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Consumer Rights Sticky - Please Read Before Posting

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  • zaaxzaax Forumite
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    SteveRR wrote: »
    Can anyone help please?
    3 months ago I moved to a new house. I'm still waiting for Open Reach to come and pull the wires through, however I am with EE. Ive paid up front for the line but I have neither a land line or broadband.
    Will I be in breach of contract as I had a years contract with EE if I go with another service provider that doesn't rely on BT?

    I suggest you post this on the phones forum as they are more knowledge about this sort of thing.
    Do you want your money back, and a bit more, search for 'money claim online' - They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring
  • Why are people posting (for help) in this sticky thread anyway?
  • Can we not have the posts removed from this thread and have the following or similar as part of the sticky?

    What did you Buy?
    When did you buy it?
    Online or instore?
    How did you pay?

    And refer people to it when they start a new thread will make it easier for advice
  • lorrklorrk Forumite
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    I purchased a washing machine from the above in February 2013. Just before xmas 2014 the machine made a funny noise then cut the lights in my house. As I didn't know what was wrong with the machine if it was something I did I contacted Indesit and was told I would either have to make a one off call out payment or join a payment plan for the year for a small amount more, this I did. Well the engineer finally came out at the beginning of January and the belt inside the washing machine had literally shredded which in turn caught the sensors which is why it cut my electric. He told me that in all the years he had been an engineer he had never seen that happen to a belt in a newer washing machine, and that he thought the belt had been substandard when it was fitted at point of manufacture. Although he wouldn't write that down. It was fixed and he went on his way. I then contacted Currys as I don't believe that a washing machine less than two years old used only by a couple would have done this so therefore I should reasonably expect them to pay for the repair. I have all kinds of rubbish in their reply telling me that I need to go to the manufacturers as the machine was over 1yr old, and even though I have told them that the contract is with them they wont accept responsibility! Please someone tell me what to do next!!!!
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  • I made a substantial payment off my Very account on 16/3/15, the payment was not actually due until the end of the 27th, but i am tdying to clear the account. On the 10/4/15, i received an email saying i had missed March's payment. I called the contact centre and the issue was escalated for a manager to listen to the call. The timescale for this to happen is 24to 48 hours. 4 days and quite a few calls later, nothing has been done. My bank has confirmed that no attempt to take payment or any conact whatsoever was made by Very during March. Apart from all the stress, this is obviously having a bad effect on my credit score and interest is piling up on the account. I feel completely powerless. Does anyone have any advice please?
  • JJ_EganJJ_Egan Forumite
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    Payment issues with VERY

    This post is a sticky why dont you ask the question in the Consumer rights forum
  • jonnicjonnic Forumite
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    I had my female dog (site blanked out clinical name for a female dog) spayed some weeks ago and was sent home with antibiotics, but the wound became infected and had to return to the vets where I was given more antibiotics at a cost. The infection has still not subsided and she has gone in today to have the wound opened up and cleaned at a cost of £100ish plus probably more antibiotics at a cost. My question is. Surely if the original opperation had complications the aftercare should be included in the price. If someone paid for a boob job that went septic would the surgeon bill her for putting it right. The dog is insured but they won't pay out as it was as a result of steralization.
  • It depends on what you paid for, some procedures will include aftercare and some will not. That applies to boob jobs too!
  • Hi

    I bought a pair of Muck Boots online in August 2015 from Easy Wellies. One of the boots now has split across the back of the heel and I would expect to be able to return them to be replaced as they have a year's guarantee (and are sposed to last a lot longer than that!)

    Looking for the company website, I found it is no longer trading under Easy Wellies, however, I my cc statement says, which is still trading, though not in wellies.

    I'd really like another pair of wellies, rather than my money back, but can't really see how to proceed, with a company that now just specialises in irrigation equipment! I appreciate this is not a vast sum of money, compared to a lot of queries on here, but my other half was not happy about me spending £71.99 on wellies for dog walking in the first place! (They are good for bad knees and were supposed to last for a very long time - did I say that already?)

    Many thanks for any help at all,

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