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  • Jamie1989
    Jamie1989 Forumite Posts: 27 Forumite
    Drive Like a Girl fit a box that monitors your driving. I'd go for Tesco personally as they've got a pretty good rating on Which?
  • RNRF
    RNRF Forumite Posts: 15 Forumite
    Jamie1989 wrote: »
    Drive Like a Girl fit a box that monitors your driving.
    I'd go for Tesco personally as they've got a pretty good rating on Which?

    That was a question?
    A box ? Really ? Oo I never heared about it
  • RNRF
    RNRF Forumite Posts: 15 Forumite
    RNRF wrote: »
    I just found something !
    I do not know exactly what I did but i get some nice quotes :

    £753.84 -> Drive like a girl company
    £805.07-> Tesco Bank

    I just adjusted the car value and the annual mileage i think.
    Does someone know the "Drive like a girl" company ? Should i choose it or Tesco ?

    Actually this tesco insurance also includes a box , it is Tesco Bank BOX ! Is that ok about the box ? what problems it could cause?
  • Jamie1989
    Jamie1989 Forumite Posts: 27 Forumite
    Confused.com has some good info on how black boxes work, and black box insurance generally. It says:
    Good driving will be rewarded with car insurance discounts and bad driving will be penalised and premiums could rise.Information is transmitted by the Smartbox back to the insurer so a report can be put together to show how well or how badly an individual has been driving.
    Premiums are recalculated every 90 days. Currently it's only available to motorists between 17 and 25. Take a look at the full article; as a newbie, I can't link here but "Black box insurance confused com" in Google should do it.

    You might find the MSE thread on Drive Like A Girl useful too.
  • richardn_44
    richardn_44 Forumite Posts: 1 Newbie
    One more tip that people might find useful... playing with the voluntary excess can produce some surprising results.

    For example, sometimes adding £50 to the excess could save you £30 on your premium - in which case it's almost certainly worth doing.

    Even better, sometimes reducing the excess actually reduces the premium! As an example, I've just taken out my latest policy with the AA. With their default £250 excess the premium was £179. When I reduced the excess to £100 the premium dropped to £148. I've seen the same thing several times before - last time with Hastings, where the cheapest premium was with £0 excess. In each case nothing else had changed... so this is always worth checking, even though it seems illogical!
  • Kite2010
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    edited 12 September 2013 at 10:03PM

    Renewal quote from Admiral arrived this morning, they wanted £338.14

    Best deal found was Aviva for £276 with £70 cashback from Quidco (total cost £206).

    Phoned up Admiral to cancel, they managed to drop their quote to £290, shows up how much extra they make for lazy customers.
  • N9eav
    N9eav Forumite Posts: 4,742 Forumite
    Renewal for Aviva came today 3 cars on multicar. £1.452. Called them to see if they could do any better... They dropped the renewal by £300 !!!

    That means my T5 transporter was only £224 a year fully comp, NCD protected.... amazing. If only my 19 year old daughter got older hers would be cheaper than £700

    I free phone call (sayno to 0870) and I am £300 better off. That's 500 litres of heating oil for the winter
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  • mardiemare2008
    mardiemare2008 Forumite Posts: 133
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    Hi Guys!
    It's my first post here; Just need a bit of help.

    It's Car insurance renewal time and I have researched and decided to leave Diamond for Aviva (£30 cheaper per month).

    I have also seen on this site I can Increase my savings by using a promo code before the end of Sept. This will get me a £70 M&S E-Voucher. :)

    Only Problem is.... I don't know where I enter this promo code on the Aviva Website. And I don't want to do it over the phone else I would lose the on-line discount.

    Please Help
    Ta in Advance
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  • mardiemare2008
    mardiemare2008 Forumite Posts: 133
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    RNRF wrote: »
    Hi guys , can i gave your help ?

    I'm 24 years old and 5 year driving license , i've a renault clio 1.2 2002 and the best price that i got was 150£/month from churchill , i've a working partner in the same condition of me , 24 years old and 5 year driving license , he got a seat toledo 1.8 2001 and he found a 79£/month from tesco value . Can anyome explain me this ??

    He told me that probably i can get a price of around 68£ to my car but I can't find it noway !

    (we both dont have NCB because we came from a diferente EU country some months ago)

    Can anyone help me with this ?

    Jamie1989 wrote: »
    £150 seems an insane amount to pay for car insurance with a 5-year licence at 24. I'm also 24, I only passed my test last year, and although I paid £1300 for my 1st year of insurance, I managed to get this down to £700 this year (annual charge, works out at around £60/month).

    I used confused.com to find the quote, and I could have paid as little as £400 for the year, but I'm also a Which? subscriber and they'd flagged Liverpool Victoria (the company I went for) as a decent provider.

    I assume you've tried comparison sites, Ricardo? Maybe you need to adjust your excess, etc?

    I also am 24 and have only been driving one year. My first Years insurance (Obviously with no NCB) was £950 with Diamond, Now I have got a quote for £560 with aviva for my second year driving. Maybe it is because Ricardo is from a different country? It May be down to less experience driving on UK roads??
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  • Sun
    Sun Forumite Posts: 326 Forumite
    I bought insurance from Churchill using MSE link and its now 10 days, I have received no communication (email) on how to claim free Karcher pressure washer!!!

    Can anyone please advise whom to contact?

    Thanks in Advance
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