Tesco Value snobbery??

I've just had my Tesco shopping delivered, am desperately trying to economise so ordered loads of 'value' goods. Now I don't have a problem with buying these but I do have a problem with them dotted around the house (reminding me all the time I am poor!!:(), so I go around putting them all into the more 'expensive' containers ie Fairy Liquid, Listerine mouthwash, etc etc and then destroy all the cheap packaging!!!!!
Feel quite satisfied with myself that I only spent a fraction of the cost:j I was thinking of all you other OS posters and wondered if everyone does the same and what other tips along the same lines do you have.

I do realise it is 'value' snobbery, so please don't berate me for that, but we all probably having our coping strategies for living on a tight budget and I wondered what yours were??

PS I am still struggling with how to swap the toothpaste into an 'expensive' tube though!!!!!! Any suggestions?? ;)



  • I tend to do this with cereal!!

    I would put the toothpaste into a cupboard in the bathroom I don't like anything on show in the bathroom!

    Ermm I use tablet soap and ecover liquid and find I only need a little bit as lasts ages therefore saving money and looking good on the environment ;)
    it costs nothing to smile:D
  • lil_me
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    Doesn't bother me in the slightest, I buy what I am happy with and if anyone else has an issue with it, not my problem! Toothpaste if you must maybe use a sterilised soap dispenser ? Don't know if the pump would clog it up. I've always felt sorry for people sucked in with the brands thing, I go on what I like, find the cheapest that I like and buy it with things like household stuff etc. I know someone who would have a fit if other people knew she shopping in Lidl. I seen her there once and she said pleased don't tell anyone I shop there, sad really.
    One day I might be more organised...........:confused:
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  • Cazzdevil
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    I don't look at the value stuff in my cupboard and think "oh dear, look how poor I am", I look at it and think "wow, how stupidly expensive would it have been if I'd bought branded stuff, aren't I good for saving so much money!".

    Half the time (if not more) the value stuff is from the same manufacturer as the branded stuff anyway.
  • Cazzdevil
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    Does that make me a "reverse-snob"? :D
  • sockospice
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    Maybe you could get into the mindset 'look at me, I'm not buying into marketing hype, I am a savvy consumer who is not swayed by a big advertising budget'.
  • Mariel
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    I'm always a bit bemused by my OH and eldest daughter laughing at me for buying value. They like the stuff so what's funny about it? Don't understand some people!
  • Like Cazzdevil i have to say i look at my trolley and mentally laugh at the fact my sister spends twice what i do when she buys for 2 than what i spend buying for 6... but then again I have never been independantly wealthy (was whilst living with my parents then crashed down to earth with a biiig whallop one settling down with my husband at 17) so i don't know if it's more a case of never had can't miss when it comes to my home?

    Since my parents bankruptcy though i have had to retrain my mother to shop intelligently and she does the "hiding" trick as my dad doesn't deal well with not having what they used to :rolleyes:
  • Pollybear
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    It doesn't bother me at all, I don't hide anything.
  • Farway
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    I have heard of this putting value stuff into brand packages, but I've never bothered, as other posters say, if someone has a problem with my values then that is their problem & not mine

    I just buy what i think is is good value & I like and let the world think what it will
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  • newlywed
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    If I'm serving it to others (ie visitors) then I do take it out the packets - eg I'll take the value biccies out the pack and lay them out nicely on a plate - but then I used to do that with posh biccies too ;)
    working on clearing the clutterDo I want the stuff or the space?
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