The Totally Awesome August NSD Challenge!

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    Oh gees sorry I lost it again this month. I know I managed 3 NSD as I declared them towards the start of the month, and looking at the diary I know I will have had a few definite NSD's a is wouldn't get time to shop.

    So I'm going to declare a total of8 NSD for August

    Sure I did do more, but probably didn't make that target of 15, oh well back to the drawing board for September.
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  • I have got lost along the way this month but of those which was spendy days most were low or very low spends so happy with my first month tomorrow will be a NSD too as in work at mo and will sleep and sort things out for my son to go back to school when I get up so I will finish month off on 11/12 NSD x
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    :hello: Hi there all xxx

    Made it :j yesterday brings me up to 16 :j

    Today won't be though as I'm going to get tickets to go up to mum's while I am at the station today to save having to make an extra trip in the week, must dash. Hope to pop in later xxx


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  • I've just had a count up in my diary and realised I have an extra NSD from somewhere. I'm hoping today will be one too but don't want to declare too early! So reaching target at10 NSDs with potentially one more to come!
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  • Knit_WitchKnit_Witch Forumite
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    Not been checking in (sorry :() but up to 25 NSDs please :)
    Must use my stash up!
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    And here I am again with another NSD which means I have hit my target of 15!!!!!

    I think we are near that 300 mark, give it a day or two for late posters to give their updates, then we'll have a count-up and marmite will dish out the prizes.
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    NSD no.9 like a love potion but not!

    Almost there....not quite! Will try again next month
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    Good heavens.How did I do that?
    Today has been NSD#20 (petrol only,original aim was 11 :eek:)
    Term-time just seems to be so "bitty" for spends.I have found holidays soooooo much easier.I wonder what I need to do to maintain the momentum in September?
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    Had another busy day today, tidied out our shed ready for winter, far too much mouse poo for my liking :eek: however, there's no food in the shed, and next door have rabbits with all the associated straw / food etc so much I can do about the mice.

    Can't believe I've has a whole week off work, it's gone so quickly, back to earth with a bump tomorrow starting with a 6am start for boot camp :T

    Rounding off Aug with nsd #17 :T
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    :hello:Hi all xxx

    Shattered..........................not slept yet, did the committee meeting I needed to, spent as I got tickets in advance to go to mum's.............but I remembered steradent on way home :j:j:j No need to spend tomorrow so am ending August on a happy note :T

    Too tired to read thread.will catch you all tomorrow xxxx


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