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    M&S car insurance are offering their card holders a price guaranteed to be £50 less than their renewal quote.

    Their online quote was only £43 cheaper, so I phoned up to take advantage of the offer and they requoted £59 cheaper. :grin:
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    My car insurance is up for renewal.

    Trying out the MSE recommended method to try bring the cost down from the quote amount of £650.
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  • johnbhoy10
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    Wow..had to search for this thread.

    Anyway, was looking for car insurance for the wife last night and noted a couple of things.

    Firstly, Privilege and Churchill came up cheaper on most comparisons for her details.

    If you go through gocompare you get free legal protection with Privilege. Also i kept reducing the voluntary excess and it did not affect the quote at all. Took it all way down to zero...rude not to. (seen this before with some insurers sites but not for a while).

    Also, was weighing up Churchill too because of £35 quidco but noticed in small print that they don't pay cashback if you pay policy in one payment. They want BACS set up....not seen that before! Also quite a lot of people seem to be complaining about not getting their cashback but just wondering if they saw this clause.

    Hope this help someone!

    ps-renewal with Direct Line was approx £200 with £200 excess but got Privilege for approx £155 with £0 excess. Both fully comp, no claims protected,legal cover.
  • melbridge
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    Just thought I'd let you guys know (for those who don't already) how competitive NFU mutual were for my car insurance quote.

    My renewal price was £259 including legal cover from Endsleigh.
    Ran all the comparison sites in the order recommended and Hastings Direct came out best at £190.
    I rang Endsleigh and they came down to to £217.

    My brother had said to try NFU mutual so I gave them a call, spoke to a nice girl called Rachel who went through all the usual questions and then came back with a price of £165 - very impressed!

    They don't seem to have an online quotation system but you should give them a call once you've done the online quotes.

    Regards, Dean.
  • condoghost
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    The process is simple. Open each of the links in a new tab, sign-in to each, review/update details, press that magic button, and off we go. Everything we need to see across the board - okay, not exactly "across the board" :) - but then we go down each list to find the first in each with ticks in every box, compare that price with the others above with their extras added, and we see exactly what we want within minutes.
    CompareThe Market, MoneySuperMarket, Confused.com, GoCompare + 1, 2 or 3 not on the comparison sites + any attractive Hot Deals that the comparisons miss.
    30-minutes work if we've not registered with them all before; 10-minutes otherwise scroll-and-review. Half way through we've already decided which is the best for this year but never mind, we keep going for peace-of-mind.

    This year again it is MoneySupermarket that comes out top for me with it's easy simples across-the-board tick tick tick though there are times I'd like that header to stay where it is to remind me which column is which :( but hey, why be picky when that's the case with all of them :rotfl:

    What's so great with MoneySuperMarket is that I can clearly see what-is-what there at the top of the page and then down the list of quotes they provide me. I know I'm comparing Apples to Apples right there on the page :kisses:

    Interesting when people complain "Why MoneySuperMarket on top? It's because of the family relationship" etc. Well, no one is twisting anyone's arm here. Do as I do and see what is what for yourself. It really doesn't matter which comes out on top for you, it really doesn't.

    At the end-of-the-day it's what MSE is doing for us that counts :T

    I've saved £107=00 compared to the "Thank-you for choosing ---- Car Insurance for the last 12 months" auto-renewal letter that hit my floor this week.

    I could have renewed via CompareThe Market, MoneySuperMarket or Confused.com with only £3.00 difference between them for the insurance I had decided to go with. I went via MoneySuperMarket because that's the one I've gone with for three years in a row now. I'll do so again next year unless one of the others comes up trumps with a better compare or a best-price that makes the change more than worthwhile.

    MSE you are #Ace :A Absolutely - no doubts on that front :iloveyou:
    PS Next year I must have a look at Insurer cashback and Cashback site to see if I could save even more :) But for this year I am more than happy with the savings I've achieved :beer:
  • mighty_hammers
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    I had gocompare, comparethemarket and moneysupermarket, 3 quotes from the same company, money supermarket £140.23 dearer! No extra cover.
  • anniem07
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    I bought a car on the 25th. Despite having a clean licence for over 20 years because I have not driven for a few years I have no NCB. I trawled all the comparison sites who were quoting an average of 1k.
    I tried direct line and got a quote of £800 starting June 1st. Changed the date to May 26 and it went up to £1200. Tried again last night (June 5th) and the quote is now £2400! Same info provided for all. How can one company vary prices so much in the space of less than a fortnight? When is the best time of month to apply for car insurance.
  • rs65
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    anniem07 wrote: »
    I bought a car on the 25th.


    When is the best time of month to apply for car insurance.

    For you the best time was 25th May. Continuous Insurance Enforcement requires cars to be insured or declared SORN.

    There is no best time generally.
  • anniem07
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    rs65 wrote: »
    For you the best time was 25th May. Continuous Insurance Enforcement requires cars to be insured or declared SORN.

    There is no best time generally.
    The car does have temporary insurance until I decide and I understand there are various inexplicable vagaries companies use, but changing the date gave such huge differences I am trying to understand how this is calculated and how it affects my choice.
  • rs65
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    Inexplicable is the perfect word, unfortunately.
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