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  • gembom wrote: »
    Recently I received a email saying they had a found my CV on-line and they were interested in holding a telephone interview with me. I booked it in for that night. I had the interview and they said they would contact me at a later time.
    The next day I received 2 more emails. One congratulating me on successfully getting the job and a second one explaining I would need a DBS check but as they are not legally allowed to gain this for me I would have to do it and they would pay me back at a later time.
    I have had these checks before and normally my new employer arranges and pays for these but i still looked into. I was already suspicious about this job offer and after goggling them I could find anything the the name Local media advertising ltd. I searched the company from the emails which is winning-websites That came up with something.
    They also sent me a contract ia email with the address of the office and a company number IE062293.
    Non of this information is on Company House.

    The email they sent me also had a link on it.
    This directs you to a page where you can purchase DBS Specific Offence Check.
    I rang the DBS hotline 0300 0200 190
    They had never heard of this check. The only place to get this Specific Offence check is on the link they provided. It cost £99.99.

    I may be wrong and this is a legitimate company, but some thing doesn't feel right about it and I think if they are getting £99.99 out of people just trying to work its horrible.

    The exact same thing happened to me last week and I booked my interview for Wednesday, so 2 days ago. Thankfully being the diligent interviewee I am, I decided to try and learn more about the company. I couldn't find a thing apart from two listings on business sites where Local Media Advertising Ltd was listed as a bakery!? So I was already suspicious and then a few more google links down I found this forum. This was 2 hours before my interview so I turned my phone off for the rest of the night. Needless to say they ever bothered trying to contact me again.
  • I have also had a telephone interview with Local Media Advertising and now looks like I have been scammed!!!!!! I knew I should have trusted my instincts from the very beginning, if it seems too good to be true then it is!!!! who can I report these people to?? Feel a but stupid for falling for this but I don't want anyone else to fall for it
  • Local Media Advertising are scam. First company is registered as bakery in Ireland and their website is an exact copy of Ad Media website based in US. Hope everyone who fell into their traps will dedicate time to report them.
  • Hi

    Thanks alot for posting and helping out people here regarding this scam company. i have received a similar phone call interview and redirection via email for dbs check from another scam website onlineukdisclosures dot com . This is a total scam and they are fetching money from this dbs checking and after that no one pick phone call or reply to email.
    The website of this fake scam company is winning-websites.com (winning-websites dot com) which is a total replica / copy of this legit website admedia.com (admedia dot com). They make a copy of the website and then hosted it to redirect people to do dbs check. I further went to their office address which they gave me is 1 kings street London EC2 which is also fake as there is no company with such name. This is a total fake scam, reported to the action fraud team.
  • I'm so disappointed in myself for falling for this! I did do research beforehand however never come across this post before I completed the 'dbs check' for local media advertising. I'm more angry about the fact I've been out of a job and not looking because I've been waiting to start. Has anyone had any luck getting their money back/know how I can go about this? Thank you
  • I nearly got caught out by this Local media advertising scam also.
    Once I had the email claiming I had the job and I had to pay etc, I did some digging and came across this thread.
    Looks like they've been busy this week!
  • Yep, just landed myself a job with Local Media Advertising. Alarm bells started ringing when I followed the link they provided to onlineukdisclosures.com. It didnt look legit at all. I searched for IMBRT Ltd (the company name at the bottom of their page) and it the company is only 3 months old, with the company director a 74 year old bloke. After a bit more digging I tracked the company Local media Ltd to Ireland and they are not registered in the adress in Glasgow they provide in the email. Tim/Edward or whoever he is comes over as genuine but I was a bit baffled at how short the telephone interview was and how basic the questions were.
    Thankfully I didnt part with any money.
  • Stay away from this people. do not reply to their email and do not pay for dbs check. I had email to say they found my cv and wants to offer me interview. so i booked an interview. i did get phone call and got very basic interview. i then got email to say they would like to offer me job and asked me to sign e-sign contract. i fell for this and did. follow by this i got another email to say i have to get dibs check done and ask to go on to onlineukdisclouser .com and paid £99.99. i can not believe i fell straight in to this trap and paid. now i had no reply from this company. lucky me i did not hand my notice in to my current job and i still have job to go to. this scums bag do not care what they do to poor people like us.:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:please please be careful. they send me address for their company LE16TU. NEW WALK LEICESTER. I went to this address and they have not heard of LOCAL MEDIA ADVERTISING LTD. Scum bag
  • Ive been having a bit more of a poke around and have put together a Facebook post together to circulate in the hope that someone can provide any more information. It is a photo and video of the guy advertising Madeem Recruitment, who if you check in the "view message source" of your emails, is the address most of the emails are forwarded through (although they use a few dead adresses. This is on Youtube and icludes fake testimonials for the various scams.

    If you go onto Facebook and type in Local Media advertising, Madeem Recruitment, or onlineukdisclosures into the search at the top it should bring up the post.
    Please feel free to go onto my profile and share this post and lets see if someone picks up on it.

    I hope you all get your money back.

    Cheers, Paul.
  • I had the same company approach me and they took £100 off me and kept telling me that I couldn't start yet because the offices weren't ready!! I was wary at first but I needed a job so badly I was blindly led into this trap!! They are the worst sort of people preying on people who honestly want to work! !!!!!!!s!!! I rang my bank and the HSBC bank they gave me and I reported fraud they said they can get me the money back if the account is still there and if the money is still there but hsbc were really unhelpful about it! Did anyone get their money back?
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