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MSE News: Apple launches new iPhones – and reveals prices

"Apple has tonight unveiled its eagerly-awaited latest iPhone – the iPhone 5S – along with the iPhone 5C..."
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Apple launches new iPhones – and reveals prices


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  • matttye
    matttye Posts: 4,828 Forumite
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    Pleased the 5S is only a mediocre upgrade over the 5 as I'm not tempted to buy it. :D
    What will your verse be?

    R.I.P Robin Williams.
  • NFH
    NFH Posts: 4,373 Forumite
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    The prices for the iPhone 5C are way too high for what is supposed to be more of a budget model, Looking at the 16GB versions, the iPhone 5C is only 15% cheaper than the iPhone 5S.

    Of course, for those who are foolish enough to buy a bundled iPhone and 24-month service contract, this small price difference could cause the iPhone 5C to be perceived as "free".
  • NFH
    NFH Posts: 4,373 Forumite
    Photogenic Name Dropper First Post First Anniversary
    Apple has this evening updated its list of supported LTE bands for the iPhone 5S. I don't understand why model A1457 (for UK, France and Germany) is missing support for three LTE bands compared to model A1530 (for Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore). Why doesn't it supply model A1530 in the UK, France and Germany? Why is there an inferior model A1457 for these three European countries?
  • In_a_state
    Tonight I upgraded my wife's iPhone 4.

    With 3, I got a free iPhone 5 16Gb (the new 5C is the same spec!) and a £32 per month contract for 24 months. 1000mins/5000txt/2000 3to3 mins/Unlimited Data.

    I thought I'd grab an iPhone 5 before they disappear.
  • Mobeer
    Mobeer Posts: 1,851 Forumite
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    "see our Samsung price comparison tool if you're not an Apple fan" says the article

    What about other brands, other options?
  • kerri_gt
    kerri_gt Posts: 11,202 Forumite
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    Nearly £500 for a 'budget' model - not sure whose budget that is supposed to be but certainly not mine.

    Quite happy with free HTC, £15 a month contract on EE. Have far better things I want to spend my money on than texts, minutes and internet.
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  • Daz2009
    Daz2009 Posts: 1,085 Forumite
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    I think they're going after the younger market with these brightly coloured 'cheap' versions....is the 'c' for cheap ;)
    You can just see 10yr olds pestering their parents for one for xmas cos 'they're only 99 quid mum'
    Once Apple get them hooked they're hooked for life so get them young and it will make them more money
  • NFH
    NFH Posts: 4,373 Forumite
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    kerri_gt wrote: »
    Quite happy with free HTC, £15 a month contract on EE.
    How can it be "free" if you pay £15 per month for it?
  • Widelats
    Widelats Posts: 3,773 Forumite
    How much is the 5c on pay and go??
    Owed out = lots. :cool:
  • MillicentBystander
    MillicentBystander Posts: 3,518 Forumite
    edited 10 September 2013 at 10:00PM
    Agreed. It's surely a sign of how the mobile networks have indoctrinated the masses to believe they are getting something for nothing (they really aren't) when people genuinely believe they are getting a phone allied to a 24 month contract for nowt lol.

    PS A plastic iPhone dressed in bright colours? Will Nokia sue? :D

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