MSE News: Ofgem orders Scottish Power to shape up or stop selling

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  • we recently moved house leaving over 300 pounds on our prepayment meter winter payment included . we were told we would receive this at our new property within 5 weeks..

    after numerous phone calls and hours waiting on the line .. being passed to different advisers we were told the account had been closed ..we have lost over 300 owing to us ..we have no chance of getting that back now they told me only three days ago.. they said we will have to try to calculate all payments made by yourself to us and work out what is owing.. yet ..if you go one line to our account it reads whats owing .. ive screen shot the amount. sent it on to them.. to be told the account will always read different to their system !!
  • Just wasted 45 mins waiting for Scottish Power to answer phone only to be told they could not give me any more information than I could see on screen! I registered my complaint 7/11 after seeing gas a/c closed but electricity a/c still live!! Was told it would be resolved 18/11, now being told it takes 28days to provide a bill!! Not singing from same hymn sheet??
    Changed to EDF 22/10 (thank goodness) but still waiting for my final electricity bill and payment of credit due:(. Yet EDF have assured me 3 times that they had forwarded my final readings.
    According to my account, Scottish Power have closed the gas a/c but are using an estimated :mad: electricity reading to produce a final bill!! I'm starting to think this is a war of attrition as to who will capitulate first
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    I have been a SP customer for some years now - cancelled my DD when they wanted to push it up to about £90/month. I set up a SO instead and paid them £60/mth. Turns out that this has still left me in credit and they recently wanted to drop the SO to about £56. I think even that might have been too much.

    BUT: I do have a BOUQUET for them (having slung brickbats at them for years). I took part in the Big Switch and SP looked cheapest for me with an estimated monthly DD of £46. Less than a week after switching, I received a cheque for £142 for the surplus that had built up in my account. I was surprised and had wanted to leave the surplus to take account of my forthcoming winter fuel bills but hey, I'm not complaining!
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    Scottish Power ... I'm starting to think this is a war of attrition as to who will capitulate first
    Good luck with that!
    I conduct my war of attrition with them by email. They like to send me estimates with updated DD amounts (wildly in their favour!). After several years with them, they are only just beginning to work out my annual usage. I am better at estimating than they are.

    I truly HATE the fact that they will NOT arrange for the meter to be read - they leave the task to me. I demand £5/meter for me to do THEIR job. But they haven't ever paid me that... :(
  • Not only have they not corrected a final bill they have lied and threatened to ruin my credit rating unless I paid and estimated final bill when in fact they owed me money they are lying scum I have several properties which i will never go with sp again they changed the tariff from non standing charge to a standing charge one without notice but lied to me saying ofgem has told all providers they had to stop offering zero standing charges a lie I confirmed with ofgem
    I am now asking for a data request of my record so i can take them to court for the distress caused by there threats and numerous calls
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    I switched to Scottish Power at the end of June for both my gas and electric after receiving an email from Moneysavingexpert regarding cheaper energy. Since then, having given them my bank details for a direct debit, they have failed to set up a direct debit mandate with my bank? After months of correspondence with them and giving my bank details to them three times l still have not had a direct debit set up and they have not received a penny from me. Obviously l am worried about the size of the bill when l do have to pay and l am now changing to E.on and have contacted the energy Ombudsman to put in a complaint. I think l might email Ofgem also about their conduct in this matter. Not blaming Moneysavingexpert for this by the way, its all down to Scottish Powers incompetence!
  • MSE_Helen wrote: »
    Scottish Power is facing a ban on sales activity unless it must meet tough targets Ofgem has set...

    It would be great if MSE could do an article on Scottish Power service standards, in light of this, and how they are treating their customers? I've been reading this:

    And it seems to indicate, many people complaining could be eligible for payments when Scottish Power don't meet their service obligations, in certain instances? In won't help everyone, I know, but maybe some, and it seems hitting them in their pocket, is the only way to get these companies to take any notice.
  • Spurred on by an email from MSE to change supplier I went with Scottish Power a few weeks ago.

    I am due to change over any day now, received an email from them the other day requesting meter readings. I have just gone to do that online and I get a "something's gone wrong" message. No problem I thought, I shall phone instead. The automated line tells me then that I am now outside the window for leaving a reading so they will open my account with an estimate.

    Great, that's not going to be a massive !!!! up at all then eh?:mad:
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    It's really worrying looking at these posts...I swapped my account to Scottish Power because I didn't realise how bad they are. I told my old company I was leaving them to go to Scottish Power but they're now sending me bills because they say Scottish Power never actioned my transfer. At the same time, Scottish Power are billing me too!!!
    I've tried calling Scottish Power more times than I can remember and usually get a voicemessage saying words to the effect of 'we've got very high call volumes, please call back later'. Then the phone disconnects! Have also tried secure messaging them and never get replies. I've realised I should complain to Ofgem.
  • Scottish Power increased my direct debit even though I was over £100 in credit result has been that every bill shows an increase in credit, it is now over £500 but I can't get them either repay the excess or lower the direct debit. I am thinking of cancelling my direct debit as a means of getting them to contact me as nothing else works - not phone (a joke) not emails, facebook or twitter. Has anyone tried this? What should I be worried about if I go down this route? Would I end up with debit collector on doorstep even though I am so much in credit? I'm getting desperate I only have oap so can't afford to lend Scottish Power so much.
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