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Something going on with

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Mrs_ZMrs_Z Forumite
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I wonder if anyone else is having problems?
I placed an order last week, Tuesday I think for some catfood via their web-site. To date, I have not received a dispatch notice so decided to query.
First of all, their web-site seems to be down. Then on calling their customer service number I just got an automated message to dial the extension number (not very helpful - grrr!). E-mailed the customer services and just got back a 'case number'.

What's going on????? :mad:


  • are owned by the same company and are also not responding to enquiries. Suspect they knew what was going to happen as they issued a "15% off" code last week which expired at midnight on Thursday night, so I expect lots of people placed quite large orders which will not be honoured.
  • We too have been stuffed by these people. Placed an order 26 July, got an e-mail about a "technical issue" delaying delivery, then nothing. Just an auto-response to chasing e-mails. What I don't understand is that Trustpilot is still today publishing glowing reviews of their service & reliability!! They must be spoofing to keep people buying?!
    Thanks for the heads-up about PetMeds elsewhere in this thread - as they are people we've used in the past.
  • Hyperdrug wrote: »
    Trustpilot is a paid service used by Medicanimal. When an order is sent an email is sent to the customer asking for a review. If the order has not been sent there is no trigger to ask for a review. We use a similar service from Feefo. You can of course go to trust pilot and make your own review.

    I have done just that, thanks for the tip.
  • Mrs_ZMrs_Z Forumite
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    THank you all for your replies, my worst fears were confirmed.

    Unfortunately I paid by PayPal so probably will not be protected in anyway but luckily the sum is not huge £30. Will now get in touch with Paypal to see if there's anything I can do. :(
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    Feral_MoonFeral_Moon Forumite
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    Vet UK are currently offering a 15% discount

    And Vio-Vet have taken over the running of MyPetMeds.

    Vet Medic also offer free postage on all items.
  • i also placed an order on the 25th of july and have not heard from them and it has not been dispatched... i have paid via paypal... have you managed to sort something? Did paypal reply to you>
  • Mrs_ZMrs_Z Forumite
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    Hi! Yes, I lodged a dispute with a seller with Paypal today using their automated service and received (an automated) e-mail back to say that my dispute had been escalated to a claim.

    Well, sounds hopeful in that it sounds it has been accepted.

    Will have to see if I get my money back eventually.
  • Hi. Same problem as all of the above. Twitter says medicanimal ceased trading last Friday. I made a debit card payment the day before and more importantly sent them an original prescription which I urgently need back to get my dogs medication elsewhere. Furious that they treat people like this!
  • tacturntacturn Forumite
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    I also placed an order with Medic Animal last Thursday. I paid by credit card,,and have just been told by them that I have to wait 14 days from placing the order and then they will make a claim,They told me I would be able to claim all my money back...So anyone else who paid that way should also be able to do the same
    I think it's appalling that Medica Animal haven't put a notice out about this,,would save us a lot of time and frustration!
  • QuinciferQuincifer Forumite
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    I placed an order last Tuesday with PetMeds, never got a confirmation email but didn't think anything about it at the time. Only realised this morning when I went to check my emails and contact them that this had happened!
    £63 on my credit card, I have rang my c/card company and it doesn't look like they can do much until PetMeds (or the parent company or whoever) actually officially declare themselves as in administration/liquidation/insolvent. Not to mention the fact that I have no physical record of my order (and you can't log in on their website to get a copy) other than a payment going out on my c/card!
    So until then I cannot get my money back, and I have to find someone who stocks the cat food I need (which very few people do!) and then buy it all again! Grrrrrr not happy at all!
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