Energy Price Cap announcement: Watch Martin Lewis explain what it means for your electricity and gas bills this winter

Winter Fuel Payment



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    Its the first time my husband has had the WFP, letter came the same day as it was paid into our Bank account, yesterday.
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    We also got ours today - many thanks to all who replied :)
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    No letter yet but paid into bank on the 25th!
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    Before the next multi million reprint 2016, maybe the management need to check out their Phone Number Formatting too! Writing phone numbers correctly makes them easier to read and remember, as well as reducing the risk of numbers being misdialled

    website indicates : 03459 15 15 15

    How to write UK telephone numbers 03 = 0345 915 1515

    Any Civil Servants at WFP read this forum - maybe get a ''feather in their cap'' for suggesting this to the hierarchy!
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    His letter says he only gets £100 because"somebody else in your household" is also entitled.

    That's what my letter says. Only thing is, there isn't anyone else in the household.

    Of course I didn't open it till late this afternoon so now I have to wait till next week to phone them.

    (The phone number on my letter is 0345 6060265)
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    My letter came today. No money yet though.
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    Telephone: 0345 606 0265 - Bereavement Service helpline

    Unless, the WFP are snowed under with work and are passing some clients to The Bereavement Service, and they only have half the picture :eek:

    ''Great minds think alike'' - I wonder if the hierarchy has given the order to bin/recycle the old 0845 headed paper and use the 0345 Bereavement Service headed paper and pass them the queries too. Some chief, with a headdress full of feathers no doubt - hope their not on the warpath, looking for scalps :(

    ''keep your heads down guys & girls'' (women) & be civil!

    Hope no one else has had a letter from The Bereavement Team & get's short changed? GaleFS63 - Please report back your findings Monday AM - What's the Avator signify - traffic cone on your head + horse? :naughty:
    The over 50s Money Saving forum has 2 winter fuel payments on the go - CAPITAL! Do you think GCHQ will headhunt me - for my power of deduction - or will some chief be after my scalp?

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    What happens if you push this button? :think:
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    Ken68 wrote: »
    Am all for it, Farway, but cold is only one killer of OAP's. How do they work it out ? What about those dying from the heat, like those poor souls in Spain, wherever.

    Apart from the Canaries, Spain is cold in the winter :)

    My husband's has arrived, mine not yet, I haven't even had a letter. We will spend it on a large pile of logs for our logburners.
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    Apart from the Canaries, Spain is cold in the winter :)

    Not as cold as the warmest part of the UK (at least according to the government), which is why pensioner ex-pats in Spain and elsewhere no longer get the Winter fuel Allowance


    You can’t get the payment if you live in Cyprus, France, Gibraltar, Greece, Malta, Portugal or Spain because the average winter temperature is higher than the warmest region of the UK.
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    last year it was 25th november but nothing yet, no payment and no letter
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