“Just Say NOvember; Batten Down the Hatches 2016”.

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    Hope you aren't too bruised tomorrow mothernerd

    SFD again today so think I've managed military in every week except one but haven't done a total.

    I've spent lots from the renovations budget and too much on personal spends but food was under. Just two more Christmas presents to buy and I'm done :)
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    Mothernerd so sorry! You poor thing.

    I managed 16 NSDs which is great. This challenge definitely helped.

    Thank you Thrifty
    " Your vibe attracts your tribe":D

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    Thanks Thrifty for doing this thread, although i didnt do as well as i would have liked, it really helped reign things in!
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    Managed 2 out of 3 NSD so didn't quite manage target.
    Never mind December,here I come:rotfl:
    ilovetea xx
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