now owe me an aditional £120 due to the delay. Had enough and they have until 14th Jan to pay, otherwise its small claims court/MCOL.
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