How much is a pint in your local?

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This poll was started in 2013 but is still as popular as it was then. Join in and tell us what a pint costs where you are now.

Back to the original post...

We'd love to know what a pint costs in your neck of the woods and Friday night's as good a time as any to ask!

Are you living within spitting distance of a holy grail, super cheap pub or do you need to sell a liver to buy one in your local?

Vote and post to let us know.
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How much is a pint in your local? 432 votes

Under £1 - No way, you have to be joking - let us know where you live!
SmallLmaccaroon 2 votes
£1 to £2
gatitaffacoffipawbdesperate_danwoody505shammyjackHappychappyattie_2000johnnyshuttlescootw1pknottmMobeerharz99korky69[Deleted User]reidy666captainbeakerMacMicksterKrapelloStacFaceWillow92 31 votes
£2 to £3
ReaperblueghostIntoodeepmarleyboydeanoszappomaticpww2004nearlyrichphilcdavrih2010Michael_NottinghamflapjackboyKeithlittleminx_2baz.jaqgjchestersurfsisterSymanailuro2quidsinquentin 148 votes
£3 to £4
PrudentSuewrebarmonkeyshopbotboiler_manBooked_moss1jimgingerdadbasilldivadeebrandydogesuhlbagpuss1965WestywoodpeckerViksBSwafebiggrizzcurlscoffeebeanMountain_Man_2 201 votes
£4 to £5
judyVampgirlAmanda4242schoolrunmumdanthemoneysavingmanDiane60tinkerbelono44MrsB2004claire5005_2DCFC79AndyGuilkittendothroarSenseicadsbrowneyedbazziIts_a_secretKEROUAC1957theblaggerla_troncgman1981 40 votes
£5 and over - No way, you have to be joking - let us know where you live!
mummytummyqetu1357simonlillytejsmithLinda_D_2Steven_ElliottFormer_MSE_ZoricaCycrowGhostlikeSaveECRewards 10 votes


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