IMPORTANT REMINDER: Please make sure your posts do not contain any personally identifiable information. If you are uploading images, please take extra care that you have redacted all personal information.

**** IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU POST - Personal info in posts.

It continues to amaze and worry me how much possibly identifying information posters asking for help re: private parking tickets put in their posts.

The private parking companies do read these forums, and some posters are leaving information in their posts which could identify their case, and this could lead to problems particularly if a case went to small claims.

For example:

Posters using their real name in their username or as part of it, e.g. if your name is Roger Mellie, having the username "rogermellie123". Use something that couldn't possibly identify you by your real name. for example "PPC Slayer" or something!

The exact date and time of the parking event. Date is fine, but is it a good idea to state you entered the car park at 10:13am and left at 11:16? Better to state that you entered the car park and left an hour and 3 minutes later. Alternatively, make up the times, but keep the intervals between them the same.

Any reference numbers (POPLA, Vehicle Reg No, PPC case numbers etc etc)

In the event of a court claim or a LBA - stating the exact amount being claimed. I remember earlier this year (I think) someone posting that they received a court claim and put the exact amount of something like £352.17 in the thread.
Next thing we know is that the PPC has PMed the OP saying words to the effect of "we have identified your case, we only have one case with this exact claim amount and this thread will be produced in court as evidence against you".
Be more vague about the amount, e.g. "Several hundred pounds" etc.

If posting scans of letters, be sure to redact any info as above - in addition, blank out any barcodes or QR codes (the square-shaped pattern codes) which could be sneakily used to ID cases. I've seen a lot of these left on scans and always wondered if it is wise to leave them there.

In summary:
Don't post your real name, including as your username. Avoid posting exact times of posting events, or exact amounts on invoices.

We don't need to know these in order to offer advice.


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