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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

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  • CaterinaCaterina Forumite
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    I've been Money Tipped!
    Hi all

    Great to be back on the forum!

    Re. Greenwich: The indoor market is, alas, no more, how awful is that, it was great and it had some amazing bargains!

    Also: Greenwich Council are going to start collecting all the rubbish and recycling on a weekly basis, at long last!

    Pleasures in no particular order for the last couple of days:

    1 - Weather, weather and more weather!

    2 - Out and about walking in the park with DH

    3 - Started a jogging programme (1 min. jog 3 mins walk x4 for 1st week) hope to continue it on alternate days!

    4 - Some seeds are coming up already (turnip tops) - for the Italians among you: cime di rapa (from Seeds Of Italy).

    5 - Separated the beet leaf plants and now the back garden looks like we are properly growing something!

    6 - Wearing sandals all day, great feeling of free feet!

    7 - Wearing the Hobbs (sale) polka dot green cardi, lots of compliments about it - well worth it, I love it!

    8 - Friend's 40th wedding anniversary celebration.

    9 - DH found and bought a very nice suit in M&S using the vouchers from the Independent offer.

    For today:

    1 - Gave an Italian lesson and made myself a little money.

    2 - The wholefood bulk order arrived nice and early so I was not stuck all day waiting for it.

    3 - When I worked the spreadsheet for charging the other buyers the result was right the first time around YIPPEE!!!

    4 - My friend made me a cushion with the fabric from a lovely linen skirt I had bought at a jumble sale and given to her.

    5 - Long walk in the park with my friend in the sunshine.

    6 - Cup of tea in the park with my friend, and also shared a humongous rock cake.

    7 - Lunch with DS, DD and her BF.

    8 - Yesterday washing dried on the line and put away, today's washing on the line now.

    Ok now I got to do some work, bye all! xxx
    Finally I'm an OAP and can travel free (in London at least!).
  • Scared1980Scared1980 Forumite
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    Just popped on quickly to write my list

    1) Getting 3 loads of washing dried on the line
    2) Going to the park with my DDs and watching the eldest one help the younger one get up the steps to the slide
    3) Helping a friend sort out her PC, it was riddled with spyware
    4) Making a Lemon Drizzle cake for my friend whos coming over tonight
    5) My 2 DDs currently playing nicely while mummy taps away on the computer (they can be nice to each other after all lol).

    I am a daughter, a sister and a friend.. but the role that fits me most is "mum"
  • KarrieBeeKarrieBee Forumite
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    Hi everyone! I'm a whole bundle of hopeless on the posting front since i started this new job but i am counting my blessings if only to myself at the end of every day!!

    A random selection from the weekend and today:
    1. free meal out on friday for work
    2. seeing the blog our local organic lady set up
    3. getting home late on saturday night to a lovely husband who had cooked me lovely dinner!
    4. being able to have a bath at the hotel i stayed at on friday complete with freebie bath foam and fluffy white towels. such a treat as we only have a shower at home!
    5. going for a walk on sunday and enjoying the sunshine and wildlife - it properly feels like spring here now!

    hugs to all, especially Kiwiblue, i'm so glad to hear that your OH is doing well.
    blessings be
    Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!'
  • kim85kim85 Forumite
    113 posts
    Hi hope all had a lovely weekend heres mine for the weekend and today:
    1. only spendin £1.30 all weekend on some chocolate treats from shop, apart from main food shop.
    2. cathcin up with family, my mum and BIL plus kids all round savin me havin to go out.
    3. handin out alternative easter gifts to good response (made gift bags out of old envelopes and filled them with old fashion sweets) actually worked out cheaper than an egg.
    4. good cheapie shop sunday worked i got bout £90 worth of stuff in total after reducations to 37.50 will last us two weeks easily - find this very satisfying.
    5. gettin some good lie-ins!

