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People thinking that you think that you are better than them



  • Pollycat
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    svain wrote: »
    As for splitting meal costs. If you agree to eat out as a group then be prepared to split the bill. Nothing more embarrassing than watching a bill being itemised whilst sitting at the table. If it irks you to do this then request a separate bill at the start and be prepared not be asked out again. If you can't afford it, then stay at home. If someone offers to pay the bill (this is different to feeling obligated to) then be gracious, accept the offer and make sure you pay the full bill next time.
    There's a lot of posters who disagree with you (and a lot who agree) on this thread:
    Person_one wrote: »
    I suspect this thread could end up being a repeat of this 105 page one if we're not careful! :rotfl:

    Personally, I don't see why someone should stay at home because they may want to order just a main course and drink soda & lime and other people want to eat 3 courses, have a whole bottle of wine to themselves and finish with a liqueur coffee - and expect the first person pay an equal share of the bill.

    Why should the first person be the one to request a separate bill and be prepared not to be asked out again rather than the 2nd person?
  • annandale
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    Friends I go out with are quite happy not to split the bill. Nothing embarrassing about it at all.
  • svain
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    Just not my thing at all .... If you go out then just seems polite and sensible to split the bill evenly ... unless a mix of singles and couples.

    Mind you ... ive seen couples divide their own bill between themselves whilst out in a group .... whats that all about?? :rotfl:
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