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Winter Fuel Payment



  • seven-day-weekend
    seven-day-weekend Forumite Posts: 36,755
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    My husband received his last week, a few days after his letter, I have received both letter and payment today :)
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  • Ilona
    Ilona Forumite Posts: 2,449 Forumite
    My letter has arrived today. :D
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  • downshifter
    downshifter Forumite Posts: 1,122
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    No letter, but payment arrived sometime between 3.30am and 6.30 am today!! Couldn't sleep, nothing else to do but check bank statement!!! Looks like they're rushing the payments through now, my mother has also had hers - but no letter.

    Don't know why they bother with the letter each time, unless perhaps it's your first time. It's the payment that counts, not the letter. They should save our money and not write especially as so many people get the payment before the letter anyway.

    Order for oil has gone in. Yippee.
  • Goldiegirl
    Goldiegirl Forumite Posts: 8,805
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    kittie wrote: »
    not today again. It is very late this year. Lots of people want to get their fuel in or know that they can pay for putting an electric fire on

    I think it is a bit later this year. Last year my husband got his on the 19th November, this year it was 25th
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  • retiredandskint
    retiredandskint Forumite Posts: 843
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    We've both had payment today but no letters.
  • Newly_retired
    Newly_retired Forumite Posts: 2,876
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    We have both received our £100
  • jennifernil
    jennifernil Forumite Posts: 5,481
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    Both our letters came on Thursday 3rd.

    All I need now is my tax refund, it is taking an unusually long time to arrive.
  • 33Lurcher
    33Lurcher Forumite Posts: 75 Forumite
    Not got ours yet , wrote to them (after phoning) 22/11 regarding new bank details and had no response , phoned after 2 weeks and they said I will not get a written response and to wait another week afore ringing again .
    Going to bell them on Monday to see if they have actioned it .
  • Scottish_Saver
    Scottish_Saver Forumite Posts: 23 Forumite
    I deferred my State Pension earlier this year and wondered if I am still eligible for the Winter Fuel Payment?
    Can anyone advise please?
  • luvchocolate
    luvchocolate Forumite Posts: 3,182
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    Yes you are but you actually have to apply/request it, for the first time after that you will receive it automatically.
    Anyone receiving S.P will receive it automatically,

    I rang them and it was sorted
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