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Bank Charges Success Stories II

edited 22 April 2009 at 5:49PM in Reclaim bank & credit card charges
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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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After the huge number of successes reported the last Bank Charges Success Stories thread has now got so long it hardly opens!!!! So this is success stories mark II.

View Bank Charges Success Stories I which has 6,059 posts in it and has been viewed 1,188,548 times
Please report your successes here, if possible in the format

Amount Reclaimed:
Amount they paid:
The story:

(just a few sentences, please include how far you went did you a. just write a letter, b. threaten to go to court or c. actually go to court)

Please don't use this thread for general discussion on reclaiming bank charges.
***** Want to tell your story in a newspaper/on TV? *****

Hi all. We need your help.

Bank Charges is often in the news and we are frequently asked if we have any MoneySavers that are willing to tell their stories to the press.

If you'd like to help spread the news and encourage others, please e-mail [EMAIL=""][email protected][/EMAIL] (sorry but we can't answer questions at this email address) with as much of the following info as you can:

* what stage of reclaiming are you at - had money back /on hold / not yet claimed
* how much is/was your claim for
* who is/was your bank
* a daytime phone number - we often need to reach people at very short notice
* whether you are happy to appear in the papers,tv or both
* where you live

Further Links: Many Thanks. We really appreciate anyone that can help us with this. :T

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert.
Please note, answers don't constitute financial advice, it is based on generalised journalistic research. Always ensure any decision is made with regards to your own individual circumstance.
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  • Bank: Natwest
    Amount claimed: £3037
    Amount paid £3022

    Started the whole process a good couple of months ago. All previous letters ignored so i thought it would have to go to court. I had to delay court by about a week as it fell just short of payday. Well on the day i was due to file i got the settlement letter to sign with the above offer. Funny thing was, was that in the second letter i sent them i put a lower amount that i would accept, £2300.
    Just one question, how long between sending back acceptance letter and getting cheque (account has been closed over a year)
  • Hi first time posting so im glad its a success story.

    Bank; Barclays
    Amount claimed: £3995
    Amount won: £2995

    Started process in feb received a letter in March saying looking into it and would respond. Another letter 4 weeks later still investigating. Then i received the offer of £2995 which I accepted and they paid within 5 days of me accepting.
  • LozBingleyLozBingley Forumite
    580 Posts
    Marbles (HSBC)

    Charged: £450
    Requested: £368.84 =75% of charges plus interest at 4½% ;)
    Accepted: £370 :)

    Whole process from requesting list of charges to settlement offer in under 5 weeks! :D
    Got It & Spent It :dance:
    IKEA CARD = £120 charges = £175 received (146%)
    MARBLES = £450 charges = £370 received (82%)
    I.F. = £494 charges = £494 received (100%)
    CAPITAL ONE = £981 charges = £1,489.03 (152%)
    BARCLAYCARD = £580 charges = £786.12 (136%)
    On Hold :mad:
    A+L = £722 charges (target = 147%)
    BARCLAYS = £1,405 charges (target = 128%)
    BARCLAYS = £175 charges (target = 140%)
    ABBEY = £3,220 charges (target = 148%)
  • Bank: First Direct
    Amount reclaimed: £400
    Amount they paid: £340

    Sent template letter on tuesday they wrote back on wednesday got offer on thursday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What can you say - CHEERS
  • Barlcays
    Amount claimed: 1895

    Still awaiting payment but they sorted it out very quickly.
  • cat_mattcat_matt Forumite
    55 Posts
    story so far..

    first direct
    amount claimed £536.51
    received £455.00

    Amount claimed £2400
    received ......

    keep posted
    ty martin
  • sylvia9121sylvia9121 Forumite
    413 Posts
    posted off letters on behalf of partner, as per martins instructions got the usual letters no sorry,
    filled mcol they acknowledged and after 28 days put a defence through, received court papers 2day saying reason for defence is because they have paid in full, the money hasnt hit his account yet, but there solicitor said the money (£1853) will be in his account by 2morrow morning!!!!
    thanks:money: :beer: :j :j :j
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  • jojo1973jojo1973 Forumite
    42 Posts

    Claimed £2150. Asked for £2504.03 including 8% interest. Received standard letter, no satisfactory response within 28 days so sent reminder letter giving them 2 weeks. No response so phoned and they said its 8 weeks from them logging my first letter. Received offer of £1828 saying they are not paying interest. Total time from 1st letter is 4 days shy of 8 weeks. Going to accept offer and close my account with them. :T

    Thanks Martin for the site :beer:
  • hsbc 1
    original letter sent 7.2.07
    amount claimed £486.51(including intrest)
    amount recived £150
    when 31.5.07:T

    hsbc 2
    original letter sent 7.2.07
    amount claimed £1533.80including interest)
    amount recived £1064.00
    when 31.5.07:beer:

    original letter sent 7.2.07
    amount claimed £1522.1.
    amount recived-awaiting

    also going through with egg but they are finding many reasons not to send me charges so this one will be a long drawn out process :mad: . I am at bresent also getting ready to do barclays (but need new account first)

    so thank u all for all help and i will re post when i have more news
  • redbookredbook Forumite
    1 Post
    Amount Claimed - £2136 Across Two Accounts
    Amount Repayed - £2105

    Claim Started In Late April With The Usual Letters To Which I Received No Response.

    Followed Up 2 Weeks Later With Complaint To The Complaints Department - Replied Within 7 Days Claiming That The Charges Were Justified And Therefore Not Refund.

    Threat Of Court Action And The Complaint Was Escalated (whatever That Means).

    30 May Two Letters Received With Offers Of £989 And £1116.

    The Court Action Was Never Used (goodwill Payments For A Valued Customer, Pity They Didn't Value Me Enough In The First Place And Not Levy Exorbitant Charges).

    Hope This Gives Some Encouragement To All You Out There Still Claiming. Stick At It They Will Give In.
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