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    Oh dear to the strike action  :(

    I agree, both options across the sea sound frankly horrific, at least you can deal with the guilt trip from a distance at home.

    Must be something in the air, I've just tidied the kitchen this evening. Toasted sandwich maker that's been lingering for months cleaned and away (the cleaning reminded me why i don't have it out often, but it's got sentimental value so i don't want a different one...yes silly an appliance can have sentimental value. My DA bought it for us years ago for xmas, she used to make me and my cousin toasted sandwiches when i stayed with them during a particularly tough time as a kid. The fact she remembers doing that and then thought to buy me one means a lot).
    Also I'm seeing if the birds have any inclination towards inactive yeast. I bought some when OH briefly went vegan...it's ok but imo the one thing it's missing is...cheese. I can't bring myself to throw it away, but nor do i use it so finger crossed our feathered friends might appreciate it and i can put the rest out.

    Right....more football time.
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    Not sure of routes etc but travel to ni from within the cta no longer requires isolation.  Not sure if that helps
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