Pay a debt or reach a goal in 2015 challenge? Yes please!

Hi All

I have 2 loans and 2 credit cards left to pay. Yes, that means it was once worse! You can see from my signature that I still owe a lot. I'm so focused on paying off my debt and I already have a diary however I wanted to have a 2015 goal diary.

My goal is to pay off my large credit card in 2015. The balance on it today is £8514.94. The problem comes in that I will have to continue to pay my loans and other CC off whilst achieving this so it's a huge task.

I will be doing this regardless, however if anyone has a goal they would like to achieve or a debt they would like to see gone that will take the whole of 2015 to do, then feel free to join me.

Support and banter is welcome, criticism is not :)

Here's to 2015, a step towards financial freedom :T
Debt - CCV £3792
CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)

Loan 1 £1787
Loan 2 £1683
Total £8601 Was £39302


  • DebtFree2012
    DebtFree2012 Posts: 3,573 Forumite
    edited 5 May 2015 at 8:56AM
    Participants :)

    DebtFree2012 - Pay £8,514.94 CC debt.
    HighlandLass - Pay Barclaycard - £7177.47
    budgetbee - Pay £3,000 CC debt.
    StressedSteph - Pay £10,000 in 2015.
    sonicetomeetyou - Pay off CC debt of £2,000
    Philae - Pay off debt of £3,145.02 and save £5,000 towards wedding :)
    monz - Pay £2550 off debt.
    millionaire in training - £3k in overpayments
    Calling14 - pay off £4200 towards debt
    PinkPoppies - Pay off £20,000
    kdalwayskint - debt busting :)
    tinks112 - pay family back £1100
    lubava - HH credit card of £6100
    twiggy86 - pay £5,000 off debt
    Deeperblue - pay £13,000 to debt
    Cherry Burton - pay CC of £2890
    grassgirl - pay off £6,500 and be driving and own a car.
    iloveshopping93 -save £2k
    alex102 - ~20k
    icontinuetodream - save £500 between December 21st 2014 and June 22nd 2015
    Cream Tea - Total £3020 to pay
    Wanno - pay balance is £5460
    darwins_mum -
    cyberthrifty - pay off a minimum of £5k
    sophieo16 - pay £2800 by the end of the year
    Lolly88 - pay £1800 and save £6000
    laurag89 - £3600 to be cleared minimum
    banwa - £15k in 2015
    Philae - £3,587.86 debt to clear and then a further £5,000 to save towards the wedding
    frugalgdubs - clear another £10,000 this year
    dreamingofmoney - £7000
    littleskintdragon - clear a credit card, £3217.95
    catlady1990 - credit card of £2800 (and OD if possible)
    greensalad - debt to the SLC for £1276
    truebluemummy -
    MrsSmith2013 -
    MrsR68 - Looking to pay my 4 smallest debts in the first 6 months of 2015. Next,overdraft,mum and holiday
    wewilldoit - £5000 to pay by October
    pinkpixie274 - save £1500
    takingcontrolatlast - pay family back £3,270
    clairemg - cc balance £3021.00
    I-need-to-be-debtfree - pay £389.00
    Doris £1700 CC debt
    Debt - CCV £3792
    CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)

    Loan 1 £1787
    Loan 2 £1683
    Total £8601 Was £39302
  • Hi,

    Can i join you please? I would like to pay off 1 of my credit cards (£3,752.32) in 2015.

    This could be quite difficult as we are living quite close to the bone right now so there are not a lot of extra pennies to throw at the CC but i am determind!

    Good Luck :D
  • hi, can I join too please?
    I have the one credit card to pay off, which is £3,000.
    We are already trying to spend as little as possible to pay stuff off, but for 2015 I want to get some serious debt busting done!
  • Hi,

    Good idea for this thread.

    We had 20k's worth of debt December 2013, so this year we managed to pay of 10k.

    We have 10k left to pay off during 2015.

    So my challenge is "Pay 10k in 2015".

    Would love to get this done by my 40th Birthday in July 2015, but it will take ALOT of determined budgeting and extra work to get debt free by next summer.

    Going to be a year of hard work, so need lots of these threads to keep my motivation.

    Please add me in xx
  • I would like to join too please. Am hoping to pay off both my credit cards (£2000 in total). Would like to get rid of my overdraft too but concentrating on the cards for now.
  • I'd like to join as well please :)

    I want to get debt free (£3145.02 as of today), and would love to get 5k saved towards my wedding :)
    Debt Free By Xmas 2015 #68: 265.49/3587.86 7.40%
    Wedding Savings - 0/£5,000
    Make £5 a day Jan - 25.44/155 Jan NSD 10/20
    Sell £1,500: 41.14/1500 2.74% Roadkill Rebel #9:
  • Hi everyone :) and welcome. I've added you all to post 2 which is our goal list summary. Looking forward to everyone's posts whether it's a penny, pound or a hundred pounds.
    Debt - CCV £3792
    CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)

    Loan 1 £1787
    Loan 2 £1683
    Total £8601 Was £39302
  • Hello :wave:

    I think i will need to sit down and have a look at where is might be able to find the pennies to tackle this CC.

    Its on 0% for 34 months (30 or 31 left) so the min payment is around £86 (£1032 min for the year) that leaves £2720 to find :eek:
  • DebtFree2012
    DebtFree2012 Posts: 3,573 Forumite
    Hey :wave:

    I know the feeling. My target is very tight and may not be doable. I know that sounds like I am setting myself up for a downfall but I have been doing this for a few years and know what works and doesn't for me so I'm happy with my decision. The harder the challenge, the more focussed I become.

    For me, I've taken on a 2nd job and will look to see what I can sell on ebay though for the small, private seller that seems daunting given their charges now.

    Good Luck :)
    Debt - CCV £3792
    CCB £1383 (took a hit for a holiday)

    Loan 1 £1787
    Loan 2 £1683
    Total £8601 Was £39302
  • I was looking at getting a second job but with an 18month old and already working 37.5 hours a week i just cant.

    We are thinking of looking for a smaller place to rent when our lease is up in June so that would give us some extra £££ to put towards debt. And then once the debt is paid we can start to save properly for a deposit.

    I have just taken on a fixed term contract til 31st May 2015 which pays about £2000 more a year than my previous job and i am now looking internally at any jobs that i think i could go for and there is one that i think i might apply for that will bump up my salary by another £3000! (if i am successful).

    I think thats going to be my plan - downsize house and try for a better paid permenant job. With the downsizing i will need to de clutter so i my use FB selling pages and if i cant get stuff sold then they will be going to charity or freecycle.

    Sorry this rambled on a bit but having somewhere to write this stuff down should help me feel more in control and help to focus....and if i need a good kick to get in gear plase feel free :rotfl:
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