Homemade hobnobs?

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    Hi Tinkerbell,

    Maybe you made the balls too big? How many did you get out of the ingredients? In my first batch I had a couple that I'd made bigger than the rest and they seemed quite doughy. Could also be oven not hot enough and not enough time? Just troubleshooting here!
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    Nova5 - Mine were quite big so perhaps that's what it was. I'll give it another go on the weekend and make smaller ones to see how they turn out :D
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    Thanks Twink. I used soft margarine.
    Do you think they would work with butter?
    I used butter and they were lovely, DH took a load to work and they seemed to go down very well with all the guys (the tub came back empty). DS loves them and I have now told him that they are all gone because him he wants to eat them continuously.
  • twink wrote: »
    i have been making these for years but they are good for dgs1 before any lengthy exercise as he is diabetic

    My DD (age 4) is diabetic too.... I calculated that if you get 30 from the batch, they are just under 15g carb each, and the oats are a huge plus point as they are such slow release...

    I considered replacing half the sugar with sweetener, as this would reduce the carb of each biscuit to 12g, but in retrospect it really doesn't seem worth it. She just gets the smaller ones instead :cool:

    I am however getting nagged to let her make some more....
  • twinktwink Forumite
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    yes angie the oats are a bonus so they are good as a snack, its kyles ds1 that is diabetic, has been since he was two
  • MikkiMikki Forumite
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    Thanks for this recipe! I'm going to try it this weekend. My ds (23months) is diabetic too, and hobnobs are a good snack for him, but the packets always go so quickly as my other children scoff them too!

    Will see how this recipe goes as hopefully I can save some money by making them myself!
  • twinktwink Forumite
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    good luck with the biscuits Mikki, my dgs1 has hobnobs as a snack at school but these will be cheaper, fraid i dont make them just too often, dd hasnt tried making them yet
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    I'll make some today then :p will need to borrow some golden syrup though;) kids love these esp good for ds1 with his diabetes:j

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    I made these today with dairy free margarine and they're gorgeous - thanks so much twink
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  • twinktwink Forumite
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    i just made a batch too as the two boys have two sports festivals this week and dgs1 has diabetes so they will keep him going, i used honey instead of syrup this time, ok if you like honey as you can fairly taste it, had to sample two to be sure :D got about forty six biscuits
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