The Totally Awesome August NSD Challenge!

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    Right, despite a lot of internet browsing tonight, I am declaring NSD # 15 :j

    Last day of holiday, spent pottering about doing a lot of those niggly 'glue this, fill in the paint for this, finish that' type jobs.

    Did do my ice bucket challenge (choosing to donate to a local guy who needs funds to treat a brain tumor - because of where it is located, the treatment he now needs isn't available in the UK #FreddiesHero) and also gave a donation to WaterAid - after all, a bucket of water is 'fun' for me, but so much more for some others in this world. However I am not counting charity donations as a spend.

    Can't believe I've had a whole week off.
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    Well,that was unexpected.
    Today is NSD#19
    I really thought I would be spending the last few days of holidays buying the last few bits of school uniform.But weather too bleugh to go out today,so caught up with a good book instead.
    Have a lovely weekend,all :j
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    Hello all calling in to report NSD 9!

    The weekend looms but I have a feeling it maybe spendful.
  • Today has been NSD #9. I moved some money into my savings account but didn't actually spend anything. I have a SO set up to transfer funds on the 1st of each month but didn't want to overdo it, so having had a quieter month than I thought I added an extra bit :)
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    :hello: Hi there all xxx

    Missed coming in yesterday.............also due to now having working fridge I did spend a bit; I had planned to go for a coffee with a friend so thought may have spent then but we went to her house instead which was good :D and I then went to another friends to get voucher for a cheap train in September and then went to Mr Ms planning to get steradent.................Came out with lots of reduced bits that can go into newly working fridge (but only spent £7 so very pleased). When I got home I realised I had forgotten the steradent!!! On checking I have enough for another three days so will try to put getting them in on the day I go to collect the train ticket and pay for it.

    Tonight I am back at work so what with having been in bed all day sleeping and the fact I have sandwiches I am declaring number 15 :j

    I am really hoping to keep Sunday spend free even though I've got to go to a committee meeting but am am a little unsure if I will be able to but I'm going to go for 16 for August now


    DFD Need to August 2027 :(
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  • SuziebabeSuziebabe Forumite
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    Hello! Checking in after 2 weeks away to report that I managed to have 4 NSDs in the last 2 weeks, despite being away for most of them. I managed to convince my DH that holiday doesn't directly correlate to spending, and rebadged staying put and reading/relaxing as core holiday activities, necessary for my stress-busting chill out - and actually they really were! :T:T

    So with the paltry 3 I managed before going away, and the 4 from the last 2 weeks, that takes me to 7 - and I'm not going out or planning any spends all weekend, so I'm going to declare on 9 NSDs for August.

    Will be signing up for September to get back in the NSD groove when back at work!
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  • nsd 13 achieved yesterday. Didn't get any stuff done that i had planned. Which in a way was a bonus! So will sort it today. Think that is me done for this month but got a couple of days in a row. L2B.x
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    Back to work on a run of nights after a blissful period of leave, :(

    But the good thing is I now have number 14 NSD to add to the Cauldron of Doom.
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  • kerri_gtkerri_gt Forumite
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    Well I managed to clock up another 5hrs in the garden today :eek: another two trips to the tip so that's five in total this week, and our garden really isn't that big! Jury is out on whether I'm going to get someone in to trim an elder tree that has now reached the roof height, and at the same time 'trim' some horrible fir trees from the house behind us that are growing over our fence. She'd tidying planned tomorrow before back to work on Monday, been a busy but productive week off, list of jobs to do is reduced. :A

    Oh, and had time to whip up a variation on date and walnut loaf, using Guinness instead of water. Cooling on the rack so fingers crossed it will be ok. Thinking it would be nice to add some spices for an Xmas variation (sorry, second time I've used that word today :o)

    After all that I can declare nsd #16 which I would be proud of this month had it not been for my major spend on tues :o
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  • gothrockchic1gothrockchic1 Forumite
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    Hi everyone, I am checking in to report NSD 10 and I have made my target. :j

    I can't believe I have done it, thank you to everyone on here for their support. This is the first month that I have had money left over before payday and I have been able to bump up my savings. :D

    Bring on September! :beer:
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