Collated Tesco Savings Voucher £10ish discount

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  • Me neither. I can't access that web address - keeps saying illegal action or something. Help, anyone, please!! :(
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    With regard to the letter at the top of this forum - I think it was written by a politician......

    With regard to coupons from brand name manufacturers, we are happy to accept  
    one, even if you have not purchased the product.

    This appears to be very cleverly written with sufficient ambiguity to be almost construed as misleading.

    One local store will only accept one voucher per shop.
    Another will accept them up to a limit of 10 per shop.

    I asked the second store to call Cheshunt as the 10 rule was handwritten in the instructions to the till operatives. i.e. not printed company policy.

    Instead they called Dundee who as we know from the vent board never actually managed to sort out any of the problems I had with EVERY ONE of my home deliveries.

    Dundee said they would back their policy 100%.

    All I can conclude is there is no such thing as a free lunch. £2 (best coupon value) doesn't cover the petrol so I shall probably go back to Sainsbury's Safeways or Waitrose all of whom are closer.
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    Well I tried some internet vouchers today (obviously not the ones from the site that comes up as "illegal operation")
    Tescos took the ones that were proper internet vouchers - they were from the airwick & finish websites - but would not take one which looked to me like it was a scanned image of an original voucher. That one came from the mumplusone website.
    I would guess that Tesco are happy to take the legitimate internet vouchers, but not the bogus ones - and some members of staff aren't that clear which is which. Just a guess ???
  • I went to my local Tesco last night and used all my vouchers with no problem - saved about £8! I always go armed with my letter from Head office and they are always interested in seeing it!! The wording of 'we are willing to accept one, even if you have not purchased the product' should be read with the next sentence that states that 'If you present more than one identical coupon, then you must purchase the same number of products.' This basically means to that you can't give numerous identicals but one of each is fine.

    I simply say "oh if they don't scan you can type in the number", last night she simply put them in as n/s (non-scan) coupon, as she didn;t know where to put the code in.
    Charles J
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    Ooooh I feel like a celeb!!! hee hee. :D
    Den is too thank for this - he had the technical wizardry to find somewhere to post them!!

    I have been handing them over - can be embarrassing. but what a bargain!!

    Happy Shopping - any vouchers to add to the list would be great!! Thanks
    :heart2:Mum to my little Daisy 3 and Archie 1.:heart2:
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    I tried to pay for something at tescos and use a voucher and the girl on the desk said that they don't accept any internet vouchers :-/ althought they do if you go through the self serve till ;) wish i'd done that!!
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    [My local Tesco store in Aberdeen would not accept the voucher, they said it is company policy not accept voucher off the internet. >:(
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    I suspect most of these vouchers will work a Asda.

    In my experience, they are far better at taking vouchers.

    Not too sure about internet ones though....
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    ??? The url to the vouchers website didn't work for me - I just got a load of gobbledigook :'( boo!
    if i had known then what i know now
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    I'm curious that Tesco will accept vouchers even if you haven't bought the product, as long as it's a product that they sell.

    That's OK if Tesco just take the discount on the chin, but if they're subsequently forwarding those vouchers back to the vendors to get credit, then that is almost certainly going to become a problem for them, because they're redeeming coupons which have not been presented in accordance with the stated terms.

    If many coupon issuers catch on that Tesco are engaging in, and encouraging, this practice then I cannot see them being very impressed at all. Sounds like a policy that could be forced to change at any moment, if you ask me.
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