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    Hate to ruin your Autumn plans f0xh0les, but the equinox isn't until about the 22nd September. Not too far away but still a little more daylight than night time at the moment. :smile:
    Good luck with getting back on the good food wagon. I could use some of your inspiration please.
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    I think I am part goat, I tend to graze...constantly. the only positive is that the home office is upstairs so at least i get my steps in walking to and from the kitchen. 

    I restocked our tea bags the other week (find Lidl ones fine, not the One Cup ones but the ones that look almost exactly the same in a red box) 6 boxes bought,  think they have 180 per box...i will be buying more before xmas. 
    Used to like ones called 'The London Cuppa' but they don't seem to exist anymore.

    @f0xh0les do the walls even scupper a wireless booster / extender? I got one for the back of the house as the signal was often poor upstairs and outside and it's worked a treat. That said, it only needs to boost through one thick outside wall. 
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    Oh f0xh0les that sounds depressing - no more bank hols till the end of the year, boohoo :(
    Whenever i used to visit DD2 at uni (usually one or two times a month) i took some of my HM goodies with me and did a SM shop for her!  She does cook though and uses the budget SMs. 
    Deni x
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