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    I got a cheque from Experian last Friday for £140 (£125 premium plus 8% interest) Thanks MSE!!!!
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    g60jet wrote: »
    Gesture of goodwill had me laughing.

    They are not fooling anyone, but imagine they can't admit fault as that would open floodgates.
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  • Thanks MSE! I've just posted off your template letter to see if I can claim back the money they conned out of me. Does the same apply to Equifax as I was paying the £14.99 per month to them, too?
  • Hi Tallulah,

    I'm afraid not - it's just Experian as it included the 'ID fraud expenses insurance' add on.

    Let us know how you get on.
  • Thank you for this campaign, I called them today and can confirm that I have been promised a refund.

    I had this product for 6 months from July 2014 after which I cancelled the insurance aspect. The customer services team found my old account, noted my refund request and agreed to refund £5 for each month plus 8% within 10 minutes, no letter required. It sounded to me like they already have a scripted response to the complaint which includes the goodwill refund.
  • Received 'the letter' last week and had £172 transferred into my bank account, happy days! Thank you Moneysavingexpert
  • :jThankyou MSE, I used your template letter to claim and today I've had £147 paid into my bank account. Great result. Many thanks
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    There are a few additional points to note when applying for a refund.

    1. The payment is by way of a rolling credit agreement, therefore is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 as amended. According to the said act, at the time of agreement, all documents and anything referred to by the agreement must be available and given to the consumer, prior to the agreement of the transaction.

    2. Being that it is a rolling credit agreement, and normally paid by one credit card, the amount will quickly reach over £100, this fact brings Section 75 of the act into the transaction.

    3. If you have proof of the addition cost is £6.40 per month then that is what your refund should be. If Experian refuse and you get no joy from the Ombudsman, then make a small claims against Experian. The case has to be heard at your local court. Experian will not pursue this as if they lose, it would establish case law, and the costs of losing and legal fees, will be significant. Remember the PPi issue that the banks tried to fight and how much it has cost them. It may be worth reminding Experian of this. Get them to search the web for 93/10771

    The CEO of Experian is Brian Cassin
  • Having read the latest MSE e-newsletter yesterday, I called Credit Expert yesterday afternoon to log a complaint. I received an email today and a credit in to my bank account for £76.57!!! I can't believe how quickly they acted. My husband joined at the same time so he's due the same amount back and will calling tomorrow. Thanks MSE - keep up the good work :beer:
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    Might be a silly question but how do you know when you took membership and/or the additional fraud cover on? Is it just a case of looking at bank statements?
    Thank you
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