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Official Vodafone Complaints/Query Thread

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  • nomywellnomywell Forumite
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    YaoSong wrote: »
    This is good to hear. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Some of the staff I've dealt with at Vodafone are very good and some not at all, but it's the seniors in Vodafone that need to make the changes. It's always good to see when people post their bad experiences followed by the desired result.

    Thanks, and no problem. I'm still on my way away from Vodafone so hopefully things go smoothly. I will be on here like a shot if they don't!

    Bad news travels fast on the interweb, so I agree that it's important to keep people posted when making a complaint on forums.
  • £355 taken last friday, numerous phone calls and online chats, was told I would get a refund today at the latest. 3 phonecalls and 3 online chats later and i'm told theres been a mistake and it was never processed??? Now told next friday! 14 days without my own money and I'm told I'm not even entitled to any compensation!?:mad::mad::mad:
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    lee.joneslee.jones Forumite
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    I have never dealt with such an incompetent corporate entity before. My list of complaints is huge, and growing, and includes dishonesty, misselling, overcharging, charges for services not rendered, inability to comprehend the simplest request and so much more.

    In addition to the 5 hours or so wasted dealing with them this week I now have to spend more of my time doing the OFCOM and Ombudsman thing plus I'm requesting everything possible under the Data Protection Act of 1998.

    I am customer of over 8 years with three numbers under the one account who can highlight some of their errors through full transcripts and provide transcripts leading up to calls from them in which the final details were agreed for the others. If it were me this would warrant further investigation, removal of the stone walling I'm experiencing and put an end to the nauseating regurgitation. Instead they choose to imply I am either a liar or live in a fantasy world in which I've made all the issues up, ignore questions/ requests and opt-out of reading more than a paragraph or two into my complaint.

    To make matters worse I'm furious with myself for putting this off for so long. A decision which has caused me stress for sometime yet understandable knowing all too well that anything to do with Vodafone customer service representatives will consume at least an hour if not more. Also numerous calls as despite them being a global communication supplier their call centres are unable to sustain inbound calls from someone on their own network.

    It took nearly two hours and a headache yesterday to get my PAC codes consisting of two attempts. I am hesitant to close the account as from what I've seen of late they will quite happily delete all relevant data and then proclaim I was a never a customer. I do honestly believe that are that dishonest and out of control.

    One positive is they have not supplied any on the iPhones on the account. They are always purchased on a biennial basis outright from Apple. I guess, although learned the hard way, another is an even more concrete understanding that any communications with a supplier where the contract between us may change either needs to be recorded or in written form.

    They are an utter disgrace. And all too representative of how large corporates are totally out of control.
  • If I were remotely dishonest I would look into taking advantage of the fact they do not have the correct address against the account. Something which has been brought to their attention more than once but remains an issue.
  • Another disgruntled former vodafone customer here! I say I'm a former vodafone customer - i was a customer for less than 10 days but I haven't come across a more incompetent company before. I have completed the complaints form in the link given above but I will soon be escalating to the ombudsmen if this doesn't get resolved.
    In brief, I took out a new contact with Vodafone through the carphone warehouse in June 2015. I received the phone, inserted the sim card and there were already messages on the phone and the number shown on the phone was different to that shown on the contract. Numerous phone calls to Vodafone ensued and they couldn'd decide if that was my telephone number or not!! They said they would change it within 24 hours and gave me a different number, this change never happened. I returned the phone to carphone warehouse 9 days later within the 14 days cooling off period and this is where my problems have really started. As i know understand, vodafone refused the disconnection request (probably as the telephone number and IMEI number didn't tally). In short. I am now being chased by some collection agency for money that i do not owe. I am owed money by vodafone! I have logged this with the vodafone web forum team in the hope that this is finally resolved.
  • mobilejunkiemobilejunkie Forumite
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    Watch your external credit files; they are now likely trashed for the next 6 years too. Add that to your list.
  • 20aday20aday Forumite
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    And Vodafone are that wonderful when you receive an email to give feedback about your recent customer service call the website lets you enter the information and then fails.

    Convenient that!
    It's not your credit score that counts, it's your credit history. Any replies are my own personal opinion and not a representation of my employer.
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    A_Flock_Of_SheepA_Flock_Of_Sheep Forumite
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    Just let them take you to court and tick the box on the N1 form that says "I intend to defend all of the claim". Then you can put your case across to the judge.

    These "collection" agencies ar just toothless tigers. Many of them seem to pose as solicitors. I bet if you turned up at the address they give you wouldn't be able to sit down and discuss the matter with a solicitor.

    Those debt collection agency letters are just printed by some giant printer and stuffed in an envelope in the hope you will pay. More fool them for taking on the toxic debts that Vodafone cause through their incompetence.

    They have no powers to collect any money - only the courts can enforce that. The letters say "We may take you to court". The word MAY being inportant - meaning we will not necessarily do so. I owe Vodafone £280 in a cancellation fee when I turned off payment due to their incompetence. I am getting these letters too. But my credit record is OK as the account is in the name of my late husband so his credit record muct be hammered because mine is still pristine.
  • A_Flock_Of_SheepA_Flock_Of_Sheep Forumite
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    Maybe people who are experiencing dis-service should take their issues to their UK Corporate offices in Newbury in person and refuse to leave until the matter is sorted.

    I sent serval letters to that address by signed for. All were signed for and all were neither acknowledged or replied to.
  • I am at the end of my tether with Vodafone.

    I had 2 lines and I upgraded 1 and cancelled 1 in August 2015. I have been billed each month for the cancelled line and each month I have requested a refund. I am still waiting for January's refund which I have chased 3 times now.

    My phone was disconnected Friday night (not at my request or due to non payment I hasten to add).

    I've called them and there is nobody in the business who can reconnect it!!! They even want to charge me £400 for cancelling an account that I didn't cancel!!

    Have they breached the contract?
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