Saving for Xmas 2015! A pound a day :-)

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Lovely to meet you :wave:,please sit down and have a little read of what I think is going to be an amazing and beneficial challenge for all :rotfl:

:D This is the "Saving for Xmas 2015! A pound a day :-)" challenge :D

The aim: To save £1 a day from 1st December 2014, whether it be a £1 coin into a jar or moving it across in an online saver, it really doesn't matter . We will then open the jar or have access to the online account on 1st December 2015 and spend spend spend for all our loved ones Xmas presents.

I will be using my phone banking app and transferring over £1 everyday into my ISA. This way I can watch it grow and see that I'm physically saving. This way, if I have an emergency or am in dire need of money, I have quick access to it.

This thread is the new and improved "2014 - £365 in 365 days!" thread. Lots of people did fantastic on it throughout the year which is why it's back for population demand.

£365 is a fair chunk of change for Xmas shopping and I already have an idea what I'm going to spend it on. Think about it people, this could actually be the year you can surprise your kids / partner with a fantastic present :dance:

Get your names on the list people, this is going to be a busy and exciting road ahead :grin:

In order to see the spreadsheet after you have submitted the form, you will either have to sign into your google account or sign up for one. Once this has been done you will have to request access to the spreadsheet. I will then add your email to the list of approved persons who can view the document. :)

You cannot break the spreadsheet. A few people have been saying that they don't want to touch it incase it all goes wrong. Only I can change/edit it. You will be able to open it up in an excel document and view it only. Don't be afraid of it. If you haven't already, request permission and have a look, it's very colourful :rotfl:

If your interested in following my saving/debt busting progress, check out my diary HERE

Happy Savings :xmassmile | Happy Xmas :santa2: | Happy New Year :snow_laug

If you haven’t already, join the forum to reply!

Saving for that dream holiday


  • MrCrimeFiction
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    Here is a sample of the spreadsheet.


    Request permission and be sable to view it fully!
    Saving for that dream holiday
  • I'm in! I've got my tin all ready and waiting :-)
  • I'm in x - need to go and buy my tin :rotfl:

    Happy saving everyone
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    £1 a day challenge 2014 £365/365
    No 18 £1 a day 2015 started £7/365 in the pot £31/365 in the ISA
    Got to start somewhere! :j
    Merry Christmas everybody :xmastree:
  • I am going to use my bear piggy bank and put £1 coin a day in and save it all for Christmas 2015.
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  • What a great idea. Would make next year so much easier.
    Not sure how I'll do it (online/jar) but I'm in.
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    I'm in - tin ready and waiting!!! Are we starting 1st December?
    I'm not a failure if I don't make it, I'm a success because I :tried!
  • Count me in please, this would help me to be much more prepared for Xmas next year. :)
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    Count me in please!
  • benten69
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    Put my name down for this please. I'll also be transferring money online as I'm doing the SPC with savings tins.
  • dizzybee
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    Put my name down please.

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