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    Our solar panels only cost £4k last year so worth shopping around (we went with E.  on.  Had them at our previous house and they were the cheapest here).  Worth getting someone in to do the roof survey before you hold up waiting to get the roof done as sometimes getting all the electrical gubbins in the right place is more hassle than it's worth with lots of floors needing to come up.  Luckily we're in a bungalow this time so far easier, all the big electrical box things and control panels are hidden in the loft and just one smaller box next to the meter.
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    I also love Twinings Earl Grey but I cant go cheap o the coffee, the Lidl/aldi stuff just gets thrown away - I drink it black and its too bitter,

    Does DS1 also want a Kitchenaid mixer and a Smeg kettle?  It will be great for him to go charity shop or otherwise Dunelm has some great cheap bedroom and kitchen basics.. If he sharing kitchen then some stuff will go missing.  It sounds like you doing a great balance of support and also pushing out the nest. 

    I still get sent home with home made food and home grown goodies but thats cos they love to cook and for my dad it is how he shows his love.  I am not complaining ;) I am planning a visit next week for harvest time as they have more apples than they know what to do with so I deliberately did not buy any today,
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    I discovered the joys of earl grey without milk whilst dieting (still Twinings obvs).  Just a little weaker than with milk, very refreshing.  Kind of like a fruit tea, but without the chemical taste
    I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour/Drinking milk shakes cold & long/Smiling & waving & looking so fine
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    Ahhh, tis the season of coughs, colds and sniffles. The joys.

    I have been decopaging some drawers today, I have found out this weeks it is a lot harder than they make it look on YouTube (i now know why they never show the cutting to a certain shape they plan to stick the paper to, doesn't help I'm very much a perfectionist for such things so bad cutting is a no no). Have just put a top coat sealer on...it seems to be wrinkly, I'm hoping it will unwrinkle as it dries.....
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