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MSE News: Apple launches new iPhones – and reveals prices



  • Widelats
    Widelats Posts: 3,773 Forumite
    Sorry, i saw it, that is too expensive
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
  • d123
    d123 Posts: 8,633 Forumite
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    Daz2009 wrote: »
    I think they're going after the younger market with these brightly coloured 'cheap' versions....is the 'c' for cheap

    Nope, point your browser at the Apple site and you will see it stands for "colourful".
  • NFH
    NFH Posts: 4,373 Forumite
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    Agreed. It's surely a sign of how the mobile networks have indoctrinated the masses to believe they are getting something for nothing (they really aren't) when people genuinely believe they are getting a phone allied to a 24 month contract for nowt lol.
    I agree, but it's even worse in the US. During the Apple news conference, I watched a live blog by some US journalists who referred to the prices as $99, $199 and $299, with no mention of an obligatory expensive monthly contract attached to these low prices.
  • ZhugeEX
    ZhugeEX Posts: 1,163 Forumite
    edited 10 September 2013 at 10:37PM
    So the iPhone 5s has a finger print scanner to verify who you are and unlock your phone?

    Will the iPhone 6 require a blood sample before you can unlock or log in to your phone?

    Also The M7 Chip uses GPS to keep track of the activities you're doing*

    *Designed by the NSA
  • Narc
    Narc Posts: 422 Forumite
    Overpriced apple products are not moneysaving. A pointless article to draw traffic from trending keywords.
  • ohbilly
    Looking forward to treating myself to an iPhone 5s. Loved my iPhone 4s until I broke it
  • mdhughes03
    I'm weighing up what to do now-soming to the end of a 24 month £25 pm contract with "Free" iphone 3gs. Due to expire 6/10/13 so hoping the 4s goes right down in price for contracts so I can keep a similar priced dea. unfortunately due to signal, I can't move from Orange/EE!
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  • Earthworm
    Earthworm Posts: 529 Forumite
    edited 10 September 2013 at 11:45PM
    I can easily imagine Apple wanted the 5 to vanish due to the 4G compatibility issues it has on O2/Vodafone. I also thought the iPad 3 was pulled due to the charging port change on the iPhone 5. The 5C is certainly not a great budget phone. Internally it is on par with say a Galaxy S4 Mini albeit smaller but looks wise it looks like a toy. iOS7 doesn't help it look premium. The 5S just isn't worth the money either. The price has went up £20 for a fingerprint keypad unlock.

    I would be hunting for price drops on remaining iPhone 5 and iPhone 4 models or look to switch manufacturer. Samsung, Nokia and HTC all start slashing their handset costs 6-10 months after launch. The 4S launched in 2011 and is still close to £400.
  • armyknife
    Quick everyone, shiny, shiny white plastic.
  • ZhugeEX
    ZhugeEX Posts: 1,163 Forumite
    Earthworm wrote: »
    The 5C is certainly not a great budget phone. Internally it is on par with say a Galaxy S4

    You might want to take that back.
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