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Our new Sky Haggling guide - please share your feedback

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  • ince_monince_mon Forumite
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    The greed of some folk. Lol
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    AndyBSGAndyBSG Forumite
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    After some advice on a Sky deal here.

    Negotiated a deal on Sky Q with one extra box, Original channel package, unlimited Fibre and pay as you go phone(not used my home phone for outbound calls in over a year).

    Total package price came back at £61.99 a month with an installation fee of £83.95. So the total price over the 18 month contract is £1,199.77

    My current Virgin package is pretty much identical and my monthly price is £64 which works out at £1,152 for 18 months

    So, £1,199.77 with Sky vs £1,152 with Virgin means i'm £47.77 better off with Virgin.

    Now for the Caveats.

    I've been on the phone to Sky twice and quoted this £47.77 each time and made it clear if they could cover that I would transfer but they simply can't. Both people I spoke to said they've offered the best deal they can.

    Despite the cost there are some clear pro's for Sky

    - I want my TV moved and Virgin are quoting me £99 to move my TiVo box. Going to Sky will save me that charge.

    - With Virgin my second box is just a basic box, i.e. it doesn't have a TiVo HDD so I can only watch whatever's on. Sky Q will see me be able to watch anything i've recorded on the main TV.

    For Virgin the main pro is that i'm out of contract with them so I could phone them up and get my bill reduced by a fair bit.

    Am I missing out on a much better deal with Sky simply because I can't accept what amounts to an extra £2.65 a month... I feel like i'm being too stubborn when the Sky Q is a big improvement to my Virgin TiVo box!
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    Hi! Well....spoke to a guy this am to clarify what was meant by the 'phone line stays live' etc in my mammoth web chat (had lost will to live by then & did not understand!)-called 150 & said' cancelling sky'...overseas call centre-transfer to retentions. Explained I wanted BB/Phone cut off/canx on same date as TV (5/5). Asked the guy if any more news in tracking down new router & £50 credit call. He chatted for a mo & said he could probaby sort it out straight away (do retentions get their 'quota' of number of existing customers they can discount to a given level every am 1st thing? Web chat was at 6pm.)-all done & £10 fee for Fibre Unlimited waived. Nett result is £33 a month give or take a few pence for Original TV, unlimited Fibre, pay as you talk, 12 months on TV & 18 month contract on BB/phone....reduced as in my previous post (actually by a £1 a month further!). Obviously have 31 day 'cooling off' for this-not that I'll get better I don't think. As a new customer with standard Q box it's around £59 for same so very pleased.
  • robrymondrobrymond Forumite
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    We cancelled Sky Q a few weeks ago, now in 3rd week of 4. The Q contract was until September but the TV package deal has expired.

    They offered Sky Movies for free but that was all. Not heard anything since or had any offers via the app or TV.

    I need to sort something out before we get charged £43 early release fee from Sky Q but Im presuming there are no good deals as we're still in Sky Q contract. I'd rather pay them £12 a month until then but they can't do that without having a package assigned to it.
  • redmalcredmalc Forumite
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    I cancelled three weeks ago and have had a couple of deals offered and yesterday called to accept the last offer and they told me it had expired so it's goodbye Sky next week
  • shaggyshaggy Forumite
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    redmalc wrote: »
    I cancelled three weeks ago and have had a couple of deals offered and yesterday called to accept the last offer and they told me it had expired so it's goodbye Sky next week

    as many have stated, let the sky tv switch off completely, then either wait for their call, or use chat (if youve left within past 12 months option), or call yourself, and you should be offered 75% off. I was offered that myself a couple of days ago but im too greedy and declined LOL. Waiting for some cashback on top too.

    Sport + Movies + Box Sets all for around £18.50 no contract - a deal too good to be true but I was offered it :)
  • lemon26lemon26 Forumite
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    I've rang up and cancelled yesterday so due to end on 7/5. When might I hear an offer from Sky? I've had a look on the 'my offers' section and it says that I can't be offered any deals at present. Do you have to be disconnected before they'll get in touch? Thanks, L
  • BrowntoaBrowntoa Forumite, Board Guide
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    no always , they might ring you

    make sure your contact details in MySky are correct and up to date
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  • Currently have
    Sky Q 2tb box HD
    Sports variety pack
    Unlimited broadband
    Line rental
    Paying £73.

    Could only do £75 f9or 18mths +£10 fee.
    I have 30days cancel notice. I'll wait for online offers to be emailed me or put on the tv.
  • BJonesyBJonesy Forumite
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    Hi everyone,

    I've just recently joined Sky after having left them years ago due to their ever increasing prices.

    However, after having luckily came across a post on the MSE forum about haggling a deal with Sky (Something I had never done in my previous years as a customer) I decided to give it a go and join up.

    I just wanted to check in with you guys, as I still have 12 days before it is installed, and tell you what deal and package I got.

    So after a 40-45 min phone call, I managed to walk away with 50% off my TV package which consists of the Box sets package, Sky cinema, Sky Sports HD and multi-room, all for £52 p/m.

    Though I got 50%, it doesn't exactly work out that, as I was told that offer didn't apply to multiroom, and in the end I just accepted it as I felt I couldn't bring them down any further.

    So, guys and girls, what did you guys manage to get yourselves and what do you reckon of what I got offered? A genuine deal or nothing special?
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