MSE News: Ofgem orders Scottish Power to shape up or stop selling

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    This would be your punishment for daring to change supplier. They all seem to be as bad as one another at the moment. The problem is that NONE of their websites can cope with the number of people changing. It always sounds a great idea to change supplier for a pound a month savings but how much aggro can we stand before it enormously outweighs the savings?
  • Customer Service an absolute nightmare despite being based in the UK
    They are holding on to my money in credit
    Not responding to my emails
    making out that the complaint has come to deadlock without even attempting to deal with the complaint and asking me to go to ombudsman
    Managers are not returning my calls
    Customer Agents not transferring calls to managers
    Their customer agents are treating customers in a very cold manner
    I have now emailed watchdog

    All in all, I've never seen anything like the customer service provided by Scottish Power

  • I received an agreement to dual gas electric supply switch to Scottish Power May 2014. on a fixed rate tariff. The electricity was switched a couple of months later but not to the agreed tariff. Some 7 months later the gas has still not been switched. Everytime I get in touch they say there is no application despite having gone through the application twice and having agreement numbers.
    Complaints bear little fruit as they say they will get to me in a few minutes but fail to return the call.
    They are very frustrating and not worth dealing with.
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    Well something has happened my outstanding balance has been updated and reduced BUT I now have three unpaid and invisible outstanding invoices.
    So I have no proof of what figures and rates have been used.
    I bet they have zapped my direct debit discount too.
    In theory the invoice(s) will appear in three days time - I bet it is not there when I log on Christmas morning ?

    Well I now have 4 invisible charges against my account.
    So I have no idea what I have been paying or how accurate the calculation is.

    The fourth "bill pending" transaction brought the outstanding balance down to a mere £350. I have paid it so I can escape,

    I think that latest objective has been achieved as I have had a call from let us call it the customer retention muppet. Actually this guy just might not qualify for muppet status as he appeared to have the ability to boss the computer system about, rather than the other way round as he was able to interact with me and offer various different options. These options he insisted in couching in terms of a monthly charge rather than explaining how much I would be being charged on the invoices.

    Some people find being described as a muppet distasteful - it is my shorthand for a simple definition made by a judge in the 1970s. A fraud case collapsed when the judge refused to accept the computerised evidence produced in court by a clerk who could not explain how the inputs into the system had produced a calculation that resulted in the computer output; so he ruled that those giving evidence in court had to demonstrate "cognition" of what they were swearing to be true - so listen up you so called customer "help-line" workers unless you can pass this test you are a muppet - That is not your fault, it is the fault of your boss so put him on the line.

    The test for Ofgem regulator should be simple "Explain how this customer now owes the energy supplier the claimed amount - you have a month and then two tries and a maximum of 30 minutes to make me understand, If you fail this test I will authorise the write off or repayment of the balance on this account back to the start of the problem. [Perhaps with maximum of 1000 GBP of "free" supply] forcing the energy supplier to take the regulator to court.
  • I closed my account with Scottish Power on 8th December. I had a final bill for the gas, £267 in credit, which I am still waiting for, no final bill for electric. Much emailing backwards and forwards to finally receive an apology it has manually been calculated and they owe me £63.46 for electricity, which I will get back within 10 working days. Checked online final bill was generated 4th February and it's £71, and it has just been paid it into my account, still no gas refund but I should get it by 11th if within the 10 working days they have promised, we shall see! They just don't seem to know what they are doing. I think this amount of time to wait for a refund is totally unacceptable, I've never had to wait this long before from anyone.
  • shammyjackshammyjack
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    High time that Ofgem got tough and withdrew Scottish Power and Npower's license to trade !
  • scaredofdebtscaredofdebt Forumite
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    joncombe wrote: »
    I wonder if it's the same system Npower use?

    Correct, they've just implemented SAP, Npower have had it for 2-3 years or so.

    I'm not sure which genius thought to use the same system.
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    Scottish Power hit by sales ban. Shame it's just 12 days. :beer:
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    Just heard this on the news. Our experience has been grim. No on-line access - only solved after repeated phone calls.

    And frustratingly Scottish Power have no idea what a smart meter is or how to read it.
    We had one fitted by OVO and has put us back. They are impossible to read. Do not go there. They are a con and os zero, if not negative benefit to any consumer.
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    Hi I recently changed energy suppliers to Scottish Power as the property we were in had pre-payment meters; we were told that we would have to go to one of the larger suppliers so we chose Scottish power. After the initial changeover we were told that we would have to call back in two weeks to get an appointment to get the meters switched over. So two weeks later I called and was advised that I was the main account holder, even though my wife had set it up in her name, so after about twenty minutes on the phone, they apologised and corrected this. We booked the change over for 31 March 2016 after 12pm for both meters to be replaced. My wife booked a day off so this could be done, using her last days holiday. Today the 31st March at 1700hrs called Scottish power and was advised that this wasn't going to be until the 4th April for the Gas only. After 45 minutes on the phone the advisor raised a complaint and put me through to complaints where, they didn't really do anything except book another appointment for the 14th April, the person on the line was quite smug and advised that they had got 56 days to resolve this so no point going to the ombudsman.

    So now either my wife or I have got to take an unpaid day off from work, after already using one holiday for a failed appointment.

    I am completely disgusted with this level of service.

    Lets hope they get this right on the 14th April, I am not convinced at all.

    Steven Hughes
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