    1. on ealry shift so got afternoon of work done.
    2. my first successful casserole (normally ends up to watery) also it met apporval of OH
    3. extra portions of casserole to freeze
    4. realised its been nearly a year of me cyclin to work now- very satisyin
    5. catchin up with an old work friend doin supply for us was a refreshin change to work with someone different
  • mineallminemineallmine Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture Combo Breaker
    Evening all,

    Missed the forums over the weekend, so good to be back. I feel very tired and headachey this evening (maybe a bit too much out in the sun over the last few days) - but there must be some OS pleasures, so here goes:-

    1. Doing a turkey and leek pie - loved it, just need to buy some 'proper' pie dishes, some small ones to make it easier

    2. Choosing not to do much shopping over the weekend but enjoy the weather instead

    3. Enjoying my library books (including one of Martin's)

    4. Talking to the cats :o

    5. Talking to my neighbour

    Off to have a quick look around the site and then an early night. Hugs all.:A

    PS: good to hear progress of SG's dad and KB's OH
    :) Declutter 300 things in December challenge, 9/300. Clear the living room. Re-organize storage
    :cool2: Cherryprint: "More stuff = more stuff to tidy up!" Less things. Less stuff. More life.
    :heart: Fab thread: Long daily walks
  • SunnyGirlSunnyGirl Forumite
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    Good evening everyone thought I'd post my blessings before I have an early bath & settle down for the night. My five for today are:

    1. Getting all my list of jobs completed this morning.
    2. The smell of line dried bedding as I put it on the bed.
    3. Chatting with DS3 while he did his homework.
    4. Chatting to my next door neighbour this morning.
    5. Getting two loads of washing dry before the rain started at 3pm.
    A G&T a day keeps the doctor away :p
  • wmfwmf Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture 1,000 Posts Name Dropper
    Hello folks
    Lovely to read the pleasures you have all been having.
    Mine for today:
    1. Lovely sunny day and enjoyed seeing the washing on the line.
    2. A slow amble with dogs down a country path. Both were on lead, oldest because I'm taking time letting her off the lead after her hip was bad last week and youngest on lead because of cows - I just didn't trust her not to jump the ditch and find a way in :rolleyes:. It was peaceful and I enjoyed hearing the birdsong
    3. A delicious stirfry for tea with some of last week's veg box
    4. A great chat with a very dear and wise friend
    5. Admiring the deep pink primroses in a tub in my friend's garden.

    Hoping you have all had a peaceful evening and sweet dreams everyone
  • scrummy-mummyscrummy-mummy Forumite
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    Part of the Furniture
    Evening all,

    Hope you all had a lovely day, it was sunny and warm here and we tried to make the most of it as i have been warned that rain is on it's way!!

    My pleasures today were:
    1. Made stock with my chicken carcass from yesterday in my SC
    2. Did washing and hung it out on the line to dry
    3. Free workout - did my housework ;)
    4. Took DD & DS to the park and for a walk round the lake
    5. Cuddles with DD & DS
    6. Cup of tea that DH just made me and am about to enjoy before ambling off to bed :)
    Night night everyone :)
    :heart2:Proud Mum to Scarlet born Feb 07 and James born Jan 09:heart2:

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    OlliebeakOlliebeak Forumite
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    edited 7 April 2009 at 8:10AM
    :hello: Good evening everybody - looks like we've all had good days with lots of pleasures to share.

    1. My dreaded Annual Appraisal has been postponed until Thursday. Don't know why I'm nervous about it, just me being paranoid as usual :o.

    2. The bungalow viewing was successful and I will be getting a lovely new couple moving in in 2 weeks time :D. They love the bungalow and know the area very well so not put off by any nasty stories they've heard :).

    3. Finally completed my assignment - it didn't take as long as I thought it would. Have a one-to-one tutorial scheduled for tomorrow afternoon so will get feed-back on it then.

    4. 'No Spend Day' today :D. Was very cold today - but that heating is definitely NOT going back on again. Found some 'Shank Stew' in the freezer so we had that for evening meal with crusty bread :drool:.

    5. Planning on having some home-made soup (from freezer stockpile!) for lunch tomorrow and using up some minced beef for chilli in the evening.

    Hope everybody has a good night's sleep :wave: nitey nite all - love Ollie xxx
  • kaz665kaz665 Forumite
    121 posts
    Hi All

    It's late and I desperately need to start getting to bed a bit earlier (and getting up in the morning) so I'll make this quick.

    Mine are:

    - Ringing up to cancel my mobile contract and being offered a deal at less than half the price (less than £10) per month. My snazzy new pink LG cookie arrives tomorrow! :j:j:j

    - Walk with the dogs and watching them splashing around in the pond.

    - Family movie night watching the most recent Mummy film. OH went to the supermarket on the way back from work and bought some popcorn and choccies - mmmm.:T

    - Managed to tackle a bit more of demolishing the concrete path in our back garden. I'm determined to do it myself instead of forking out for drills etc.

    - Off to bed to read more of the Twilight series.

    See you in the morning. x
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