Daydream thread... without the rose-tinted specs

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    Hugs to Alfie, Rozee and choille, and anyone else who needs them. xx
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  • Thanks for all your kind words, folks.

    Really blowy here all night and now.

    Me and the kids all shattered and slept in til 7.30am (unheard of!). Holding the fort is tiring.

    Good news is that all the animals are doing okay. I now have all the chooks, bar the waterfowl who are in a seperate enclosure right by the caravan, in an electric fence - no Mr Fox attacks since then. I've got some new birds: two guinea fowl growers (hatched from eggs under a broody Maran) and two Muscovy ducks. Both sets are very comical and rewarding. I love my birds!
  • RAS wrote: »
    What was the price of the bag of daffs CTC?

    rozee, alf and choille; wish your news was better.

    I am a right Dizz this week lol... they were £16.50, dont know if there might be vat on top of that??
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    Well under £1 a kilo sounds good to me. Great cheap way to brighten the footpath and get folks on your side CTC, though it's inevitable that some will be cut, "because they're wild." ;):(

    Choille, neighbour stuff wears you down.:mad: "Nil carborundum!"

    On the same theme, I am delighted that all week, Mr Dog's hounds have been hampering our drain detecting with his relative, Mr Rod.:rotfl:

    We have been listening hard to trace the drain rods travelling up the pipes, to a continual cacophony from offstage left. Nothing is said, of course. ;););) I'm sure we've dug more holes than necessary as a result, but pipes have now been traced, including the vital junction, which turned out to be in the chicken orchard. I'm one point it looked as if we might have to desecrate a cat grave! :eek::eek::eek:

    Maybe the chimney won't need to come down, after all. :D
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    Sorry to hear of your losses Rozee and Alfie. Sending gentle hugs
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    We have a new roof!...:beer:

    OK, a bit of a leaky roof, but the framework is there and covered with underfelt stuff, which is as far as we could get last night by the light of car headlamps. Talk about going up to the wire! :o

    It only started raining at 04.30. I'd set the alarm for 4am so I was just in time to catch the one big leak. It'll just need a bucket change every 1/2 hour or so.....:undecided

    In other news, we have a new inspection chamber in the chicken run and two huge holes in the field. Mr Rod wants to see if the water will drain out of those by Tuesday. If not, we will need a new soakaway. Guess where the rubble from the building will then go! :D

    Unfortunately, if that happens we shall have some sub-soil over and as we've already used-up most of the space up by Mr Dog........Dunno! All suggestions on the back of a used £10 note. :)
  • Alfie so sorry to hear your news. She was a grand old girl and well loved, and you already know you did the right thing *hugs tight*

    Rozee sorry to hear you've had a loss too *hugs*

    CTC you are right, I can't sell problem birds. It seems that it's the two Italian quail causing the trouble. We've separated them from the others and things are now calmer. The two of them seem to be getting on fine together, but not with the others. It almost makes me wonder if they've suddenly got a case of colour prejudice! They have picked on the one Range quail the most. DS2 wondered if they might be broody but I didn't think they were supposed to get broody particularly. And both at the same time?

    Tomorrow night I'm going to re-introduce the ex-broody chicken into the larger flock because I'm off work so I can monitor them to see if there are any issues. Both runs are next to each other now, 6 inches apart. If there are problems I have the extra accommodation so I can take her back out. But she's fully recovered in herself except for egg production. So that's one success story, although I caused the situation in the first place.

    I wonder what I should try next year... although I have a week off now so I'm going to have a go at making beer :beer:
    Try and have a good weekend everyone :cool:
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    I'm feeling guilty now, because we sold our two feather-pecking Dorkings at auction! :o:o:rotfl:

    But what else might we have done? Bumped them off? :(
  • I have started a new thread..

    with the imaginative title.. daydream fund part 4 lol..
    Work to live= not live to work
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    HI FOLKS.. im feeling a tad more human now :o its a bit quiet here.... kittens have gone and my bri bri has left a hole in my "team" :( BUT theres worse things out there so i think of the good.... hope you get your roof on soon DAVE :eek: the weather here this morning was cold and miserable ! got better as the day went on. ALEX... did you have different types of quail in together then ? bit of a no no im afraid....:o CTC... hope the piglins are fairing better now :) [and mummy ] .......... if ive missed anything important then apologies... the kittens have settled into thier new homes great.:D the 2 that went to my friend have her wrapped round thier paws already ! the other 2 went to a home with a little maltese type dog [whos gorgeous] . she was following them round and they took no notice of her. [used to my dogs] she barked at one, kitten hissed back and dog took off...:rotfl: she is now intent on licking them, friend said to her DH " ah look shes cleaning them" he replied "OR tasting them before she eats them"....:rotfl: oh sorry, thanks for all's kind words...
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