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Five OS Pleasures in your day today

edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • BroomstickBroomstick Forumite
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    Zarazara, thanks for the reminder about the decluttering thread - made me smile too. I've decided to start posting there since I need to get back on the decluttering bandwagon again.

    Anyway, my five pleasures for today:

    1. On his request, proofreading some work DS1 had to send off to be marked and realising that there was very little that needed to be tweaked. He's writing really well.

    2. Secretly getting a few more little stocking-type Christmas prezzies when I was in town.

    3. Getting the picture frame full of photos finished. It looks fabulous.

    4. Tearing up big cardboard boxes to fit in the recycling box for collection - very therapeutic! :rolleyes: Recycling huge boxes wasn't a problem at our old house, but the new council will only take things which actually fit into a recycling box with its lid on.

    5. Bit more washing done and partly dried. Met Office forecast looks as if we should get it dry tomorrow.

    Off to make my hottie. Sweet dreams xxx
  • Morning to everyone, my 5 today are

    1. Made fab lentil pate from 50p a day forum, having it for lunch. Going to try to have 2 veggie days a week in my meal plan.:money:

    2. Wash car.

    3. Go to mr t's shopping with my list, and stick to it.

    4. Shop around for cheapest flights to London, trip with son next month.

    5. Make some hm biscuits, have some new recipes to try.

    Have a great os day everyone:j
  • thriftlady_2thriftlady_2 Forumite
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    I've been asked to start a new thread as this one has reached 4500 posts.

    Yes, I realise now that it hasn't quite got there yet :doh::doh: Counting was never my strong point:o

    But hey ho, it's a pretty long thread and the new one is up and running, so if you could stop posting on this one and post on the

    New Thread Here

    That'd be great :D
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