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  • I just like a number of other people used the template on Resolver and made a claim on Saturday 1st, had an email on Tuesday 4th saying that despite not upholding the complaint they were offering a goodwill gesture of £156.31 which landed in my bank account a couple of days later.

    Success, thanks MSE!
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    Never had the need to even consider what this is!
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    Never had the need to even consider what this is!

    Sadly many people are fooled by the glossy adverts and believe the myth that a credit score is meaningful so end up paying for the service these companies offer to learn how to improve a meaningless score that only you see which is generated by the people you are paying, giving them an incentive to offer "improvement" in the score.

    Pay £2 a month for the statutory report or use it free now as Experian have joined CallCredit (through Noddle) and Equifax (through ClearScore) in offering the basic credit check for free
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  • OMG!!

    Just tried this as I was paying for Creditexpert subscription for like 14 months, sent 1 letter on resolver as per the format, they contacted for more details (easy questions) and confirmed they will pay me back!!

    Thanks so so so much.
    Please give this a go, very easy very simple. :j

    This is what they said:

    We care about our customers and the service we provide. While we believe that we always sold the identity fraud expenses insurance (that was part of CreditExpert) clearly and fairly, we are always sorry if any of our customers are unhappy with any aspect of our CreditExpert service. As a result, we have decided to take a practical approach to resolving your complaint, which we hope you will be happy with.

    While we are still not upholding your complaint, as a gesture of goodwill we are giving you a refund amounting to the difference between the price of the full CreditExpert product with insurance and the version without the insurance. In other words, we are refunding you:
    £5 per month (being the difference between the £14.99 monthly fee you actually paid and the cost of the version of CreditExpert without insurance that we used to sell as a retention product at £9.99 per month) for each month that you paid for CreditExpert that included insurance;
    plus 8% simple interest per year on each £5 payment; and
    minus any relevant refund that we have already given to you.
    This amounts to:
    Refund £100.00
    Plus interest £28.14
    Total £128.14

    2017 - Year to bring down the loans, no more shopping :T
    :I'm gonna do it.:j
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    I too have just received letter and cheque from experian. Standard letter contains same info as you have posted. Received cheque for £82.16. works out at £65 refund and 17.16 interest. I was with them for just over a year - cheque was in full and final settlement and as with you 'not upholding complaint, as a gesture of goodwill we are giving you a refund'

    My thanks to MSE and Resolver - I spotted article about experian creditexpert on MSE site about experian's inclusion of insurance element in charge for monthly report. I subscribed to the service in June 2013 and cancelled approx August 2014.

    After reading the article thought would give it a go to see if I could recoup some of the charges. I signed up to Resolver on 7 May 2017 - and used their online template letter - I could not find any note of my then membership number to give to experian so just referred them to my then email account used to receive their info - got response back from Experian to provide full name and address details on 8 May 2017. This morning, 13 May 2017 received cheque in the post - Result!
  • Quick note to say that I followed the advice on here having established from Experian exactly what level of membership I had and for what period of time. They replied detailing exactly the amount paid and details of my membership which I then used to complete the template letter via Resolver. As with everyone else, they have not upheld the complaint, but provided a goodwill gesture refund which came in at just under £250. The process could not have been easier and took a little over two weeks from initial enquiry to receiving the cheque.
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    Thanks to MSE and resolver I have just heard back from Experian and been offered a refund of £68.17.

    Not the biggest amount but every little helps!

    Process was very easy and just followed the steps exactly as described on the article!
  • I've just come across this article and this is the exact time frame that I had a membership. I cancelled my account in 2015, is there any way I can find out my old subscription number and account details?
  • The service is now automated.

    Use 0800 5610083 to call, you don't have to wait for someone.
    I haven't seen any confirmation but shall update when that comes in.

    Hope this helps! Rang on a Saturday at 10:30am.
    Credit to a user called poppasmurf.
    accurate as of 13-Jul-2019
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    I recently found this article online on the MSE and thought I’d missed the boat, I thought I’d use the template and try again, it’s always worth a shot isn’t it! Well I sent a letter last week and to my absolute surprise I received a cheque in the post this morning for £220.30, no questions asked. Although Experian did make it clear it was a “goodwill gesture” only. A massive thank you to the MSE team, for the price of a stamp I’ve just received over £200!!
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