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    We are another who lives in a house made of external walls, ours are made of stone, the narrowest is at least 2 feet and the deepest is at least double that.

    We have a tp-link mesh network that works well, in the past we tried a set of powerline adapters which did not work for us.
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    @f0xh0les i still remember my mum telling me one of her friends sons used to bring his washing home from uni for his mum to do...not just clothes but his washing up too!!
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    We have G00gle next mesh network, a set of 3 to help our WiFi. Not the best but better than it was now we've moved them around a bit. Interested in the wired sockets @greenbee - would like to know more, as we are having some floors up - when we find a tradesperson who can and is willing to do the job..... 🙄
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    I struggled with the uni washing machines because I'd only ever used a twin tub!
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