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  • Good news about your lab alfie and your hen Dave :D
    Such a worry when they are poorly. Agree that sibling kittens are a good idea, they settle in better and entertain each other too. And they look soooo sweet cuddling up asleep on the bed. House will seem very quiet without them alfie.

    Hope you don't get too much rain while you are roofless Dave - the jet stream has moved at just the wrong time for you, what bad luck.

    Just went out to lock up the hens. Use a rechargable torch which we have had for years so I can see where I'm going. Must have pressed a button that I didn't know it had and an alarm went off. Made me jump out of my skin and there was some very disgruntled clucking from the chickens at having their rest disturbed :D:D:D

    Looking forward to getting the wireless programmer/thermostat, boiler is ancient (well over 20 years) but still going strong. Engineer said no point in replacing it while parts can still be got.

    Lappy is downloading and begining to install 157 'important updates' - I may be here a while :rotfl:
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    thread. So if you are thinking of buying a new lappy wait until Windows 9 comes out.

    I would......but Microsoft say the next Windows is going to be 10. :D

    Where is everyone? Is there some big event I don't know about? wave.gif
  • I'm just losing the will to live over the trying to sell old home... Which will make life even more complicated tax wise I suspect.

    Not to mention the fridge freezer that died while we were away - goodbye around £100 of fish, and lots of other frozen stuff, including a load of various stuff from lottie and garden. We still waiting for spare part (compressor?) for fridge, takes 8-10 days apparently. Aaarrrggghhh!
  • I'm here... not much daydreaming going on as one of the girls at work announced at the beginning of the week that she has another job and will be leaving in a month. :eek: We're already one person down on the department and, due to what we do (alcohol), our festive period starts this month and runs through to mid-December when it all quietens down. So more work for all when we are already busy enough!

    In other news, the 5 chicks are all fine but the gender of the big black (chicken) chick is still in the balance. They are just coming up for 7 weeks now.

    The quail however... I came home yesterday to be told that one has started terrorising the others, and chasing them round and round and round. DH had put her in a separate cage. They're all females - any ideas CTC? I may well get rid if I can't find a solution. Not in terms of the poultry shears, but sell them or give them away.

    I'm sticking to chickens in the future... bantams included :rotfl: I know where I am with them!
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    Oooh hopefully CTC will be able to advise on the quail, Alex....:eek:

    Sad when food goes to waste maggie, not to mention the repair as well. :(:(

    Anyone else with BT for their email? Apparently, they are not doing any today.....:mad::mad::mad:
  • have a dominant one, because there isn't enough food or/either water, or its wrong type of food and they are not getting a balanced diet..

    I top up my quail food feeders twice a day, so there is always food there, plus I feed a specialist game/quail pellet

    since I have changed my food, I don't get any bullying.

    I personally think its wrong for you to sell them, and just pass the buck to someone else with these birds.. once they start picking on each other, that's it, it will prob carry on doing it..

    It also could be the way you are keeping them...

    I have tried several ways of keeping them.. I have one more other way to keep them, so I can see which suits them best for egg laying, etc..
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    Davesnave wrote: »

    Anyone else with BT for their email? Apparently, they are not doing any today.....:mad::mad::mad:

    BT not obliging here either :(
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    DawnW wrote: »
    BT not obliging here either :(
    We've got ours back now, but I'm glad I'm not relying on it for business. :(

    Bit of a fraught day here, but we are half way to a resolution of the septic tank problem. It won't be a Rolls Royce job, but "tis what they do round yer" and I'd be daft not to like it! ;)

    On the roofing front, the chimney has to come down. That's our 'known unknown' now known for sure. :( We may be able to rebuild it without going much below ridge level, and even choose some nicer bricks......but we need a roof first! :o

    Oh dear, lots of glum faces in this post so I'll just add that, randomly, a huge black Staffie-type dog appeared in our living room today. :eek:The cats freaked out, but it wasn't really after them. Never seen Lila climb 15' up the oak tree before! :rotfl:Anyway, it disappeared towards the barn conversions, so we know where it came from. Apparently, it gets out quite often.....
    Enquiries reveal it's the same person who wanted to go shooting on our land with a 6 year old. Enough said!
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    well to add to the :(:(:( ive had to have my darling black lab PTS. she collapsed today and i looked at her face and she'd had enough. ive wept buckets but know iv done the right thing.
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    Sorry I am not around much, I am reading but have been rushed off my feet and not able to reply :o Plus I don't really have anything exciting to share as although I have been busy nothing has been fun or interesting :rotfl:
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