DBS Single Offence Check



  • For what its worth, details of different checks are given here.

    Note that most employers are not eligible to have details of spent convictions.

    If that is the case, they can only ask for a Basic Check (aka Criminal Conviction Certificate). This costs £25 from Disclosure Scotland (who apparently do a version tailored to the requirements in England and Wales if that is where you live.

    I get an enhanced check (including barring) free as a Scout Leader but I agree that an employer should be meeting the cost.
  • Basically been conned out of £100 :(
  • This exact thing has happened to me and I stupidly paid the £99.99 only to realise after I wasn't getting the money reimbursed in my "salary". Been to action fraud with all the evidence they will be found sooner or later fingers crossed.
  • One person from the Madeem Recruitment scam managed to get their money back as they banked with Santander and the online disclousure account is also Santander. I haven't got my money back. Action Fraud don't seem to be doing much about this scam.
  • You're not alone, they have my national insurance, copy of my birth certificate, and my £99. Now i've no job nothing to pay bills I feel so depressed I feel so stupid :(
  • l0uise87 wrote: »
    You're not alone, they have my national insurance, copy of my birth certificate, and my £99. Now i've no job nothing to pay bills I feel so depressed I feel so stupid :(

    Yes the same with me. After reporting it to Action Fraud, I notified my bank, had to cancel and renew my passport, registered with CIFAS and Equifax and called the NI helpline to let them know my number could be used in a scam. The helpline said there is very little scammer can do with the NI number apart from pay tax but they still ran a check and it had not been used. It was a very stressful and depressing time.
  • I am currently trying to get my money back with my bank after notifying them about it. I found the receipt the bank gave me when I paid the £99.99 it has a name, account number and sort code on there and also on the invoice I was sent from onlinediscloures.com there is an address on there, it might be the scammers address or might be somebody elses but nonetheless I have given all the details to action fraud to add to my report. I also found which bank the sort code belongs to and rang that bank to warn them that the account is being used for fraudulent activity, they didn't seem interested about looking into it but gave me a police liaison number and told me to let the police ring the number. This is all really annoying and they had better find them and then I will sleep easier at night knowing justice is done.
  • tailsmilesprower
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    A lot of agencies won't pay for a DBS check which is pretty frustrating if you don't have one that's transferrable.

    I'm currently waiting for one which i didn't pay for (for a new job, which i'm excited about) and i'm in my 8th week! I haven't committed any crimes and only lived at 3 addresses. The DBS system in my opinion isn't fit for purpose. It's far too slow and puts people in financial hardship.
  • thehayescode
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    I have just recieved another email for a telephone interview with another company from Tim Marshall. Same script as last time only the new company is called Daily Motion Advertising.
  • I am still receiving emails from Tim Marshall about the data entry job, some BS about the telecoms people havent installed the new office phones yet this guy is so thick I already know he's a con artist
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