If you won £100 today what would you do with it?



  • deviantcupcake
    deviantcupcake Forumite Posts: 14 Forumite
    Sadly, it would go straight on the credit card.
  • Glamourpuss23
    Glamourpuss23 Forumite Posts: 352
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    I won £100 too. I'm going to take my boyfriend to the Manchester Xmas markets because we like to try lots of the food and drink and we spent loads last year. The fried garlic potatoes are amazing.
  • Glad
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    treat my friends to a beauty treatment at the spa hotel we're going to for our Xmas night out :)
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  • LadyMorticia
    LadyMorticia Forumite Posts: 19,899
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    I got a surprise cheque for £100 through the post today from the Daily Mirror from their Lotto comp. :) It's going to my MIL to pay back some of the money from the car bill she paid for us as we didn't have the money at the time. :)
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  • Former_MSE_Helen
    Former_MSE_Helen Former MSE Posts: 2,382 Forumite
    Hi all, this is a thread to discuss the MSE blog:
    What would you do with £100?

    "Extra cash at Christmas is always a welcome bonus, especially with so much expense at this time of year..."

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  • Former_MSE_Andrea
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    Thanks to all who've replied.

    We wanted to let you know first, we've launched our very own Seek Santa today. Join in and you'll have the chance to grab £100 or even £200.

    The full info's in our Seek Santa note

    Merry Christmas!
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  • Marg2k8
    Marg2k8 Forumite Posts: 5,838
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    I may be blind, but I could not find where to reply if I do spot one. (The thread linked to is locked). Any chance of a linky?
  • ohlookabee
    ohlookabee Forumite Posts: 147 Forumite
    i would take my boy out somewhere he has been stuck in the house as everywhere costs money (apart from the park which we go to ALOT)
  • sofaloafz
    sofaloafz Forumite Posts: 424
    Tenth Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Marg2k8 wrote: »
    I may be blind, but I could not find where to reply if I do spot one. (The thread linked to is locked). Any chance of a linky?

    The thread will open when the comp starts and when the reindeer and santas are lurking, so next Thursday (19th) at 11am :)
    Back to comping after a 3-year hiatus :j
  • debstardeb
    debstardeb Forumite Posts: 27 Forumite
    missprice wrote: »
    Odd one but I would pay for my will.:eek:
    Its needed doing for some time and I am so worried it won't be done in time.
    There would be nothing left over but were there to be, I need to buy 3 Christmas pressies. And that's me sorted.

    Missprice you should wait until next November and get your will drafted under the 'Will Aid' charity scheme:


    You go to a local solicitor involved in the scheme and they'll draft a will for you. You can then (on a voluntary and discretionary basis) make a donation to the charity. It only runs in November, so you've got a bit of time to wait. I think Martin Lewis mentions it in his weekly email, so apologies if you are aware of this already :)
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